Monday, July 22, 2013

Lies Aren't Always So Bad

         It all started on the tragic day the young woman found a strange looking animal. She walked through the city, on her way to her high school. She wasn't looking for anything to change her fate, or fix destiny. She liked the pace things were going at. Everything seemed to be going the direction she planned. How she discovered this fuzzy animal of fate remains a mystery. 
        On her way to school, a cat ran right into the middle of the road. Her kind heart bled at the idea of the animal being hit by an oncoming car. She hurried into the street, picking the creature up into her arms. A truck's horn blared as it headed straight for them. She froze. She shut her eyes tightly, waiting for death to take her. 
        "If only I had gotten the chance..." she thought, before the truck crushed her.
        Pain never came to her. She opened her eyes and came face to face with me. I stroked her hair sweetly, smiling down at her. She bolted up, panting heavily. Her eyes widened as she looked around. She seemed stunned. Around her was a destroyed city, a beautiful rainbow gate above closed slowly. She turned to me again, eyeing my wings before asking the silly question, "Am I dead?" I laughed softly at the idea of her being dead, shaking my head no. 
         "Of course not! You saved this world. You saved me and my friend," I nearly exclaimed with a thankful expression. She stumbled backwards, landing on the ground. 
         "I d-did?" she stuttered. I looked at her confused before gasping with my fingers to my lips. 
         "You don't remember?" I placed a hand to my heart, looking at her closely. My friend, the creature that had brought her to me, made a small noise. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye, curling all my fingers but one behind my back to signal her to be quiet. "You risked your life, using your magic to cast the demons away. You landed on your head pretty hard though. You have been sleeping for a long time now." She stared at me like she couldn't believe it. 
          "I remember my life, though. This is not mine. I have never seen you, or this place before," she whispered. 
          "You have been sleeping for days now. Are you sure those weren't just part of one big dream?" I asked her. She opened her mouth but shut it. I always played such a convincing person; someone that seemed to know them so closely, yet never actually was there at all. I was created to let people think they made their dreams come true and fix any real life regrets. I am, after all, an Angel of Mercy. 
          "Did I really save you?" She walked over to me after getting up. She tripped over her feet landing her head in my lap. She tried to get up but she felt sleepy, very sleepy, as every human and animal did after awhile. 
          "Not just me, the whole entire world," I spoke hushed. Her eyes started to flutter. "You are a hero. You saved the world." She smiled softly. 
         "I did, didn't I?" she asked me. I chuckled and stroked her hair some more before the woman closed her eyes forever. I watched the body fade along with the environment, new surroundings taking it's place. My furry companion bounced through another portal to bring a new person to me, before they headed into the afterlife. I looked at the file that soon appeared in my hand. Another person, another death, and another lie I had to create for them to pass on happily. 
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Question: What would you do if you learned you saved and lived in a world that you didn't remember? What would you do if the life you knew turned out to be a lie?

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