Thursday, August 29, 2013

Midnight Madness

             It all started on a lonely night as all bad things do. The wind howled, sending a cold chill rolling through the air. It was an awfully cold night to a human, but to the sauguisi… this was the perfect weather. In one of the fancy mansions of the Hitsuma family; gorgeous sauguisi came together to bathe in the moonlight. The master of the household stood at her balcony, staring up at the stars and moons.
             “Would you come?” she spoke to no one; secretly hoping for a certain aristocrat would sweep her off her feet like he had done so, so long ago. Her faith in him had worn thin, how long had it been? Four years and still she had not had contact with him. She couldn't help but wish for him. Her deep blue eyes started to threaten her makeup with tears.
             “Zena, the guests are waiting,” a blonde boy a few years old told her with a bright smile, his ice blue eyes filled with excitement. “And we have a surprise visitor.” He bows to how lovely she looks, himself in a white tux matching her.  Zena whipped around, nearly tripping over her long elegant dress. Her turn messed up the crummy job the blonde had done with her curly, caramel hair.
             “Alistair, is it him!?” Her ocean eyes were so blue and vivid as she spoke with a childish tone. Alistair’s smile twitched and slowly formed a frown. He stood up straight, clearing his throat before he spoke.
             “Well no, it’s D-” He started but was interrupted by a scream from the main hall where the guests downstairs had accumulated. He gives a thankful smile to no one, turning and rushing down the stairs. Zena blinked, wasting no time to pull her dress up a little to run after her friend and butler.
               As they both made it down, a woman dressed in black ripped pants stood in the middle of the dance floor. She glanced around with her piercing green eyes, very aware of everyone and everything. She knew every person in the room, besides the four men who were laying on the floor… blood dripping from their bodies.
              “What is going on Darkness!?” Alistair chirps, stopping to look at the bodies that laid there.
               “I was going to ask you the same thing. Normally, I don’t invite psychopathic murderers into my house… is this a new thing hobby of yours, Zena?” The woman, Darkness, rolled her neck. She popped up her leather jacket, wiping the blood off her jacket. She muttered suddenly, looking down at her tank top that was now covered in blood.
              “What are you talking about?” Zena asked quickly, stumbling in the heels she was in as she tried to get down the stairs.
              “Well first, I had to fight my way into here. People are going crazy outside. Then one of these idiots bites the other… no surprise in our world… but then another spazzed out. Then they both go to bite the other two we see here. Then they all tried to gang up on me and this wo-” Dark turns on her combat boots, the perfect specimen of the sauguisi species. “Where she go!?” Dark snaps, glaring around. Another scream echos and everyone turns their heads to the guests in the back of the room. A woman digs her fangs into little girl, before throwing her to the side. “See what I mean?” Dark says smugly.
               “What is the meaning of this!? Stop that!” Zena yells, placing a hand to her mouth as the woman doesn't listen, throwing up all the blood she had just drank on the carpet.
               “Well… I’m not cleaning that up,” Alistair states and Dark nods.
               “Can you guys take this more seriously?” Zena yelps as the little girl slowly got up. Before they can blink. the girl is attacking another guest. The woman gets her balance, baring her fangs at Dark. Dark raises an eye brow.
              “What, is that supposed to scare me?” Dark shoots her a look. The woman wastes no time, speeding toward Dark. She sighed and grabbed the woman, stopping her from biting. “That’s not nice at all.” She slammed her hand through her chest, ripping out her heart. The woman falls to the ground, but her body raised again. “What the fuck!?” Dark blinks, that taking her for a surprise. She was not a pure blood… she should not be alive.
              “Walking dead?” Alistair mutters. The woman goes for Dark again; Dark stabs her continually in the throat with her claws. She stayed standing, looking at Dark with lifeless eyes. Perhaps Alistair was right?
              “Watching way too much TV are we?” Dark scoffs. “No such thing as the undead,” she stated. The doors as she let out her statement busted open. Twenty, Fifty, Seventy, no even more started seeping in. Dark started backed up, snapping her fingers. The guest all started panicking. Some fought while others flied away from them. The mindless creatures attacked the sauguisi and once bitten the sauguisi joined the insane monster's ranks.
              “You’re really not thinking of fighting them all are you? There are too many Dark,” Zena called, Alistair pulling her back a little. Shadows pulled themselves from their resting spots; some grabbed the woman, ripping her arms and legs off. Blood oozed out of where her arms and legs had connected, but the arms slowly twitched and started coming at them.
              “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Dark yelled, angry with the fact that she had no idea what was going on. The men she had thought she killed were trying to get up. No sooner then they got up, the cannibals attacked them and devoured them, flesh and all. Dark backed up with Alistair and Zena, debating on what to do.
             “There’s a forest in the back… we can try to escape there,” Zena suggested.
             “Run away from these foolish beings?” Dark scoffed at the cowards.
             “I got it you guys,” Alistair says coolly. He casually walks up, arms out eyes glowing a sky blue. Ice busted from his feet and quickly attacked the room, creating an ice ballroom. Everything but them were frozen, covered in a clear coat of ice. He sighed happily. “I got it,” he says but his eyes widen when some of them start bursting out of the ice. “Yeah…I’m done,” Alistair runs back to them, sweeping Zena up in his arms, and running out the back door to the forest.
             “COWARDS!” Dark screamed after them. Dark fought to her best, but with out any help she was soon over whelmed. "SOMEONE HELP!" She screamed but there was no one there to save her. She soon found them all biting her. She hissed and cursed to Zena and Alistair. She learned that in a situation like that, you should trip your best friend and continue on your way. 

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Question: Did you think the ending could of been better? What do you think should of happened?

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