Friday, July 12, 2013

Falling Capricorn Update

Falling Capricorn has reached: 56/100 for Top Women's Novels and also 88/100 for Top Romance Suspense. It also only 1,654 in Top Free Novels, which means it is at the 1,654 spot of over 100 Million authors. 

Here is the books description: Joey and Christen, two lovers in a story-book romance, are suddenly separated through a tragic accident. Eric and Roxie, a stormier couple, are left in the wake with Christen's friend Kat. They manage to help Christen start healing her wounds from the loss, but Joey has a different idea. He drives to come back through powers of the abyss through his unwilling best friend, Eric. This leads to a torrent of passion, possession, vengeance, and eventually...madness. Can the friends survive the chaos when the laws of nature are bent? Or will their spirits and flesh be devoured?

Come check it out you guys!

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