Friday, July 26, 2013

Who am I?

I fill you up with hope
I pull you down with sorrow
I make you smile brightly
I make you cry softly
Full of happiness and sadness
I make you so angry
I make you so jealous
Thoughts that aren't true
Depression which can kill
I'm very painful
I hurt you with thorns
I break the strongest of people
Falling down into pieces
You miss me when I'm gone
You then feel all alone
I enjoy your smile
Yet I do not favor
No good nor evil
Question: What do you think it was?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lion's Paw

             Slavery. When i turned sixteen, that was my new life, slavery. It started when I was collecting my seashells. I had a big and beautiful collection of shells, every shape and size and color. It was my birthday that day, so I thought I would get lucky and find a new beautiful shell. 
            I checked the beach carefully. Then i found it! A Lion Paw, a blood red color with hot pink marks in it. It was beautiful and I reached for it. Chained. My hands were chained.  I gasped looking up at the men. Our people, our own brothers. Backstabbers, betrayers. They smiled, the smile of slavetraders.
"You're coming with us, little girl," one of the two said with a smug look. I tried to scream for ma and pa but all that came out was a small yelp. They laughed and talked to each other about how much money they would get off me. I grabbed my lion's paw and put it in my pocket before being forced to walk with them. I tried with all my might to slow them down, while we walked for a while.
            "Would you get up!?" the slavetraders both exclaimed in unison while I lie on the ground. They had been pulling me for a while. I'm sure they had gotten tired. I shook my head looking around at what was here. There were tools and things I'd never seen before in such huge masses. There were weird looking things that I knew couldn't be from here. Suddenly, I recognized it; The Triangular Trade. Mother's warning came to me. 
           "Stay away from the docks. Stay away from the Triangular Trade," Mothers words echoed in my head and I gasped struggling. This was the place where family bonds were broken. Tears tried to make there way out of my eyes, but Ididn't cry. "No," I whispered over and over again. I was to be kidnapped like all the others.
            I was dragged into the ship and put into a boat. I was brought under the deck where all my people were. Different ages but all Africans. The cries and screaming. It could break anyone's heart, but the white men seemed like it didn't even bother them.
          More of my brothers and sisters piled into the boat. The more people that came in the boat, the hotter and tighter it became. It seemed the more people that came in, the more freedom we lost. I was stuck in my spot. I barely could move. Tears flowed down my face at the shrieks and sobbing of others when the deck doors were closed. Was i dead?
         Time passed. I don't know how long it had been, but it smelled horrible. I couldn't stand being in there any longer.I wanted them to let me out. I would have jumped to the ocean, if I could. I rather would die than be here any longer. It wasn't just the smell that was driving me mad. The other reason was I was homesick. I missed home. I missed the open African plains. My eyes started to close. Oh, how was I going to get home?
        "The Middle Passage! It's over!" yelled someone in the boat. I slowly opened my eyes. I felt dizzy and weak. I was still thinking of Africa. The blinding light that came from the opening of the deck doors made me believe I was blind. When getting off the boat, I had the thought of jumping and drowning myself so I wouldn't have to go through this misery, but that would let them win. I stood up tall, walking off the boat. I would win.

              I wiped sweat off my head leaning on my tool. I still hadn't got used to this, even know it had been two years. Working on this place...with the cash crop tobacco. Even in Africa, I never worked this hard. I was also weak from not eating. My new friend Duma told me I should eat, or I would surely pass out, or die. He didn't know how I felt. I glanced at him. He smiled at me, still working hard. He didn't know how much misery I was in.
             "Get back to work!" a man yelled whipping me with a familiar sting of pain. I couldn't hold myself back anymore. 
             "No...I'm about you work and i whip you all day!" I hissed throwing down my tool. The man glared at me, whipping me again. 
             "You will be punished, keeping up with that," he said.
              "I rather die then take this anymore!" I counted, and hit him right in the face, a perfect punch. Duma ran to me holding me back. His eyes had one emotion, fear. Was it for me for punching that guy?
              "What's going on here!" a voice boomed. My eyes widened, and now my body shook in fear. It was the slaveholder. After a whole talk with the slaveholder, I found them putting a rope on the tree. My body continued shaking, looking at it. I knew what they were going to do; hang me.
              "Run," whispered Duma. "There is a secret get away in the rose garden...hurry before it's too late," His voice seemed to quiver while standing behind me. "Duma, come with me," I whispered. He shook his head. I reached in my pocket and gave him my Lion Paw. "Thank you for everything," I mumbled and took off.
              "Hey she is getting away!" the men yelled about to run after me. "Fool...she won't live out there."
               I ran. I went through the rose garden. After going through it, I was free. The taste of freedom was sweet. I ran behind a tree and house. I found myself still running, but ran into someone and fell on my butt. "Oh no!" I thought looking up at the man. I gasped. 
             "Chinue?" The man asked. I would know that face any where. "Big Bro?" I gasped, tears falling out of my eyes. "Chinue, what on Earth?" he whispered while I hugged him sobbing. I told him everything, every little detail. To my Lion Paw to Duma. Brother told me he was able to buy his freedom. He took me in then, and for years, I lived with him in peace and happiness. 
             "Chinue...I have a man here who what's to see u," my brother said. "Ahhh who is it?" I turned away from the food i was making and gasped. There was a man holding up my Lion Paw. He had that same old smile on. It was Duma. "I believe this is yours."
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Question: How would you handle if you became a slave and was ripped away from your family? Would you fight or let it happen?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swimming Away

         In the deep blue oceans, many mysteries linger within the waters. Humans have often passed along stories about mermaids, gods, demons and other mystical creatures said to reside in these depths. The question to everyone is are they real? This story takes place as a mermaid swam with the elegance and grace of her ancestors. Her golden scales shined like the treasure coins her people found frequently on the sandy floors. She was always in the mood for adventure. Instead of following the group, she always wound up escaping to wander about on her own.
        She held a dark secret that no one else knew. If her people found out, it would ruin the plan. She could not run away with the one she loved so very much. Today was the day. It would be this day that they could finally swim together with freedom. All they needed to do was sneak past everyone; then, the world was their oyster. After all, a sea witch and a mermaid were suppose to be sworn enemies.
        "I'm here," she called into a dark hole at the bottom of the sea. It took a few moments before a lizard like man, pulled himself from the hole. He looked at her. A small smile dawned on his face as his eight tentacles pushed him forward. He passed her, grabbing her hips and pulling her up to him. She held his face, reaching up and kissing him on the lips.
        "Are you ready to escape?" he asked her. She nodded her head with a sweet giggle.
        "Escape?" The mermaid gasped and quickly looked up. Another female mermaid stared down at them with a smirk on her face. "Wait until the gods hear about this," she mused, flipping her red tail around her body, turning. The witch growled, pulling his girl to the side.
        "Don't worry," he told her before moving up with a mighty pull of his tentacles together. He rushed after the quick mermaid girl. He chanted words, reaching a hand towards her. Soon, the red tailed mermaid was trapped within a whirlpool. She screamed before turning into a harmless little red fish. The other mermaid swam up and gasped at what he had done. "I had too," he explained with a small frown. "We have come too far to let anyone mess this up for us." The mermaid nodded, understanding that he did what needed to be done. He smiled and brought her along with him.
        Weeks passed. The mermaid's kin could not find her or the red finned girl. After much searching, the mermaid clan reluctantly gave up. They resigned themselves to the hope that the girls had simply gone on an ill-advised adventure, as some of the young seemed to like to do. Meanwhile, a small red fish joined the group, and appeared to be forever vigilant searching the water for the lost mermaids' return.
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Question: Would you leave your friends and family behind to be with your loved one?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lies Aren't Always So Bad

         It all started on the tragic day the young woman found a strange looking animal. She walked through the city, on her way to her high school. She wasn't looking for anything to change her fate, or fix destiny. She liked the pace things were going at. Everything seemed to be going the direction she planned. How she discovered this fuzzy animal of fate remains a mystery. 
        On her way to school, a cat ran right into the middle of the road. Her kind heart bled at the idea of the animal being hit by an oncoming car. She hurried into the street, picking the creature up into her arms. A truck's horn blared as it headed straight for them. She froze. She shut her eyes tightly, waiting for death to take her. 
        "If only I had gotten the chance..." she thought, before the truck crushed her.
        Pain never came to her. She opened her eyes and came face to face with me. I stroked her hair sweetly, smiling down at her. She bolted up, panting heavily. Her eyes widened as she looked around. She seemed stunned. Around her was a destroyed city, a beautiful rainbow gate above closed slowly. She turned to me again, eyeing my wings before asking the silly question, "Am I dead?" I laughed softly at the idea of her being dead, shaking my head no. 
         "Of course not! You saved this world. You saved me and my friend," I nearly exclaimed with a thankful expression. She stumbled backwards, landing on the ground. 
         "I d-did?" she stuttered. I looked at her confused before gasping with my fingers to my lips. 
         "You don't remember?" I placed a hand to my heart, looking at her closely. My friend, the creature that had brought her to me, made a small noise. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye, curling all my fingers but one behind my back to signal her to be quiet. "You risked your life, using your magic to cast the demons away. You landed on your head pretty hard though. You have been sleeping for a long time now." She stared at me like she couldn't believe it. 
          "I remember my life, though. This is not mine. I have never seen you, or this place before," she whispered. 
          "You have been sleeping for days now. Are you sure those weren't just part of one big dream?" I asked her. She opened her mouth but shut it. I always played such a convincing person; someone that seemed to know them so closely, yet never actually was there at all. I was created to let people think they made their dreams come true and fix any real life regrets. I am, after all, an Angel of Mercy. 
          "Did I really save you?" She walked over to me after getting up. She tripped over her feet landing her head in my lap. She tried to get up but she felt sleepy, very sleepy, as every human and animal did after awhile. 
          "Not just me, the whole entire world," I spoke hushed. Her eyes started to flutter. "You are a hero. You saved the world." She smiled softly. 
         "I did, didn't I?" she asked me. I chuckled and stroked her hair some more before the woman closed her eyes forever. I watched the body fade along with the environment, new surroundings taking it's place. My furry companion bounced through another portal to bring a new person to me, before they headed into the afterlife. I looked at the file that soon appeared in my hand. Another person, another death, and another lie I had to create for them to pass on happily. 
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Question: What would you do if you learned you saved and lived in a world that you didn't remember? What would you do if the life you knew turned out to be a lie?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sickness Within the Forest

             There always was an odd yellow haze beyond the fence. We passed it to and from school every day of the week. The trees on our side were always bright shades of reds and greens. On the other side, however, the tree leaves were dying hues of yellows and light greens. The leaves there on the ground were decaying and no animal was ever in sight. Mother told us to always stay on our side of the fence. Kids liked to disobey parents wishes, I learned as I watched my brother. 
             My little brother and his friends liked playing, Jump the Wall. In this game, a child would climb onto the other side and go a distance before setting down a bright blue ball. One would then come back and jump over to our side again. That signaled the next kid's turn. This game went on for years without a single bad thing happening. We started to think the adults were being overprotective. 
            We started the game again yesterday. I joined in for the first time. I went further then my little brother, but stubbornly, he did not want to lose to a girl. When I came back, he rushed past me. 
            "I won't lose to you!" he hissed, running out of sight. We all waited for him to return; five minutes at first, twenty minutes, then an hour. 
            "Where did he go?" one of the boys complained. 
            "I bet he went home, trying to pull a fast one on us," one of the older girls suggested, laughing with her friends. I bit my lip, not liking the feeling I got as I stared into the forest beyond. After another thirty minutes, I decided to jump over and search for him. 
            "Where are you going!?" the boy from before called. 
            "To find my brother!" I exclaimed back. I walked, turning back to look towards our home, just to make sure it didn't disappear. Soon though, I had no choice but leave the only reassurance I had behind. I wandered further, being surrounded by disfigured trees. My eyes burned at the yellow mist hitting them. I rubbed my eyes with a whimper. It felt like I had gone swimming too long, and the substances in the pool caused everything to be blurry. 
            The further I went, the thicker the haze got. Deeper and deeper I searched. I could barely see where I was going. I ran into trees, which crumbled and turned to dust with a simple touch. My skin started to hurt. The air around me grew hot and thick. I coughed, shutting my eyes as it became more painful just to have my eyes-lids open. I stumbled along blindly. Eventually I tripped over something and forced my eyes open. I screamed at what I saw.
           A boy's body was decomposing right before my eyes. I struggled to believe it, as I saw the bright blue ball within his hand. 
           "Brother?" I questioned, getting a better look. The body wore the same clothes my brother had been wearing. He had the same hair and same body shape. "No..." I gasped. "NO!" I sobbed. I slowly got up, placing a hand over my mouth. I stumbled away from the body, throwing all the stuff in my stomach onto the ground. I wiped my mouth, but my body became heavy. Suddenly my sight seemed to disappear. The stinging of my skin turned into a burning sensation. I reached my hand towards my eyes as I thought my eye-lids were still open, but I felt nothing solid there. There was liquid rolling from where my eyes were suppose to be. I frantically felt for them, but my whole hand only became wet.
          The burning became boiling. My skin bubbled. I opened my mouth to cry out, but no sound came as I choked on some fluid. It tasted salty and metallic. My legs gave out, causing me to fall onto the ground. The last thing I remembered, was choking to death on what seemed to be my liquidized throat.
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Question: Would you go after a sibling who ran off into a creepy forest? Why or why not?

A time to reap, a time to sow

                                           Yasuharu Takanashi Shiki
         I entered the church with a strong desire to live. That man was going to be the death of me. So I ran. I ran so very far away. The organ played sweetly through the night air, rolling in a sad medley. My feet padded along the floor as I walked in closer to the nun who sat at the big instrument. I hummed along with the melody, almost hearing voices sing along, even though it was my first time stepping in this place and hearing this song. It reminded me of something they would play as a vampire lullaby. It was so lonely and haunting. Tears found their way down my cheeks the closer I got to it. The music seemed to speak to my emotions, telling me that it was okay to cry. The nun stopped playing once I stood behind her. 
"What is it you need, my child?" she asked, turning around to face me. I looked up at her, then down at my shaky hands.
         "I have some confessions," I replied gently. She smiled at me, a understanding grin. 
         "Come with me then, right this way," she bowed. I followed her to the booth. She sat me down before leaving to call a priest over. It didn't take long for me to hear him sit down on opposite side. I took an airy deep breath, as he waited for me patiently. I thought of how I would word it. Should I give my reason? Mother had only brought me to confession once. I remembered what I needed to say in the beginning, but as for the rest, I hadn't the faintest clue on what I should and should not say. 
         "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been ten years since my last confession," I spoke with a fragile tone. I felt like I would break apart right then and there. "I have committed only one act of adultery against the man I was forced into marrying, an arranged marriage." My breath was shaky as I continued. "And now I fear that man is about to commit an awful sin. If he does, I want to ask for his forgiveness, as well," I said softly.
         "I'm afraid that is not how confession works," the priest said to me before adding, "But I will absolve you of your sin if you come to church every day." I had a hard time containing my chuckle. I stood up, thanking the father before heading back to the door. I looked back at the nun who gave me a smile as she played again. I admired it, knowing it would be the first and last time I heard it. The priest didn't know the irony of his words. 
          A week later, a barely sober man walked into that very church. He walked toward the organ which sounded even more sympathetic than it did on the day I walked in. He followed the same path to the nun, who directed him the same way she had led me. 
         The same priest walked to the other side of the booth. The man on the other side babbled, "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been a year since my last confession. I committed a murder last week. It was my wife. She had slept with some other man." The priest's eyes widened.
         "She and God forgive you," the priest spoke, a tear rolling down his face as he did. 

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Question: Would you stay with the person you loved even if they were going to kill you? Would you ask for them to be forgive?

Falling Capricorn Fun Fact #1

One of the main couples of the book, Roxie and Eric, came from some growing pains I experienced in high school. I wrote about this couple after having a Capricorn break my heart. I was so upset that I wrote the scene when Roxie fell into the sand from dealing with Eric. I was thinking about actually giving the scene to him, just to show him how he made me feel. At the last second though, I stopped because I liked the scene way too much to waste my time giving it to some guy. That was the first scene that I wrote for Falling Capricorn and what started the twisting and turning book.

Friday, July 19, 2013

This used to be a Happy Town

                            Mario M- Drop Of Sorrow
         The rain was only a few drops at first, before it down poured in the street, on the buildings, and into my soul. This used to be a happy town, filled with joy and glee. Children rushed around, playing with other energetic kids. Adults watched, laughing as they continued their days work. It was a colorful town, full of life and virtue. Now everything seemed so dull, so lifeless, as everything seemed to standstill.
         I hadn't lived that long in the city, but I saw the fast change. It started off as a small sickness. Children and the elderly started to become extremely ill. They were forced to stay in bed, to heal, and recover. My own daughter had to stay home from play and I had to take off work. She had a high temperature. Her nodding head licked warmth against my hand. I got her cold medicine, hoping it would work. For a few hours it seemed to calm everything down, but that soon wore off.
        She said the oddest things to me. At the time, I thought she was just hallucinating from the attacking and rising fever.
        She said, "Daddy, I saw the most beautiful woman yesterday. While we were all playin' down by the creek, she came up to us. She had the prettiest flowing black locks. Her eyes brighter than any red I have ever seen. She was nice with a sweet smile on her pale face. That was, until she stood next to me, papa. Her smile turned into a scary one. She attacked us. I thought I had died but suddenly, everythin' cleared and I was floatin' on my back with Crissy and Jacob. They said they didn't see her... I swore she was there though.."
         I had told her she must of been daydreaming. During the passing days of her illness, she saw things that weren't there. I comforted her, ignoring the chill that suddenly rolled down my spine. She agreed with me. I wished I would have listened to her, and actually took her seriously. Maybe I could have avoided what happened next.
        Days went by and more of the weak became sick, along with the teenage kids who were all full of health and youth.
          "My daughter talked of a man with the darkest eyes and snow-colored hair. She said she fell in love with him at first glance before he ripped her apart. She awoke in her bed afterwards. I don't remember her ever even leaving!" one woman exclaimed to a doctor.
           "My son talked of a man just like that, but he hated him. They got into a fight and the man devoured him. He said he awoke in a street sometime after," another woman yelped. My own daughter had gotten very pale. She complained about freezing, but at the same time, heat blazed through her veins. She looked up at me with her blood-shot eyes. Her own irises looked like they changed from light brown to a bright red. The doctor had assured me it was just a sickness side affect. They said they were working to find a cure while throwing pills at parents to shut them up.
             The next day my daughter went missing.
             The next few weeks, children and teenagers went missing. The elderly all dropped like flies and adults started catching the disease. Soon, one by one, people started being reported missing all over the town.
              I visited the mother I had spoken to before in the hospital. "I found my daughter, but she held the hand of the man she described to me. He gave her a knife and nodded. I was skinned alive," she murmured from under bloody bandages. "If you see your girl, she is dead. Remember not to look her in the eyes." That night, she went missing too.
              Months later, everyone either moved or disappeared. I found that I was the only one left. Everything had came undone at a rapid pace.
              This town used to be a happy place and my mind was stuck on that and finding my daughter. I walked through the town, rain or shine, looking for her. I feared I finally found her a few days ago. Walking the road, as I had done many times before, I caught a glimpse of what looked like my little girl. She turned into an alley. I dropped my umbrella and ran after her. I cornered her and turned her around to look at me. Her brown hair was still long and pretty, but her eyes had turned a bright red with no whites. She looked up above me as I turned around. The woman she had described stood there in all her beauty. With a curl of her lip, she plunged her nails into my chest. I felt them sink in like long, sharp blades. It hurt so much as she pulled them to the side, ripping me into six different pieces. Blood poured out, mixing with the destroyed drops of rain.
                 When I came too, I didn't feel like myself. Now, I'm afraid the rain is washing my slate clear. I don't know why I started walking through the rain and out of town. I don't know where I am going. It's getting harder to even remember my name. The strange thing is I don't think I am alone. I keep seeing fleeting images of a dark force behind me. When I catch a glimpse of my haggard face in the puddles, my eyes are changing colors slowly. With each step I take, I lose another piece of myself. Eventually, I fear..... this story will.... no longer continue. What happens if I end up asking, "Who.... am....I? Who....are you?"

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Question of the Writing Day: Say you were one of the characters, what would your reaction be if you woke up from what you thought killed you? Would you go after it or get the first ticket out of town?

Going to Start...

I'm going to start finding pictures and/or music, and then write a short story out of what I find. If you guys like what I write, then comment with a song or picture you want to see a short story written with. I'll start later today. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Falling Capricorn Update

Falling Capricorn has reached: 56/100 for Top Women's Novels and also 88/100 for Top Romance Suspense. It also only 1,654 in Top Free Novels, which means it is at the 1,654 spot of over 100 Million authors. 

Here is the books description: Joey and Christen, two lovers in a story-book romance, are suddenly separated through a tragic accident. Eric and Roxie, a stormier couple, are left in the wake with Christen's friend Kat. They manage to help Christen start healing her wounds from the loss, but Joey has a different idea. He drives to come back through powers of the abyss through his unwilling best friend, Eric. This leads to a torrent of passion, possession, vengeance, and eventually...madness. Can the friends survive the chaos when the laws of nature are bent? Or will their spirits and flesh be devoured?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Falling Capricorn.

I am officially a blogger now and also an author. I wrote a book called Falling Capricorn and I would appreciate it if you guys would help me out! The first hundred to get it, who have a kindle prime, will get it free. If you don't have a kindle, you can get it for 99 cent and read it online on kindle cloud!