Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sickness Within the Forest

             There always was an odd yellow haze beyond the fence. We passed it to and from school every day of the week. The trees on our side were always bright shades of reds and greens. On the other side, however, the tree leaves were dying hues of yellows and light greens. The leaves there on the ground were decaying and no animal was ever in sight. Mother told us to always stay on our side of the fence. Kids liked to disobey parents wishes, I learned as I watched my brother. 
             My little brother and his friends liked playing, Jump the Wall. In this game, a child would climb onto the other side and go a distance before setting down a bright blue ball. One would then come back and jump over to our side again. That signaled the next kid's turn. This game went on for years without a single bad thing happening. We started to think the adults were being overprotective. 
            We started the game again yesterday. I joined in for the first time. I went further then my little brother, but stubbornly, he did not want to lose to a girl. When I came back, he rushed past me. 
            "I won't lose to you!" he hissed, running out of sight. We all waited for him to return; five minutes at first, twenty minutes, then an hour. 
            "Where did he go?" one of the boys complained. 
            "I bet he went home, trying to pull a fast one on us," one of the older girls suggested, laughing with her friends. I bit my lip, not liking the feeling I got as I stared into the forest beyond. After another thirty minutes, I decided to jump over and search for him. 
            "Where are you going!?" the boy from before called. 
            "To find my brother!" I exclaimed back. I walked, turning back to look towards our home, just to make sure it didn't disappear. Soon though, I had no choice but leave the only reassurance I had behind. I wandered further, being surrounded by disfigured trees. My eyes burned at the yellow mist hitting them. I rubbed my eyes with a whimper. It felt like I had gone swimming too long, and the substances in the pool caused everything to be blurry. 
            The further I went, the thicker the haze got. Deeper and deeper I searched. I could barely see where I was going. I ran into trees, which crumbled and turned to dust with a simple touch. My skin started to hurt. The air around me grew hot and thick. I coughed, shutting my eyes as it became more painful just to have my eyes-lids open. I stumbled along blindly. Eventually I tripped over something and forced my eyes open. I screamed at what I saw.
           A boy's body was decomposing right before my eyes. I struggled to believe it, as I saw the bright blue ball within his hand. 
           "Brother?" I questioned, getting a better look. The body wore the same clothes my brother had been wearing. He had the same hair and same body shape. "No..." I gasped. "NO!" I sobbed. I slowly got up, placing a hand over my mouth. I stumbled away from the body, throwing all the stuff in my stomach onto the ground. I wiped my mouth, but my body became heavy. Suddenly my sight seemed to disappear. The stinging of my skin turned into a burning sensation. I reached my hand towards my eyes as I thought my eye-lids were still open, but I felt nothing solid there. There was liquid rolling from where my eyes were suppose to be. I frantically felt for them, but my whole hand only became wet.
          The burning became boiling. My skin bubbled. I opened my mouth to cry out, but no sound came as I choked on some fluid. It tasted salty and metallic. My legs gave out, causing me to fall onto the ground. The last thing I remembered, was choking to death on what seemed to be my liquidized throat.
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Question: Would you go after a sibling who ran off into a creepy forest? Why or why not?

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