Thursday, August 29, 2013

Midnight Madness

             It all started on a lonely night as all bad things do. The wind howled, sending a cold chill rolling through the air. It was an awfully cold night to a human, but to the sauguisi… this was the perfect weather. In one of the fancy mansions of the Hitsuma family; gorgeous sauguisi came together to bathe in the moonlight. The master of the household stood at her balcony, staring up at the stars and moons.
             “Would you come?” she spoke to no one; secretly hoping for a certain aristocrat would sweep her off her feet like he had done so, so long ago. Her faith in him had worn thin, how long had it been? Four years and still she had not had contact with him. She couldn't help but wish for him. Her deep blue eyes started to threaten her makeup with tears.
             “Zena, the guests are waiting,” a blonde boy a few years old told her with a bright smile, his ice blue eyes filled with excitement. “And we have a surprise visitor.” He bows to how lovely she looks, himself in a white tux matching her.  Zena whipped around, nearly tripping over her long elegant dress. Her turn messed up the crummy job the blonde had done with her curly, caramel hair.
             “Alistair, is it him!?” Her ocean eyes were so blue and vivid as she spoke with a childish tone. Alistair’s smile twitched and slowly formed a frown. He stood up straight, clearing his throat before he spoke.
             “Well no, it’s D-” He started but was interrupted by a scream from the main hall where the guests downstairs had accumulated. He gives a thankful smile to no one, turning and rushing down the stairs. Zena blinked, wasting no time to pull her dress up a little to run after her friend and butler.
               As they both made it down, a woman dressed in black ripped pants stood in the middle of the dance floor. She glanced around with her piercing green eyes, very aware of everyone and everything. She knew every person in the room, besides the four men who were laying on the floor… blood dripping from their bodies.
              “What is going on Darkness!?” Alistair chirps, stopping to look at the bodies that laid there.
               “I was going to ask you the same thing. Normally, I don’t invite psychopathic murderers into my house… is this a new thing hobby of yours, Zena?” The woman, Darkness, rolled her neck. She popped up her leather jacket, wiping the blood off her jacket. She muttered suddenly, looking down at her tank top that was now covered in blood.
              “What are you talking about?” Zena asked quickly, stumbling in the heels she was in as she tried to get down the stairs.
              “Well first, I had to fight my way into here. People are going crazy outside. Then one of these idiots bites the other… no surprise in our world… but then another spazzed out. Then they both go to bite the other two we see here. Then they all tried to gang up on me and this wo-” Dark turns on her combat boots, the perfect specimen of the sauguisi species. “Where she go!?” Dark snaps, glaring around. Another scream echos and everyone turns their heads to the guests in the back of the room. A woman digs her fangs into little girl, before throwing her to the side. “See what I mean?” Dark says smugly.
               “What is the meaning of this!? Stop that!” Zena yells, placing a hand to her mouth as the woman doesn't listen, throwing up all the blood she had just drank on the carpet.
               “Well… I’m not cleaning that up,” Alistair states and Dark nods.
               “Can you guys take this more seriously?” Zena yelps as the little girl slowly got up. Before they can blink. the girl is attacking another guest. The woman gets her balance, baring her fangs at Dark. Dark raises an eye brow.
              “What, is that supposed to scare me?” Dark shoots her a look. The woman wastes no time, speeding toward Dark. She sighed and grabbed the woman, stopping her from biting. “That’s not nice at all.” She slammed her hand through her chest, ripping out her heart. The woman falls to the ground, but her body raised again. “What the fuck!?” Dark blinks, that taking her for a surprise. She was not a pure blood… she should not be alive.
              “Walking dead?” Alistair mutters. The woman goes for Dark again; Dark stabs her continually in the throat with her claws. She stayed standing, looking at Dark with lifeless eyes. Perhaps Alistair was right?
              “Watching way too much TV are we?” Dark scoffs. “No such thing as the undead,” she stated. The doors as she let out her statement busted open. Twenty, Fifty, Seventy, no even more started seeping in. Dark started backed up, snapping her fingers. The guest all started panicking. Some fought while others flied away from them. The mindless creatures attacked the sauguisi and once bitten the sauguisi joined the insane monster's ranks.
              “You’re really not thinking of fighting them all are you? There are too many Dark,” Zena called, Alistair pulling her back a little. Shadows pulled themselves from their resting spots; some grabbed the woman, ripping her arms and legs off. Blood oozed out of where her arms and legs had connected, but the arms slowly twitched and started coming at them.
              “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Dark yelled, angry with the fact that she had no idea what was going on. The men she had thought she killed were trying to get up. No sooner then they got up, the cannibals attacked them and devoured them, flesh and all. Dark backed up with Alistair and Zena, debating on what to do.
             “There’s a forest in the back… we can try to escape there,” Zena suggested.
             “Run away from these foolish beings?” Dark scoffed at the cowards.
             “I got it you guys,” Alistair says coolly. He casually walks up, arms out eyes glowing a sky blue. Ice busted from his feet and quickly attacked the room, creating an ice ballroom. Everything but them were frozen, covered in a clear coat of ice. He sighed happily. “I got it,” he says but his eyes widen when some of them start bursting out of the ice. “Yeah…I’m done,” Alistair runs back to them, sweeping Zena up in his arms, and running out the back door to the forest.
             “COWARDS!” Dark screamed after them. Dark fought to her best, but with out any help she was soon over whelmed. "SOMEONE HELP!" She screamed but there was no one there to save her. She soon found them all biting her. She hissed and cursed to Zena and Alistair. She learned that in a situation like that, you should trip your best friend and continue on your way. 

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Question: Did you think the ending could of been better? What do you think should of happened?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

During The 40s

Me and my friend made a story together but we been redoing it a few times. Here is a scene for you guys. 

            Neo Bernacchi was being drag down the hallway screaming like bloody murder. "This is going against my rights! You can’t just drag someone in here without anything to go on them! Let me go!” he yells. The woman cop drags him into the interrogating room with a scoff.
           “That’s what you get for running away from the cops.” She hand cuffs his wrist to the chair and sat down in front of him. “If you just answer these questions, you’ll be out here sooner.” Neo sat there, grumbling in response. 
           “Did you know Katsutoshi?” she came out and asked him. Neo stared at the woman for a few minutes before crossing his arms.
           “Yeah, what of it?” he asks.
“How well did you know this Katsutoshi?” the woman asks.
“I knew him very well,” he states, looking at his nails.
“Him? Interesting, you refer to Katsutoshi as a him when ‘him’,” the female officer uses her fingers to put air quotations when saying the word him, “is a female.”
“Well, last time I saw Kat, she was going by the gender of a male,” Neo scoffs, since it really wasn't any new information to him.
“Are you aware of her affiliations with the mafia?” the woman asks another question.
“Aware? Yes definitely,” he chuckles. The woman folding her hands on the table, leaning in towards him.
“How did you two meet?”
“How did we meet?” he chuckles, folding his hands. He leans in as well with a wink. “Now that is an interesting and fun question. Now, it was back in the 1940s.”

Back in the 40s, Neo was walking towards his brother’s work with a confident grin, hair all neat and his suit flawless. He smoked a cigar to warm himself up from the cold weather around him. He paid no attention to anything around him, spacing out with his own thoughts of the fun night he had with a firey blonde who had once told him she would never sleep with him. That, of course, was before they were alone, without the eyes of her friends and boyfriend. He was extremely attractive, charming all women and some men, all who wouldn't admit it, to practically drool at the sight of him. She wouldn't resist him and that was what made everything so boring, he would never see her again. He had left the girl naked and crying as he flat out told her he was never going to sleep with her again. A week, maybe three, and he had the woman bedded.
Neo soon found himself crashing into someone who shoved him away. “Watch where you’re going!” said the person that had bumped into him. Looking down, Neo saw a short male who clearly came from Asian descent. He almost looked like a boy, given his feminine features. Leaning down, the man grabbed his fedora off the ground, giving a glare. Neo also leaned down, picking up his cigar box that had been knocked out of his suit’s pocket, raising an eye brow.
“You are the one that ran into me,” he scoffed but when he got a better look at him, he smiled smoothly. “Though, I guess I should have been able to dodge you. Here, as a token of sorry.” He opened up the cigar box and held out a cigar to him.
“I don’t need you worthless apologizes,” the man stated, putting his hat back on. “Now if you’ll excuse me,” he said, fixing his jacket then walking past him. Neo turned and managed to get the cigar in his pocket with a cheesy smile.
“Worthless or not, just take it.” He turned again and started walking again with his cigar. Behind him, he heard the man stop and then squash something before walking again. Neo chuckled to himself knowing what he squashed. That man was interesting to say the least; he hoped to someday run into him again.

“He was just a charming and sexy young man.” Neo chuckles to the cop, leaning back.
“This so-called man was a torturer, didn't you know this?”
“Well not at the time but if I knew at the time I would have thrown myself at him,” he laughs. “I am a bit of a masochist,” he said only for the pride he took in it.
“You found out later, then?” she asks, her face not giving any emotions away.
“Yes, I found out and also got to experience it.” Neo grins.
“Tell me, Bernacchi. Did you get to see how many people she tortured?”
“Hmm, no.” Neo shrugs.
“How did you even find out she was a torturer then?”
“She told me.” He smiles. “She tried to use that as an excuse for me not to date her, but I love torturing and abuse so that turned me on.”
“You dated her and never saw her torture anyone?”
“Do you know where she is now?”
“Not a clue, we were forced apart.” Neo sighs as the memory was still fresh in his head, even though years had passed. “It was my fault; I was way too affectionate in public. I gave us away and they found out.”

After a few months of dating, being able to be together. Everything turned out bad. Neo sneaked past the men outside Kat’s house. They were yelling to open up the door, slamming their fists on it, threatening. Neo managed to slip in through the back door. He walked into the living room to see Kat sitting on the sofa, hands together. She looked to be in deep thought, her stare hard at the ground. “Hey Kat, um, there some people outside. They weren't looking to happy.”
Kat looked up from her hard stare at the ground, her eyes softening slightly. “Yes, Neo I am quite aware. You should leave. Things could get messy,” Kat told him softly. Giving a sigh, Kat got up and walked over to him. “I’ll deal with them.” Neo blinked a few times and frowned.
“But Kat, you expect me to leave you with these people?” he asked with a sigh. “I know you can deal with them but…” he trailed off with a sigh.

“But nothing, go.” Neo took a deep breath in and nodded. He had learned not to question her so as she told him to, he headed out after giving her a long kiss.

Question: That's all I can share with you, would you be interested in reading this if we actually made it into a complete book?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eyes On Her

        She sat in the dark and quiet computer room. All I could hear was the clicking of her fingers touching the brand new keys of the computer. I waited for the time to pass, and for her to be kicked out of the library. I had done some, let's call it, investigating. I learned her name was Rain and that she was, indeed, a smart girl.  She started here her freshman year in high school as a dual enrollment student. Finally, it was her last day of being a dual enrolled kid. There was also talk that she had no family; she was an exception to those living on campus. She was allowed to  stay because of the situation she was in. She would be homeless if she was not here. Poor thing. No wonder she was so sad. She was the perfect victim for bullies to pick on. It sounds funny saying that about college students. 
        "Rain, it's time to leave now. We are closing up the library," one of the librarians told her. I sneaked out the front door and waited outside. I played with something in my pocket. She would no longer have to feel that pain. I would take care of her. It was the least I could do. She needed to be rescued, even if she didn't know it herself. She walked out a few minutes later, pulling her bag over her shoulder. She walked out of the library and down the stairs. I waited just below the stairs; well under them would be a better description. 
        "Man, what a drag," she breathed out loudly. She rubbed her head, groaning. "I have such a headache," she whined in her sad voice. I sneaked out from under the stairs, following her silently. She was so gorgeous, a pretty little nightmare. I didn't want to hurt her like the rage that consumed me with other females. I wanted her to be mine so I could protect her and save her from this pathetic life she lived in. "Why are you following me!?" she snapped. 
         I had spaced out and didn't realize I had picked up the pace and gotten too close to her. "Uhh..." I started but she just shot me a freezing glare. I sighed and shrugged to her question.
"Well stop. It's creepy, man," she announced. 
        "Actually, there is something. You are gorgeous, you know that?" She stared at me. She seemed taken aback, even flattered, but overall... scared. She picked up her pace walking away from me. She hurried down the path covered with trees, forming a canopy above us. For someone so smart, she wasn't good at common sense, it seemed. If I were any other insane guy, she would have wound up getting raped or killed; perhaps both. 
          "Thanks, but go away. Not interested." She tried to run away from me, and I sighed, grabbing her hand. She yanked herself back as my grip was quite strong. She landed within my other arm and with one full motion, the cloth that was in my pocket appeared in my hand and covered her face. Her eyes widened for a moment before passing out in my arms. 
         "Silly girl." I smiled down at her. I picked her up within both of my hands and looked around. No one saw me; that was good. I took off down the path and into another part of the building called the Royal Hall. I sauntered through that, and then got into my car, tying up her legs and feet, just for good measure. I threw her into the trunk and threw a blanket over her head. "Sleep good. You'll wake up where you will be safe and loved." With that, I shut the trunk door. 
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Question: Should I make a second part of this story for you guys?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Falling Capricorn Fact #3

Roxie was never suppose to be a character. Eric was suppose to be Christen's next lover. The problem with this was that she was suppose to be so in love with Joey. How could she be so in love with him if she could move on so easily? So I added Roxie, switching some of the scenes for Eric and Christen to Roxie and Eric. Besides, just look at Christen... does she look at the type who would like that kind of man?

Betrayal In The Saltwater Room

         I just stood there with my body in shock. I was in the doorway of the apartment place we live in, named the Saltwater Room, and something was very, very wrong. 
         He sat there frozen at the end of the bed, her pale naked flesh behind him. He started to get up and I took a step backwards.
"Just don't even start," I hissed. I was too mad to cry, I was too hurt to yell, and I felt empty with my body on fire. My weakness was sweeping the ground from under my feet. I could barely stand up straight. My body wanted to react with what felt like a sensation to puke, or pass out, or run away for miles. 
"Angel," he sounded pathetic. He sounded like a little kid who knew he had done wrong. 
         I wanted to believe in him. I wanted to believe he was the guy who would prove that he was different. He wasn't though, he was just like the rest.
"I'm glad that whore was worth it. You will love again. I can see you're not picky who it is with. You will but it's clear that I can't!" I yelped. I had been kicked down and betrayed by the only guy I thought I could trust. I turned away. I would not show my ugly side here. I reached for the door but my hand was caught by his. Why did he have to make it more difficult for me?
"Angel! I love you!" 
         My eyes widen a bit. Making a small whine, I clawed at his hand. "You are a liar." I got my hand free and swung the door open. I took off through it, running down the stairs. I tripped down the last few, landing on my knees. I quickly got up and ran to the front door, slamming it open. I heard him struggling with his pants, hopping down the stairs.
        "Damnnit, Angel! Stop!" he yelled after me. 
         I shook my head and just ran, ran, and ran. My sight was blurred by tears, my breath in clouds. My legs stretched in front of each other, launching me forward with every step. Why couldn't I see it sooner? Why did I ignore all the signs? I was setting myself up for failure. 
"Why do I always let this happen to me!?" I yelled at myself, scolded myself for letting it get this far. I jumped over the stone wall, slipping and landing in the sand. I laid in the sand, sobbing my heart out. There was a sharp pain in my chest. I feared my heart would break and I would die from internal bleeding. 
I sat up and dug through my bag. I searched and grabbed my depression pills, pouring a few in my hands. I swallowed them down, choking on them. Down they went though and soon I wasn't so sad anymore. Not happy and not sad. I fell backwards, staring at the sky. I placed a hand to my chest, it still hurts so much but.. I felt ambivalent about it. It was a slight relief but not by much. Then I had the stupid thought, if one drowns out my sadness then if I took enough of them, I should be able to make the pain go away as well. I popped another in my mouth, then another one, and another one. After a few more, I felt nauseous. I put a hand over my eyes, seeing things, hallucinations of the scene I had just witnessed. I started crying some more.
         It didn't help; it made things worse. 
"Angel!" It was so far away sounding.
          My body tense up and I fell forward with my body trembling. Soon I saw nothing but a black emptiness. 

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Question: Have you ever been betrayed by someone? How did that make you feel?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whose Really The Adult?

      "Let the games begin," a line I've heard way to much in my life time. My mother always thought of things as games even though she would never show it. Every childish thing I've tried to get rid out of she would force it back into my hands. I'd walk into the room of a girl with curly black hair. A girl who was a spitting imagine of me and would ask the same question I would always find myself being asked. "Want to play a game like when did when you were a child?" I'd always give in to her begging and pleading, but it gets old. I'd say no and then she'd have a tantrum, screaming and throwing things around. "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!" That line, that strikes me the hardest as I always tried to turn and escape. The girl would cling to me, dragging me back. I couldn't escape and every time I tried to, the screaming child would make sure I couldn't.
"I never remembered mom being this way," I confessed to my dad on the way home from a friend's house. Mom had winded up having a jealous rage about me going to a friend's house and requested, no, more forced, dad to pick me and my friend up. He just shrugged and stayed quiet like normal on my rants. My friend sat in the back texting. I couldn't understand; I wasn't suppose to stay at her house but she could come over and hang out with both me and my mom? I crossed my arms, pulling into the drive away. "She never has gotten this upset before. Because I planned to go to a friend's house when she wasn't home? She normally isn't even home! She has fun with her friends and now I can't? She's acting like a brat!" Dad just shook his head, laughing a little. I knew he agreed, he just didn't want to get involved. And go figure, her car wasn't even there once we got home.
When mom did decide to come home, it was a few days later. Me and my friend were chilling on the sofa as my dad was explaining to us that he was taking the TV, the Packer game was on. We knew how the football system worked in my house, so we got up and left to my room. "Football is more important then who's sleeping with who," according to Dad, we watch pointless crap like that. Mom entered the house running to her room. She kicked her shoes off in the hallway and before dad could bellow, I picked them up and placed them in the shoe box. "Football, Football, Football," My mom chanted skipping into the room giggling. I looked at my friend, she looked at me and we rolled our eyes in unison. Mom grabbed her 'lucky' football helmet and ran into my room. "Touch the magic football helmet so we win the game!" I raised my eye brow. My friend refused and mom started fusing. "You have to or they won't win!" She whined. I looked at her and mouthed to my friend, "Just amuse her." My friend sighed and poked it with her finger and I played along placing a hand on it. She squealed and headed off to watch the game.
"THEY GOT A TOUCH DOWN?!?!?!?!" I heard mom screech from the living room while hanging with my friend in my room. I really was used to her screaming during football games so thought nothing of it. My friend seemed concerned but I just told her to ignore it. That was until we heard an interesting noise. We left my room and entered the hall to find mom having a tantrum and her foot had gone through the dry wall. We stared at her shocked but the thing was, our team was still winning. I couldn't help but crack up with laughter. Her face was a ruby red and her eyes red from crying. Her arms crossed and she was stomping her feet on the ground. My friend joined in my laughter when my mother said, "don't talk to me for the next eight months.. I'm going to be depressed." She walked into her room and locked the door. "It's just a game." I sighed talking through the door and she just screamed leave me alone. I blinked a bit surprised.. I felt like a mother taking care of a child.

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Question: What is your relationship with your parents? Do you relate to this character?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scary Realization For My Generation

                                 Synthetic Epiphany Feat. CoMa - Perpetuate

I heard the sickening crack of her heart breaking. Was there any real way to save her from the misery within her heart? I had two options to either break her heart now or later, which would you pick? I decided now since that would the fastest and less painful way to go, as it is said within every passing day the heart grows founder. I had been so shocked by what was going on behind doors, I trembled with apathy anger. I cried the soon to be spilled tears and screamed at the insensitive pair. At the end of the day though, I was placed in a difficult situation. I knew she had every right to know about the betrayal, that as a friend I needed to explain what happened. I brought her into the room and the door shut automatically. I tried over and over to say what needed to be said. I couldn't get my mouth to speak. The pain, misery, and anger I knew way to well. I was sensitive to the topic. I knew how it felt and that my friends are not people I feel for lightly. In the end I had to tell her. I knew I had to but I couldn't say the words.
Thank goodness I wasn't the only one who heard it and witnessed it. He told her every fine detail. Her love was a cheater, I was too sensitive to tell her. We told her about the woman who reminded me of the demon, Gluttony. How I didn't like her the minute she walked through the door. How she glared at me and acted high and mighty. How she needed to one up me and didn't know what the fuck she was talking about. How she was a woman so disgusting to every length of the word and I truly detested her.
 I am told not to make assumptions and to not judge people, but it almost feels like every time I ignore my gut feeling something terrible is done by that person. She was evil, even worse than he. My friend agreed with me. I never felt stronger about something in my life. It was one thing to betray someone who you love in a moment of passion. It is another for someone to know you are in a relationship, smirk and lie to your face that they are just friends, and then commit adultery in my very own bathroom. Disrespect to me, my family, and my friend. Both knowing how painful it would be, but being so selfish to not care about anyone but themselves. That’s the worse part.

A realization was made that night. I've heard this story many times of today’s youth. It makes me scared. Happening to me over and over again, why is the world getting warm yet people are growing colder? When did love become such a 2-D word? Why did it lose its meaning? You want to know the most common excuse? Because it’s happened to me so many times so why not do it to other people? So innocent and people who truly only see you, they deserve such treatment?  My generation, not all but most are selfish pigs. Doing what they want, saying what they want, and treating people how they want. Where did the golden rule go? I fear that my generation and the future generation who are worse than us, are going to destroy everything and everyone. I never see someone reading a book in my classes, in my high school. I fear… that my dreams will wash away because… who wants to read when they can go watch movies and watch girls fight and mess around with their friend’s man? Certainly I would take reading over that. But... who else my age would rather read then watch those shows? 

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Question: Do you guys agree or disagree?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You Can't Always Get What You Want

You can't always get what you want 
But you do have me 

Why hate what you can't be 
We all have time but won't fill the sea 
You are so blind and still don't see 
Hurts to know you belong 
When you've been alone for so long
And been treated so wrong 
I've always been here for you alive 
But it doesn't even seem like you even try 
You think love is a time to buy 
But money can't fix the way you lie 
It hurts to know you're alive 
When all the pain thrives 
And all the secrets still survive
 I'm not a bird stuck in a cage I must be free
 So please set me free with your golden key
 Let me open closed wings and fly like a bee 
Why can't you just let me be me?
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Question: Have you ever have someone try and make you something you aren't? How did that feel? Did you get out of that? If so, how?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Arguing

I put my hands to my ears
Cause I don't want to hear
The screaming and yelling
The fighting and crying
I shut my eyes to try and sleep
But all I wind up doing is weep
It's all I ever seem to hear
Their hateful words in my ear
Those who used to love each other
Now only feel hate for one another
And the one that suffers the most is me
The one that really wants them to be
Feels selfish to want them together
When all around is bad weather
I cover my ears so I can't hear
And just hope to not overhear

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Question: Ever been over somewhere and the people around you were fighting? What did that make you feel like?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blue moon

Tonight, I decided to do a special poem. Some of you might be aware that this night was a blue moon. So I decided to do a short little poem while I was fishing underneath this moon. This is what I came up with.

A blue moon
A moon so full
Bright and Mysterious
Floating above the sky
A sky of darkness and clouds
It seeks to reveal all
Unnatural and natural
To the eye of those
Who seem so ignorant 
But they are chasing the stars
To learn untold nightmares
And to make the all time dreams

Question: Did you guys see the Blue Moon?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Personal Letter

     Dear Diary,         
                What do you do when you are watching a loved one die? They look at you surprised for a moment like they have no clue who u are until they register that it's you and it just breaks not only your heart but everyone else's around you, everyone else that cares for her and you. It almost kills inside.                   
                My Grandma.. Dad's Mom. I've lived with her closer then most. Me and Dad have been watchfully and carefully looking after her. I smile at her just to get her to smile and lately, she hasn't even been smiling back. She seems so far away, far away from my react. Even if i'm right next to her it feels like she's miles away and i can't even reach her. It's like a bad dream. 
                It really hurts. I guess I knew it would only be a matter of time that it get this bad.. that she can't even get up. With family here, we all been trying to help besides mom who making this even harder on me and dad. I been taking care of Racecar, chores, and cooking sometimes since basically she's abandoned us. I feel bad for dad. Everything he been going through and he hasn't broken, he remains strong. He has cried and I cried with him. He never just gave up like I know I would. He's strong and I admire him for it. Dad has been lying to me.. saying everything will be okay. I know it's for my own good to help me sleep at night but I'm not a little kid. I know he is lying. I been escaping the torture of having to watch her fade away by hanging with friends and talking to them for all hours. 
                They been here for me. Some new, some old, some don't even know that this is happening but I gotta say thank you to them. Really, it means a lot to have people care, people to distract me from the pain, listen to me being stupid, to wipe my tears, and make me feel like I'm not just a random person. That I'm important, that they will protect me, and they will always love me. 
                I will always be thankful for everyone and the memories we all have, friends and family. They all mean so much to me. They are like the characters that show up in the happy ever after, in the end of a story. 
               I don't believe in fairy tales though, but that doesn't stop me from creating them. I know life isn't always a happy ending. I wish I could be more happy about that but I can't. We will go through horrible pains and we might just almost give up. Hell, some do give up and take their life. What ever the reason; love, death, money, bullying, depression, rage, insanity, some people kill.. some people die.. some just watch from the sidelines..some try to help. It's just how it works. Hate and love how thin the line is sometimes. 
                It's just something I gotta get off my chest. Death of family and friends, it scares me so much. Just losing a friend hurts, it all just breaks my heart. Not being able to see their smile, hear their voice. Not able to touch in a hug or a kiss. Having to be strong and let go. All the words that can be unsaid. I don't know how people can walk away from all the memories and not miss the people they cared about.  How can they accept that its over? I still miss a few family members that i have lost and friends I have lost. Sometimes, I even find myself crying like a baby over their death years later. I guess I do pray in a way. I hope, I dream, I wish, someone or something will watch over them and help them to be wise. To help me to let go. To lead them to a place where they'll be safe. I might not believe in a god, but I'm not saying that something wonderful doesn't exist. Whatever it may be, even if it may even be god, I hope they can take care of them like I have through the years. To have fun and joke around with smiles. I think that's what we all wish for the people we love. 
                It's my own feelings. I will walk my path and what happens will happen. It's a wise idea to just go with your own flow and that's what i plan on doing. I learned that people will die but one day I will as well. I think I can accept that realization. If I come back as a bunny or if I stay in heaven or if I rest in eternal darkness, I've accepted my fate. And I will reach towards my dreams without fear of being unhappy or dying. I have to many dreams to follow to let me be pulled back by fears. I wish the same to everyone else and everything in the world. I want their dreams, like mine, to come true.
                                                                                                 ~~Character or me a few years ago? 

Can't tell.. 


Question: Did it make you think of anyone you have lost? Let me know some cheerful memories you have with someone if so.         

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wolf's Howl

Wolf Blood by Adrian Von Ziegler

Hear the howl of the lonely wolf
He howls about a young girl
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop
Tears fall to the ground in the dark room
From a young child, from the lonely girl
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop
A lonely girl, a lonely shadow
So much hate, don't trust anyone
The wolf growls, no child should feel that hate
Softly whimpering the girl's heart is cold
Joining the whimper, the wolf goes on
Hide the truth with a mask of lies
She doesn't want to lie anymore
He know, the wolf knows
She feared to be alone like the wolf
She feared the hate around her
A loud howl made out of the wolf
He stood tall howling
"To die," The girl cries
"To stop the pain," she cries
Lowering his head the wolf whimpers
His whimper,"child, you are not alone."
The wolf cries,"child, for you are not alone."
Never alone
This is the lonely howl
The meaning of the howl never alone
The meaning of the howl is never give up

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Question: Do you like poems? Should I post more of them?

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An Amazing Book Suggestion

               I meet this author in my search of people to comment on my blog and to get reviews for my book. She was super nice and was being rather helpful to me. Her name is  Grace Under Fire (Grace Kind Trilogy). I checked out her book and let me just say, amazing concept. The book just sounds exciting! Take a look at what you can be looking forward to:  

                             "Grace Kind left the the arms of her cheating boyfriend and paid dearly for it. In the mists of purgatory, she found a knight in shining armor in the infamous demon, Mephistopheles. In exchange for her life, Grace agrees to be his bride. Now all hell is breaking loose and Grace learns more about herself than she thought possible. But can she save her world from an enemy that spent millenia planning his revenge?" -Book description off Amazon where you can get the book. 

                Understand what I mean by sounds exciting? You guys should go check it out.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Demon Within

Mario M- Let Me Out
  He was born a demon. He never had the chance to live, to breath in the light, and to feel love.  He was misunderstood from the start as no one understands demons, nor do they care to fix them; just cage them away. Monsters were usually marked as insane and dangerous. It was the captors, however, that turned someone from being gentle into a killer. They were the ones that forced in the hatred and anger that a demon feels. It was the captors that formed this particular blood-lusting criminal. This monster never had a chance to form its own path, it's self. He was not just something that felt nothing. Everything feels something. 
  He was born from the flames of the love of two demons; demons that were turned to ash. This love that once burned brightly was now deathly cold. The child born from them, before the ashes were blown away, was sealed from the world. Caged in the darkest and deepest chambers, he mindlessly wandered around, living through untold nightmares. He never saw what light looked like. He never knew anything, but that his life was forever gone. It was already over before it begun. He was told he was evil, heartless, sadistic, insane and cruel. He believed them. He lived the way he was told he was to live. Accepting the appetite they told him he had; the blood spilled for their demon. He started eating the flesh of their own kind because they sacrificed them. They blamed him for it,  but he had never asked for an offering. They told him he would live off their flesh, and he would enjoy it, so he did. It somehow seemed to fill some perverse entertainment value for them.
  Nothing was like him. He was similar to demons but never the same. He lived and grew, kept alive for no known reason. The owner of his cage never gave out plans of doing anything with him. He was like some pet that would never be trained. 
Years and years past. The demon remained in the dark. He feasted on humans more freely and willingly over time. He became more powerful and uncontrollable. More and more people grew afraid of him, but he did not care. He took pride in how loud he could get someone to scream. 
  One day though, something changed from his 'normal' life. While the demon feasted on the soft flesh of some poor women, another woman made her way up to his cage. She held a lantern to the cell. The demon slowly stopped the sick sound of ravenous eating and stood up with the ripped apart women in his arms. He eyed the woman as a smirk played on his lips. He threw the dead body at the cell to get a scream from the person watching. The woman backed up some, but her gentle smile remained while her dress and face became stained with blood. Her red hair shined from the light of her lantern like the sun. The demon made his way to the cell bars and stared at the girl with his piercing eyes. She just looked at him with a soft gaze and a gentle smile. He glared at her with hatred growing for the girl. He bared his blood-stained fangs, himself covered in blood and scars. He thrust his claw out of the cage out of sudden anger. She looked at him and stepped forward, taking his claw. He quickly grabbed her hand and squeezed it. 
  A crackling noise echoed from her hand, but she just looked at him with the same smile on. She spoke softly,"You truly are beautiful. Strong and fierce with so much pride. I'm amazed." The demon stared at her, lost for words. He then spoke. His voice was husky and deep from not talking for years. 
  "I just injured you...I'm a demon..I could kill you if I wanted to." He stared at her with his eyes flickering in excitement for a reaction, for some jolt of fear. He frowned to see her laugh. Her laugh was light and almost angelic as it rang in the darkness. She cut short her laughter, smiling. 
"I know that, but you haven't killed me yet." The demon stared at her. His heart started to beat faster at her smile. She was the brightest thing he had ever seen. A strong feeling between rage and desire spread through his body like a wild forest fire.

Question: What do think would happen if I continued this? Could you smile at someone who just broke your hand?

Falling Capricorn Fun Fact #2

The two male characters, Joey and Eric, were originally suppose to switched. Eric I wanted to be Joey and Joey I wanted to be Eric. I changed them because the names fit better this way. Eric seemed to be a more serious name then Joey.

Guys let me know!

Guys, tell me, what genre do you want to see me write? Do you want more poems or short stories or just pieces of stories? Are you looking for horror, romance, fantasy, or Scifi? Let me know what tickles your fancy in the comments below. I also added questions to the posts, answer them if you want. :)

Intuneric Ura Fiara

        The monster approached the princess who sat on her knees. She watched her kingdom burn, salty tears pouring out of her eyes. She looked up as the man stopped in front of her. 
        "Are you scared?" the demon asked the white princess now stained in blood and ash. She stared at him, getting up while her body trembled. She examined him, arrows and a few swords were still stuck inside him. Blood rolled out of his mouth, but he showed no sign of pain or discomfort. He only bled. His sliver dragon-like eyes stared blankly at her. She shook her head 'no', getting the strength to approach him. "Why won't you hate me!?" he exclaimed, taking a step back.
      "Because this is all our fault." Soon he had no where to go, his heels reaching the edge of the cliff. "What is your name?" the woman asked him, her eyes filled to the rim with water.
      "I don't have one," his poisonous voice snapped. The woman was close enough to touch him. Her fingers wiped the blood off his chin. 
       "Your name is: Intuneric Ura Fiara... hate, dark, beast. I don't hate you, but surely heaven does. What does that make me then? The Princess of Light...befriending the demon that killed everyone and turned my fields into darkness. I will probably be beyond redemption..." The creature didn't know what to do, but his body felt weak. He fell forward into the open arms of the beautiful woman. "I will protect you, Ura. Why else would I be spared?"
       "Rosalina," he whispered before he was in a deep slumber.        
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Question: Could you be nice to someone who just slaughtered everyone and everything?


Sorry I haven't been posting. College is approaching and I have been getting ready for the school year. I will try to get back on my regular schedule soon.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Traveling fast
Having a blast
But it feels strange
To be out of range
Of all the people I love
And the American stars above

Question: Do you like where you live? Why or why not?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bullet the Size of A Small Stone

          "We are here!" A soft, innocent, and sweet voice echoed down the hallway. A women who seemed to be around nineteen turned to the man behind her holding the key to her apartment. The man who seemed about twenty-four just nodded his head. The girl had jet black hair which was down to her waist. A hair clip kept the hair from her eyes. The hair at the nape of her neck was a teal color which shined from under the dark color of her natural hair's hue. She wore a short, strapless black dress. The bodice of the dress was covered with lace which undulated down in tiers. The waist-line covered in delicate beads. Her beautiful ice-blue eyes shined looking up at the man's handsome pale face. She locked her gaze with his dark brown eyes which many feared besides her, it seemed. She had been with this man since she had gotten out of high school a year ago. She didn't bug him about what he did when he wasn't with her, but by how he usually acted, she knew not to even ask. The man had blood red hair to about the middle of his neck. He wore black baggy pants, and a plain black T-shirt. He seemed slightly uneased and on guard. He looked away from the girl. "Is something bothering you?" The women turned from him and opened the door to her apartment. She walked in, and the man followed her.
"No, it's nothing." The man didn't hesitate to shut the door and double lock it. The women found it odd since he always seemed to hesitant doing even simple tasks.
"If you say so," the women smiled, which was hard not to find on her lips. "Would you like anything to drink?" The women put her hand against the wall taking off her heels. She wasn't used to wearing them, and they were killing her feet.
"Sure." He took off his converses and headed to the window where he liked to look out into the busy, bright-lit streets of the city. The women walked to kitchen and poured red wine into two glasses. She walked over to the man and gently gave the glass to him. "Thank you." He gave her a ghost of a smile. It was easy to tell he was still uncomfortable. The women just nodded sighing softly leaning against the wall. They stayed in silence for what seemed to be an eternity. "Look." The man's voice broke the soundless room. The women looked at him intensely. "The reason why I'm so...well, on guard, per se, is because I kinda got in a fight with the wrong people. It's not my safety that I'm so on guard for, but yours. I should have never come today."
"Oh.." was the only thing that slipped out of her mouth as she looked at him softly. He seemed really distant. He turned away and started to leave.
"It's better if I leave and lay low for a while.." he spoke, almost to the door. For some reason, the women felt scared. She didn't know why, but for some reason she ran after him tripping on her feet. She fell behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.
"Don't leave me! Please!" She yelped gripping him tightly. "I don't know why but I have a bad feeling. If you go through that door, you're not going to be be coming back." She spoke desperately. An extremely rare frown formed on her lips. The man stood frozen in her warm touch. After moments of silence, the man pulled her up and pinned her to the wall.
"I could be the death of you! I could get you killed!" the man's voice boomed. He rested his head on her shoulder after speaking. The women blinked, and she spoke kindly.
"I'm not afraid of death..and besides, there is no one else I'd rather be with. I'd die for you." The man bolted back looking at her.
"Don't say that!" he yelped.
       "Why not? Everyone dies in the end." She reached for him, but then heard a bang on the door. The man's eyes widened. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the closet as the door burst open. A blonde- haired man sighed, walking in. The blonde's blue eyes glanced around.
"I know you're here. You're making it more trouble then it needs to be." His voice was cool and collective. The  first man held the girl against him to shield her.
       "Whatever happens...I love you. I was hoping to be with you for a long, long time. If I die now, know I love you, but move on," he whispered taking something out of his pocket. He placed it in her hands and closed her hand over it. The women's eyes widened as she looked at him with tears slipping down her face.
"What are you taking about? You're not gonna die! Don't say things like that," she whispered with tears streaming down her face. The man kissed her forehead. The closet door was slammed open.
"There you are. I have a gift for you," the blonde purred.  The red-headed man didn't bother to turn around has he heard the click of the gun in the blonde's hands. The man pushed the crying girl back. The girl just watched in horror. The bang echoed in the closet, and blood splattered on the girl's face. Her love fell forward in her arms. She stiffened staring at the blood oozing from his chest. The blonde barely glanced at the girl, dropping the gun and walking out. "I would run away, if I were you, or go die somewhere!" the blonde shouted, already in the hallway. The girl sat there frozen staring at his chest which still was rising and falling.
        "Seems.. it's over for me," the man spoke softly. He turned his head, coughing blood on the floor.
"How did it come to this?" the girl spoke with more tears falling down her face as she held the man. He said nothing as blood poured out of his mouth. He wiped the blood away looking at her carefully. He wiped away her tears which made her cry even more. She grabbed his hand rubbing her cheek against it. "I love you. I've loved you this whole time. I'm going to miss you," the girl whispered stroking his face giving him her classic smile, tears pouring like two waterfalls. The man pulled himself up using her as support, and weakly smiled, kissing her softly.
"Love you too. Don't miss me too much," he mumbled, breaking into a coughing fit. He closed his eyes in pain. The women held him sobbing. He coughed up more and more blood until all was quiet; no coughing and no sound. The man's hand holding hers slowly let go falling to his side. His body relaxed becoming totally lifeless. The women sat there holding his body. A scream made its way from her mouth. She held him close while sobbing.
  "No! No, no, no! Please! Oh god, no!"  She sobbed and screamed, unable to control herself any longer. Her smile was completely gone. Her neighbors ran into the room and gasped, seeing her holding the body, sobbing like a child. Her neighbors called the police who came quickly. When they asked the women to come with them, she refused. "I will not leave his side!" she sobbed holding him.
"He isn't alive anymore, deary," the old lady from across the hall spoke sadly looking at the women. The women rocked the man in her arms.
"I know," she whispered, slowly rising, setting the man on the floor. She kissed his cold dead lips. "I love you," she mumbled, opening her hand, looking at the crystal rose he had placed in her hand before. She stared at the blood splattered on the petals. Her body trembled. How could a love so strong end with something so small as a clump of iron? A bullet from a stranger's gun....
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Question: Would you have stopped your boyfriend or girlfriend from leaving out the door when they said they were in some kind of trouble?

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I haven't been able to post lately as I was on vacation and came back a day or so ago. I will start posting again tonight, sorry for not letting anyone know. :)