Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swimming Away

         In the deep blue oceans, many mysteries linger within the waters. Humans have often passed along stories about mermaids, gods, demons and other mystical creatures said to reside in these depths. The question to everyone is are they real? This story takes place as a mermaid swam with the elegance and grace of her ancestors. Her golden scales shined like the treasure coins her people found frequently on the sandy floors. She was always in the mood for adventure. Instead of following the group, she always wound up escaping to wander about on her own.
        She held a dark secret that no one else knew. If her people found out, it would ruin the plan. She could not run away with the one she loved so very much. Today was the day. It would be this day that they could finally swim together with freedom. All they needed to do was sneak past everyone; then, the world was their oyster. After all, a sea witch and a mermaid were suppose to be sworn enemies.
        "I'm here," she called into a dark hole at the bottom of the sea. It took a few moments before a lizard like man, pulled himself from the hole. He looked at her. A small smile dawned on his face as his eight tentacles pushed him forward. He passed her, grabbing her hips and pulling her up to him. She held his face, reaching up and kissing him on the lips.
        "Are you ready to escape?" he asked her. She nodded her head with a sweet giggle.
        "Escape?" The mermaid gasped and quickly looked up. Another female mermaid stared down at them with a smirk on her face. "Wait until the gods hear about this," she mused, flipping her red tail around her body, turning. The witch growled, pulling his girl to the side.
        "Don't worry," he told her before moving up with a mighty pull of his tentacles together. He rushed after the quick mermaid girl. He chanted words, reaching a hand towards her. Soon, the red tailed mermaid was trapped within a whirlpool. She screamed before turning into a harmless little red fish. The other mermaid swam up and gasped at what he had done. "I had too," he explained with a small frown. "We have come too far to let anyone mess this up for us." The mermaid nodded, understanding that he did what needed to be done. He smiled and brought her along with him.
        Weeks passed. The mermaid's kin could not find her or the red finned girl. After much searching, the mermaid clan reluctantly gave up. They resigned themselves to the hope that the girls had simply gone on an ill-advised adventure, as some of the young seemed to like to do. Meanwhile, a small red fish joined the group, and appeared to be forever vigilant searching the water for the lost mermaids' return.
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