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A Gun and A Bible

         Alexis stepped into Hope's room. She quickly felt cold and empty. Sadness kicked in, like it always did, when she entered Hope's room. The walls were completely bare and snow white. There were no windows, or anything that would allow natural light in. Only the buzzing strobe lights above, and the lamp on her night table illuminated the room. It felt almost mocking and intimidating, like Hope herself. Alexis sighed as shivers ran down her spine. She heard a zooming-in kind of noise, and looked up into the middle of the room to see a camera. She stared at the blinking red light remembering what they were. Alexis and Hope, both, would always be monsters. 
         Alexis turned to the right to try and shake the thought. She jumped back, startled by her own reflection. A long and large mirror stood attached to the wall from the ceiling to the floor. She felt haunted by the image of herself staring back, and dropped to the hard tilted floor. It was so dull and blank. She wondered how anyone could live like this. How could Hope live like this?
        "All I need is a bed, clothes, a pen, a notebook, and a place to put things." Hope's cruel voice sunk into Alexis's soul as though she had just read her mind. Hope sat down on her soft, yet firm bed. The sheets crumpled under her like the pressure on Hope's shoulders. Alexis glanced over her shoulder towards the black bed and night stand. 
        "Then what's the gun for?" Alexis asked, turning to face Hope. She walked over to the dresser, close to the foot of the bed, and explored it with her fingertips. She collected some dust from the crystal figures that stood on top of it. Hope looked at her night stand. 
       "To shoot my prey. What else is a gun used for other than killing?" Hope smirked. She picked up the ten millimeter pistol and loaded the rounds into it. Alexis swallowed hard as she looked at one of the crystal figures that glowed a deep and dark red. The wolf-like figure had it's fangs bared, staring back at her. 
       "And the Bible?" Alexis picked the glass figure up carefully and grabbed the bible from under it before she placed the wolf back down. 
       "Some sap said that 'God' will help me. I'm just waiting for a day to burn it," Hope hissed while Alexis held it close to her chest. "If 'God' could save me, then he already would have. If 'God' is our 'Father', then we are orphans. We are monsters. That's all we are, now, to him." Alexis sighed. It was true. That was exactly what they were but...
      "For someone named Hope, you aren't very faithful or hopeful," Alexis said quietly. 
      "Because I know reality," Hope countered. "We will both die as government weapons, and that's all there is to it. No 'God' or hero is going to come and save us. We are suppose to be the heroes, and heroes don't have others coming to save them." Alexis looked down. 
      "You don't mind if I keep this?" she asked. 
      "Do what you want. Now leave, I hate when you walk in here without my permission," Hope commanded. Alexis nodded and hurried her way out. She felt such pity for that woman. She wondered if anything good would happen to Hope, but she knew that would be highly unlikely. 
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Announcement: I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I am happy to inform you guys that I am back! You should be seeing a post tomorrow. Just letting you all know. :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Announcement: Catching Up and Review Swap

I am going to be taking a few days off the blog to catch up with my school work and spend time working on my new book which will take me a few days. I also need to finish some reviews. On that note, does anyone want to do a review swap? Just comment and let me know. I will happily read your book in exchange for you reading mine.

Fire Thief

(Story me and +Mad Hatter  are working on)
Yet again, the sun set underneath the pink background of the cherry trees. All came to a rest, even the petals that had been blown off by the wind. Autumn was coming, and all seemed perfectly content. All, besides at the temple. A scream echoed through the quiet city. The only thing protecting the city had been stolen.
A woman's footsteps were light, splashing in the water from an earlier rain as she ran through the narrow streets. She moved with the street turns, sliding in the corners on the water. She looked over her shoulder, looking for the men that were chasing after her. She looked forward seeing a man spinning a chain over his head. She viewed her surroundings in a few seconds and saw the man throwing the chain towards her. She dodged it, heading down a side alley. She cursed as another man jumped from above her swinging his sword down. She just escaped it, knocking the sword out of his hand with a well-aimed kick. She ran forward and grabbed the man's face. He screamed for only a second before he was tossed to the side, his face severely burned.
  The woman left the alley, checking behind her shoulder. She turned forward and her eyes widened as she slammed into  a man. The man stumbled back from the impact while she landed on the ground away from him on her back. She coughed before using her whole body to jump back up. She glared at the man who had caught himself.
"Watch where you are standing!" She noticed a cloth with some sort of object at his feet. He bent to pick it up for her, but she snatched it up before he could do so. Scooping it up in her arms, she turned to see a group of men rushing towards them.
"I'm sor-" the man started before being cut off as daggers came flying at them. The woman blocked the one she could, realizing the man would be hit if she didn't. He started to move to go to one side, but she pushed him back, getting stabbed with the knives. The man landed on the ground, looking at the girl slightly surprised. She used her body to shield him, rather then focus on the ones coming for her. He quickly shook it off and got to his feet, stepping out into the middle of the bridge. His hand rested on the katana that hung at his hip, ready to draw.
"Look what you did," she hissed, spitting up some blood. He looked back at her as she growled. Her hand caught on fire. She threw a large fireball down the alley. The man barely got out of the way from the surprise fireball. Strange how the girl, a minute ago, protected him. Now, she didn't care if she hit him in the cross-fire, or not. She glared at the man, one more time, before jumping over the bridge. She disappeared into the forest. The large group of men became a few from the woman's fiery blast. The men that remained tried to follow, ignoring the man existence. The man blocked their path.
"What is this about?" he asked in a calm voice.
"This has nothing to do with you," one man stated, but another put a hand out.
"That woman is a thief, and stole something very important to the village. If you have anyone you love in this village you will let us pass, or we are all doomed," the other man stated, eyes narrowing. The man relaxed his guard. The thing that she snatched up at his feet so quickly came to mind.
"I see," he said, stepping aside. "Good luck to you." The men ran by him, after the strange woman.
The woman had a good distance by now, but the dagger wounds had done more on her body then she originally thought. As she moved she felt the cuts become deeper.
"Damnnit all! I should of let them hit him." She hadn't thought; only reacted. That man obviously had to be a swordsman. He could have easily dodged them, but what if he hadn't?  It would be her fault. She already hated killing as it was. Soon she found it nearly impossible to keep walking. Blood rolled out of the wounds in her leg, shoulder and side. She stumbled next to a cherry tree, leaning against the trunk.
She sat there, pulling out the item from the cloth revealing a beautiful golden fan. When just closed, gem stones sparkled. The carved Japanese symbol for the north seemed to burn her eyes. She opened it and gasped.  The fan depicted a battle between a monk and a demon warrior. The demon warrior pushed into a fan. Her fingers traced the delicate artwork. Her eyes looking over it like some royal treasure. She looked up quickly however, feeling the presence of another swordsman. She wrapped the fan up carefully, before hiding it in her black and red rimmed sleeveless top. She leaned back, staring at the top of the trees with her one good eye.
The man from before found the woman and watched for a moment. He knew she got injured, and from the looks of it if she wasn't helped it would be bad. He remained cautious as he approached her.
"You need help," he stated simply.
"Obviously!" she snapped. She winced as she sat up straighter. "Why are you following me?" He stopped a couple feet away.
"You have been wounded. You need assistance." He looked her over. She was losing too much blood. At this rate, she would be rendered unconscious soon. He took his cloak and began ripping strips from it. Being so close and not having anything to do with the battle, the woman ripped her gaze off the trees and onto him. She tilted her head, getting a better look at him.
The samurai looked like a member of the shogunate. She observed his white kimono and a his long sleeved dark blue jacket he was ripping apart. He had a black sash around his waist where his sword rested with. She looked into his blue eyes carefully to see if she could trust him, but already her vision started to blur. She could barely see his face, only his long brown hair.
"I don't.. need help.. from the likes of you," she mumbled fading in and out of consciousness. She fell forward, onto the ground. The man shook his head as he dressed her wounds. Being right at the edge of the forest, he had been placed in a terrible environment to help her. He picked her up and carried her into a part of the forest with a bit more tree cover. Those men would still be after her. He pulled out a small box, an emergency aid kit, and got to work.
He pulled the red sash off her waist and loosened the top. He swallowed hard. Her body looked rather fit. She had a nice-sized bosom and nice hips for baring children. He shook the thought off, undoing the red scarf on her neck. He pulled her shirt open, pulling the scarf down to cover her chest. He started to wrap her wounds, cleaning and bandaging them.
Once he finished, he looked down at her. One of her eyes covered with a black and red eye-patch. He wondered what happened, fixing her brown hair. He let her rest, standing watch while she slept to be sure they would not be found out. She rested for a few hours before her eyes darted open. She reached for her sword and glared at the ground when she couldn't find it. She looked up at the man, grinding her teeth together, quietly.
"You again..." she trailed off, looking at her bandaged wounds. "You did this?" she asked. He nodded.
"I did what was necessary. You would have died, otherwise." His tone soft, but firm. "Are you feeling better?" he asked her.
"I'm feeling pretty crappy, and my body still hurts, but I'll live," she told him. She sat up straighter, coughing softly. "Return my things," she commanded.
"All of your things are there," he said pointing to a spot on the ground behind her. "That being said." He held up the wrapped item. "You have been accused of stealing this," he stated flatly.
"Thank you for taking care of my wounds." She grabbed her weapons and returned them to the correct places. She looked at him afterwards. "I would like that back. It belongs to me, now." The man did not move.
"Why is it so important to the people of that village?" he asked in a calm voice.
"I really don't care. They will be fine without it." The woman eyes narrowed, walking closer to him, holding her hand out. He smiled, taking a step back as she began to approach. "Why is it so important to you?"
"Because it will change my destiny," she simply stated. The man sighed.
"Tell me why I shouldn't take this back to the villagers."
"Because that would be breaking this girl's heart. I need it, for something very important, now give it back. Now." He tilted his head.
"What is this something? I might just hand it over."
"It's none of your business!" Fire heated the fan causing the man to drop it from how hot it got. She swiftly caught it. Her touch cooled the fan before she place it in the safety of her clothes, right in her bosom.  She turned to get closer to the entrance of the cave. "Now, I will be leaving. Unless, you want to stop me," she hissed, a hand resting on the hilt of her sword. The man did not move for his weapon.
"You are already wounded. I do not wish to fight you. I cannot simply allow you to leave, either."
"I am leaving. You can't stop me if you do not draw your weapon," she trailed off before snapping. Flames erupted from the ground. A wall of fire stood between him and her. She ran off. The flames grew taller.
He let out a frustrated sigh when she left, and headed back towards the town. He hurried to the Dojo to inform his Sensei of what had happened. Maybe he would know more about this stolen item.

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Liebster Award

I have been nominated for this award they call, Liebster Award. I'm honestly not sure what it is, personally, until I read about it off +Luna Lablue 's Page. I thank her for nominating me and giving us information about it! I can't explain how much this means, and how nice it makes me feel to be nominated! I only just started this blog, so it's exciting! 

I'm going to just copy and paste the rules so I don't mess anything up! 


1. Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger. (Reply on your blog. I got confused on this part)
2. Choose five bloggers with under 200 followers to pass this award to link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for your chosen bloggers.
4. Go to their page and tell them about the nomination.
5. No tag backs.

Luna's Questions:

1. Do you have any allergies?
No, but lately I have been breaking out with a rash. I have no idea what it is from... my mother says it's from stress. So, I guess I'm allergic to stress.

2. Tea or Coffee?

Hard question. It would depend on my mood. If I am, it's tea, or if I was sick. Coffee is good for when I'm tired or in a bad mood.

3. Do you believe in Santa Clause?

I used to until my cousin, who is like my brother, broke it to me that he wasn't real. I have to pretend I believe in him still, though, or else I don't get Christmas gifts. I meeaaannn, "I do believe in Santa Clause, mom." ;)

4. How do you feel about repaying evil with evil?

Personally, in real life, I don't really believe that two wrongs make a right. In the story world, though, I believe in it one hundred percent. It makes the story line more dramatic and interesting, along with providing questions to analyze the good in a character. I like making good characters that have misunderstood ways of thinking, or struggle with the darker side of themselves. Being evil to evil characters just makes readers question everything they thought they knew about the character. Makes it more real.

5. Would you like to be able to read minds?

I would not want to be able to read minds. As much as it would be cool to know what someone is thinking, I really wouldn't want to be able to read them. I know I think hurtful things, but after I do so, I feel bad and try to figure everything out about why they would make me so mad that I would think such thoughts. I think that's the same for everyone. I would not want to hear others think something awful that they would never really say. They just were trying to process their thoughts.

6. How would you feel about about living life as a fish?

It depends on the fish. I wouldn't like to forget every like five seconds what I did. It would probably stress me to death.

7. Who is one person, if they started following your blog, would make you freak out?

It would have to be the author of the series, Fantasy Fighters, Amanda Lee Bogart. She honestly inspired me to work ten times harder. She suffers from dyslexia, just like me. She was also around my age when she published her first book. She made me see that it is possible to be a teenage author. That was a big driving force to become an author as soon as I could.

8. Do you like marketing your blog?

Yes. I wish I knew more about how it is done and a fast way to get my posts on the communities I'm in.

9. Do you like to lie?

As a person, of course not. As a writer, more say as a character, I think it adds mystery and suspense to the story.

10. What is your favorite cookie?

Has to be German Wafer Cookies. I went to Germany a year ago and let me tell you, that was the main source of my diet. I devoured those things even when I got back to Florida... I miss them terribly.

11. Squash or Wasabi?

Honestly, I don't like either of them. I am able to eat squash once in a while, so I'd have to put that before Wasabi.


1. +Aditya Mankad
2. +Jawaad Saleem 
3. +Christine Campbell
4. +Joxua Luxor
5. +Katherine Roberts

My Questions:

1. Quick, there is foam all over your kitchen floor, what do you do?
2. Without any worries about getting in trouble, would you be an Angel or Demon?
3. If you could offer any advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
4. Do you listen to music when you blog?
5. What is your favorite food and why?
6. If you were in a situation where you had to stand and fight, or run, which one would you pick?
7. What is your favorite flower and why?
8. You find a wallet on the ground, what do you do with it?
9. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?
10. What is the favorite place you have went on vacation and why?
11. Do you think aliens exist, why or why not?

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Broken Heart's Fear

(Let It Burn by Red)
She wants to love
She wants to feel
There is a sinking in
Looking at another women
Him looking west
Because of a comment
A woman who is beautiful
Much more beautiful than she
She turns and walks away
Illness deep inside
He follows for a moment
Then stops without a care
Not trying to run
Not trying to catch up
Makes her blood boil
She turns and asks
"Do you love me?"
He laughs
"Of course!"
She doesn't believe him
She felt ignored
She felt wounded
"Its over!" 
She screamed
She's scared
She doesn't want pain again
She doesn't want to hurt again
She has learned
Wrong but stuck
Experience was enough
Wasn't it better alone?
Wasn't it easier alone?
She threw the ring away
She threw his love away
He didn't believe her
He walked away hurting
He was scared
"What a fool!"
She didn't mean it
She had been on the edge
He knew it
He knows it
She's sensitive and broken
She jumps to assumptions
It's all that she knows
Men would always hurt her
"I loved her!" 
The man cries
He decided
Women would always fail him
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Introduction To A New Book I'm Writing, D.W.O.D.

        Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. The cold, bitter, rainy wind hit my face as I stared off to the deserted streets. Screams echoed while I stared at the waste-land in front of me. Roars of beasts and other things sounded through the land. My pure, blood-red eyes stayed alert, yet wearily glazed with disappointment and longing. I sat on the roof of the building that started it all. I stood up straight seeing a beast-like outline in the sky before me. I wondered, how long the drop would be if I jumped off the ten story building.
         Sad to say that everything I believed is now just tiny pieces of dust in the wind. No longer was there a form of the lies I was fed when I joined the D.W.O.D. Here we all thought we had everything under control, but we created the end, this end. This was the end of peace anywhere…an end to safety, love, and anything and everything nice. So many innocents and what not were all murdered. Sad how life passes by so quickly.
         No, this wasn't the creation of an illness that created zombies. The beasts we created grew that power to create the living dead. No, it was not the result of aliens or an alien invasion, though these beast may as well be aliens. No, it was NOT humans that destroyed all of these things, but we did create the destroyers. We created blood-thirsty monsters.
         I know. You are all wondering what the bloody hell I am talking about. I'm speaking of the beasts the D.W.O.D. made to save the world from war! Gasp! Could there ever be such a thing? No. There can never be a place without war, but that was what I was force-fed. Peace was a thing humans could never hope to reach, just because of their selfish design.
         Now to answer the question of what is the D.W.O.D.? The D.W.O.D. stands for Deadly Weapons of Destruction. Funny how they actually were working towards peace with that name. Yes, it was an organization to save the world from destruction by war. They thought we could make killing machines that could keep everyone in line. Turned out the killing machines turned on them.
         How did the D.W.O.D. form these creatures? They tested a substance the government wanted them to test. The substance was an ice blue color named Valitcan. The government gave them 36 different kinds, each kind marked with a letter. The test subjects, which were other humans that had volunteered, were injected with one kind of Valitcan. Their reactions were observed, many reacted bad to it… many died.
       There was a death count of 147 people from the injection itself. 236 went insane right after the injection. 76 slowly went through a major, painful transformation and were killed at the spot. 81 committed suicide from transforming. Then 3 remained their normal self with full and strong power. You may think of them selfish, but all of these were just numbers to the organization.
       Now, to explain how I know this all, my mother was part of this organization. She was an injector and observer, a government pet following the rules she was given, not even thinking them through. I remember all the times I had insulted her for this. I remember the look in her eyes when her greatest creation killed her. Her own daughter had killed her with a twisted grin, and a pair of new claws the substance gave her.
        Yes, I killed my own mother. Mother gave me up to be a test subject when I was only ten. She was my injector of Valitcan S into my system forming a killer. I felt the power rush into my veins. Oh, the thrill it gave me. Blood-lust grew inside me. I enjoyed the taste of the warm wet blood of an innocent I killed. Only one person I had killed though…my own mother, smiled as her creation, her daughter, destroyed her.
        No, I am not one of those creatures. My eyes may be red; pure, blood red. I may be able to produce wings by ripping them through my skin. I may have a horrible sick lusting for the taste of blood, but I AM NOT A MONSTER! I control myself better than the rest. I was one that remained my normal self, but I now see things I didn't before. I think differently.
       They spared me because I was just a child, and after killing my mom, I was good. I was a sweet, innocent girl who seemed to make everyone smile. The substance was eating that little girl away, though. No one knew because she was hiding. I am not ashamed of what I am. I am like a god! I can't die as easily. Hell! I'm most likely ten times older than anyone reading this.

      Now time to tell you the most important part... This is my story; not the D.W.O.D. stories, not the Valitcan story, not even the deadly creatures' stories. It is my own, Test Subject Letter S. Things didn't go wrong until a smart killer freed everyone and everything from the peace and safety. I won't tell you anymore than this.You have to relive it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vacant Insanity

      Within the white walls, Rina heard the noises of those inside her head. In front of her was another girl, just as strange as she. Her opponent was a woman who controlled wind, but could she defeat a human weapon? There was nothing that either of them could do. They knew the routine.
     "Ready ladies?" Rina looked down. She never talked to this woman before, but she knew she probably heard her screams, as she knew she heard hers. They both were imprisoned in this research center. They either forced children from their parents, or picked them up off the street. Those who were different than a normal human were fair game. Everyone here was a human who had strange powers and had to be sheltered from the public.
     No one was coming for them; that was the worst part. When she first got here, she tried to fight them but was not able to win. It was easy to break their spirits, their souls, with torture. There were eyes always watching them, forcing them to behave, gaslighting new memories... most of the victims were just shells of a human. At least they were living, right? Rina didn't know if she should be happy for that, or to just have it all end now.
    The other woman trembled, looking at Rina. She knew the woman. She had heard the stories and saw it previously first handed. "Please," she begged her. "Don't kill me," she cried. Tears hit the floor as Rina looked up at her. Tears ran down Rina's face, as well.
     "I'm sorry," Rina said softly. The woman dropped onto her knees crying harder.
     "Please! I'm begging you! I'm not a monster like you! I should live!" the woman yelled. Rina's eyes widened. She looked down at her hands. Past memories of so much blood-shed covered them. Rina screamed; she was scared. She was a monster. That was nothing new to her, but it was the fact she was in such denial. The fear took hold. This was followed by a strong shock through her body. With that shock, the whispering got louder in her ears.
     "Monster? Me? Oh, nothing of the sort. Because the angels whisper the sight of blood a sin? Because the violin cries at the sound of my name?" Rina muttered, looking up. Her blue eyes turned a bright red with animal-like pupils. The woman gasped, and shrieked in terror. With a move of her hand, Rina went flying towards the wall from a gust of wind. Rina caught herself on the wall, sitting on her hands and knees. "God, you are a god. You must be worshiped, and then destroyed. Destroyed as though I am the religion that you have corrupted," Rina moved her hand out, before a strong wind hit her. She stumbled forward, blood pouring where her hand used to be.
     "Die!" The woman whispered. Rina looked from where her hand flew, to the blood pouring out, and then back to the woman darkly.
      "Well, better run, because I'm coming after you now. Witch upon the flame, cast your life away, and I shall be the fire that devours your soul," Rina spoke grimly. The blood pouring out started to harden, changing it's form. Soon she had a metal arm, a Gatling Gun. The woman's mouth twitched as Rina walked towards her. "What should my next weapon be to finish you? A sword? No. A gun? No. A bat? No. How about.. oh yeah, that's perfect! To move you down to size, pieces to carry around and show everyone of your transgression."
      "Your crazy! You haven't even hit me, yet!" The woman screamed, as the bullets started firing. She used her wind to send them back. Rina took some of the hits, shooting through the air. Some hit the woman, and she winced. Rina stopped her attack. The woman dropped to her knees holding her arm. She wasn't used to the pain. That awful stinging would be her downfall.
      "Crazy, or just thinking at such a high level? The sun always overcasts the moon, the stars blocking out the dark and vacant sky, the darkness filling an empty hole. I have hit you already. Within screaming fears of death and stories of blood. Rounded to end your pathetic warm life..." Rina's voice was cut out by a loud sound echoing in the room. The sound of a chainsaw rang in the woman's ears.
      She looked up at Rina , before half-screaming until the chainsaw ripped through her neck. Her eyes wandered about the room for a few seconds. Her mouth was wide open, along with her eyes. She witnessed Rina go over board, cutting into what remained of her body. The sound of squishy flesh being pulled, ripped, and cut apart filled the woman's head. Blood filled her mouth with a bad salty taste. The woman died witnessing such a horrific act.
      "Sweet sacrifice, beautiful masterpiece, helpful escape," Rina chimed dragging one of the woman's draining arm around. Rina's hand had returned to her body as the chainsaw faded. She drew on the ground with the blood. She painted, "to die is to love. I loved them so. I kill to feel, and that shows I heal. Proud is wrong, but pride is more like it." She would have kept going if it wasn't for the gas that started pouring into the room. "Hands of evil, hands of fate. I curse you. Return to hell's waters away from my being and essence.. you toxin.. you bastards.. you angels.." Rina fell forward, consciousness escaping her. Nothing new here, just a regular day in this laboratory.
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Red Eyes

       I grew up in a strange town. The wheat fields weren't gold, but white. The trees were mostly dead besides a few vibrant trees within the most dangerous areas of our village. If you ever saw a big green tree, you knew well to stay away from those areas. I don't say this just because my parents told me not too. I knew this out of personal experience.
      I've always likes painting, since I could first pick up the paint brush. You could see why the dead trees and dull colors got old to be painting. Anytime I tried to grow a flower, it died. We tried to make our house beautiful. Everything always got destroyed. I wanted to make something beautiful. So when I was a teen, I took my canvas, paints, and brush. I searched for the perfect thing to paint.
     I wound up at an abandoned shed with the most gorgeous tree in the back yard. It nearly glowed with a heavenly light. I checked out the back of the shed where the grass was green. The wheat was golden. I was in a piece of heaven amid all the dead plants. I wanted to paint that tree then and there. I set up my gear and started to before it appeared.
     In a dark area of the shed, I saw two beady red eyes. They stared at me, watching my moves. It scared me, but I wouldn't let my plans be ruined. I wouldn't let that scare me away. Soon more beady red eyes appeared in all the dark openings. Black, human-like bodies pulled themselves out of the shed. I gasped. Their red eyes glowed on there shadow like faces. They had shining white, long teeth and long white claws. I decided that my life was more important then that painting. I quickly grabbed everything, putting my jacket over the canvas before running off. The creatures followed after me. At every corner I took, one would appear.
    When I got home, I turned on all the lights and gasped for air. My parents weren't home. It was just my luck. I placed my canvas and painting supplies in the guest room before hiding away in the gaming room. I played games to try and forget the creatures. There eyes were stained on my mind. That night, I had horrible nightmares with them.
    That morning, I went to look at my painting. When I removed the jacket off the canvas, I screamed as loud as I could. Replacing my painting was a black figure with long white teeth, claws and red eyes. It was one of those creatures... it was one who was devouring me. The picture showed my likeness right down to exactly what I was wearing.
     Since then I have avoided those places. Every time I look at any place with a beautiful tree and creepy abandoned buildings, those red scary eyes stare at me. I almost swear I hear laughing. I will never paint or be able to touch something so beautiful. This is something I have learned to accept..
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Scandalous Wedding

     Here is a scene me and my friend wrote. Hope you enjoy it.

     Cage stood at the alter, forcing himself to remain still and composed. His eyes didn't leave the beautiful and innocent woman named Rose. Deep down, he didn't want to marry the dull redheaded girl, Suta. He shook it off fast to make sure the man named Len wouldn't try anything funny on the beautiful angel.
     Len felt more safe with Cage getting married. He figured that Cage would be the faithful kind of person, and that would mean he wouldn't look at Rose with such lust. It was awkward. She was Len's fiance, and also, Cage's sister. It made him sick to his stomach to think a brother could want his own sister that badly. 
     Another sickly woman, Kimi, gave a soft cough. Her fiance, Natori, kept his arms crossed, keeping himself collected. Suta getting married to Cage nearly boiled the blood in his veins, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was now married to Kimi. The childhood romance couldn't live, anymore. Suta and him could never be together. It was hard to swallow. 
    Suta smoothed out her tight white dress. "I can't breath. I can't do this," she muttered to her father outside the doors of the chapel. Her father was a laid-back man, unlike her mother who forced this arranged marriage on her. 
    "Hey, I thought the same thing when I married your mother," her father told her with a grin. 
    "Yeah, and such a great prize you won," she replied sarcastically. Her father laughed. 
    "Now, I didn't say I don't think the same as you, once in a while," he informed her. Suta covered her mouth so she didn't burst out into loud laughter. 
     Once the music started to play, the doors opened slowly. Suta walked in, taking the arm of her father in hers. Her dad pushed her to try and ease her nerves. She softly giggled and pushed him back to try and keep her mind off the male that stood at the alter in front of them. While heading down the aisle though, her eyes couldn't help but catch Natori, the true love of her life who was married to her best friend. She didn't dare stare. Her heart ached. 
     Natori was staring. He ripped his gaze away from Suta and grabbed Kimi's hand to try and keep the illusion that they were happy together. 
     Suta reached the alter. Her father disappeared back to her mother's side. Her mother glared at her father, but he shrugged in return. As Suta looked at Cage, a sick feeling twisted within her stomach. He stood silently with her as the vows were made, making Suta light-headed. She was so upset. Why did this have to happen to her?
     The preacher finished his speech and announced the kiss as Suta pushed down the feeling of just throwing up. Cage looked at her with a bored expression before leaning down, gently kissing her. Suta kissed back with natural passion, but Cage broke it as soon as he felt the edge of warmth. With that, everyone got up. Socializing began for the 'happy' married couple. Rose hugged both tightly. 
     "Welcome to the family," she purred. Suta faked a bashful smile. Cage hugged back but said nothing, looking around at everyone. Rose let them go, smiling before going back to her husband to be. Cage glared in their direction. Suta followed his eyes before moving her stare to the ground. Kimi and Natori were the next couple to congratulate them. 
      "Congrats!" Kimi said rather cheerfully, before ending it with a cough.
      "Thank you," Suta spoke with a detached look in her eyes. She smoothed her dress with her finger tips. Kimi softly sighed for her friend. Natori stroked her hair. He wanted to talk to Suta, but it just seemed too difficult to do, at that moment. Awkward silence did the talking for him. 
      "...May we go?" Kimi asked softly, the awkwardness getting to her. Natori tore his stare off of the bride, again.
      "If you'd like," he said. 
      "It was nice to see you two," Suta tells them gently.
      "And it was a pleasure to see you, again," he responded. This earned a glare from Cage. Suta gave Cage a small smile, concerned that he would say or do something to Natori. She could care less if he was jealous. She just didn't want him starting a scene. Besides, she knew he wanted to be with his sister, which disturbed her to great lengths. 
     "We should get going," Natori told them. "Congrats on the marriage," he said. He took Kimi's arm and started toward the door. Suta watched them walk away with a perfect lie of a smile. 
      Rose and Len were busy talking away from the group. Swallowing hard, Kimi looked away from Len as she passed with Natori. She couldn't take seeing her crush flirting with another woman. She watched as Cage made his away over to the two chatting. Kimi looked away, feeling absolutely horrible. Cage placed his hand on his sister's shoulder. Rose looked up at her big brother with a sweet smile. 
       "Hi brother!" Len glanced at him. His smile faded into a line. Suta stayed where she was to watch the scene in front of her.  
       "Hello Rose," he said in a tender voice, completely ignoring Len. 
       "Are we leaving now?" she asks him. 
       "Yes," he said. 
       "Okay, let's go," she said while giving Len a tight hug. Cage and Len traded glares. Rose let Len go and walked away with Cage. Suta followed after the siblings. She felt a bit lonely, wishing that Kimi and Natori didn't leave. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The courts accuse me of killing her.
They say I sunk my dagger into her chest.
I had no reason, I never seen this woman or killed her.
I ask where is the evidence that proves me guilty.
They ask where is the evidence that doesn't prove me guilty. 
I heard a quote in a show once. 
Ever since it's something that sticks.
A man states, "There's no room for your emotions in this court."
The woman exclaimed with her hands out wide in rejection.
"But that's impossible! To pass judgement without emotion.
You might as well just leave it up to a machine."
I see many lives destroyed by accusations.
No trust within anyone who enters the court.
Like how someone else's word is better then our own. 
Like no matter what you have to say, it's meaningless.
Why do people give up? 
Why do people keep trying?
When emotion is not listened to and lies spread.
An error is made yet no one agrees.
Why keep fighting when you cannot win? 
How do you know you can't win, if you never tried? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Troll Forest Introduction

(This request was from Elliott Bowie. I hope he, along with you guys enjoy it.)
          It was just a normal day for me. Being a mage isn't an easy walk in the park. I traveled into the Troll Forest, collecting the regular herbs; Nightroot, Elfroot, and Leaves of Dark Tree. Nothing complicated for me, no sir. Then I went and protected something that needed to be defended.
          Within the forest was a secret that I protected. Every day I lay upon it and looked at the herbs I had found. I spoke to it and told it stories I was told, and adventures I had gone on. This secret was.. the fossil of a troll. This was a troll who was caught within the sunlight and turned to stone. This troll was my mother's best friend. 
           I don't really remember much of him, I was so young. I was just a young toddler when he was living. His name, I do know though. It was Orgen. Another thing that I know for a fact, is he fought in the war with my mother. To save her from an attack, he ran through the darkness of the forest and pushed her into the river. The current pulled her to safety, at the sacrifice of his own life. 
           Mother cried for days after that. She spoke so fondly of him and everyday after the war, mother would set herbs around him. She would mutter spells and pour potions on the stone, though this did not help him. She studied away the rest of her life to figure out how to save him. I was trained to do so as well, along with the other things I needed to know to become a powerful mage.
           At mother's death bed, I was directed to defend Orgen. I had no problem with that. After that day, I explained to the stone who I was. I told him I would keep him company and share stories for his amusement. I knew I would not get an answer, but that was alright. I wasn't expecting one. 
           I told the stone troll about my last mission. It involved a dragon and some knights. I thought it was going to be a normal day as I told him my story. Things don't always turn out how they are supposed to though, do they?

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Question: What do you think should happen? Any suggestions on the plot? It's just an Introduction, but does this make you want to read more?

Forever? Never

Tears leave streaks
Eyeliner leaks
Pain sings
Lies stings
Hard to accept
Secrets kept
She wonders why
He couldn't cry
When the words fall
And sound calls
On deaf ears
For many years
Breakup hurts
Pain asserts
Marriage forever

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Within The Lost, Comes A Gain

(Satoru Kosaki - Jini)
        The man laid in the water, staring up at the stars above him. He was covered in cuts and bruises, living in his own thoughts. A tear rolled down his cheek. Loneliness had crept up on him again. He wished he could, for once, keep someone there with him. He was sick of the constant fighting and rage that made up his life. He just wanted to be happy, but he always screwed it up. He bit down hard on his lip before yelling out of frustration. He slammed his hand into the water, waves trembling away from his angry fist. 
       The woman watched him from a distance, sitting on a hill away from him. She placed her head in her hands, eyes gently watching him with a pure gaze. That poor man, she thought. She didn't need to know him or his history. Her empathy was strong. She felt the frustration; she could taste it, smell it, breath it. She wondered why he was so upset. She wanted to know why he was feeling such bitter pain.
      "Excuse me." Her voice delicate like a guitar string being plucked. The man didn't bother looking in her direction. 
      "Go away," he commanded. The girl blinked before stepping into the water. The man looked at her now, as she plopped into the water next to him. Water splashed on his face and he growled quietly, wiping his face off. They floated next to each other, staring at the stars for what felt like hours before the woman tried again. 
      "Hello, what's your name?" 
      "Andrew," he simply responded. His words sounded hollow.
      "Andrew. That's a nice name," she complimented him. He made an irritated noise, moving away from her. "What's wrong?" she asked. His eyes widened for a moment. Someone actually cared how he felt? Why he felt this way?
      "I...It's none of your business!" he snapped. The woman frowned, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. She looked like she was about to cry. 
      "You know, talking about it will make you feel better," she informed him. The man sighed, looking back at the night sky. 
      "I've lost everything again," he whispered. "I'm such a fuck up," he added. He glanced at her through the corner of his eyes.. staring at the tears that rolled down her face. "Why are you crying?" he asked, alarmed. 
      "It makes me sad, hearing anyone say that. I'm sick of so many people saying negative things about themselves. If you think you are a fuck up, that's all you will ever be. That is what makes me sad." Her voice rang with an actual concerned tone. 
      "How do you know that!? You don't know me!" the man bolted up, glaring at her. 
      "Because if you already think you're a failure, why would you try to be anything else?" She looked over at him with a soft smile. The man opened his mouth, but he had nothing to say. She was right, he had given up on himself a long time ago. "I don't think your a fuck up," she told him. "No one is. Some people just get lost from the path they are supposed to be on. You can always change things for yourself. You can change your path, and walk on a different side," she explained to him. "Why are you cut up?" she then asked. 
      "I got into a fight at the bar," he said ashamed. The woman sat up and placed a hand on a wound across his cheek. 
      "You should be more careful," she told him, wrapping her jacket in her other hand. She moved and used the water to wipe off the dried blood and dirt. He watched her do so, his eyes getting blurry. Why was a complete stranger being nice to him? 
      "Why do you even care?" he asked, a bit choked up. The woman looked at him. 
      "You lost everything right? I've lost everything as well. I can relate; and now, you may have lost everything... but you gained a friend from talking about your disaster that you survived." She smiled so bright that the man broke into tears. 
      "A friend?" he cried. She nodded her head, pulling him into her arms. He sobbed into her. For the first time in awhile, he felt like his life meant something again. 
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The Forest Path Introduction

         I've been down this path many times in my life. Since I was a hormonal, young teenager to my elder years, when all my children were gone, and I was left with my husband's ashes. I've shared secrets with the trees, rested on the rocks, cried to the bushes, and singed to the animals. This place had saved me from loneliness and from the cruel world many times over. 
        I discovered this place after an argument with my mother. I only know that it was something silly, because the fight escapes me to this day. Walking to the park I had gone to since I was a child, I discovered a mysterious path. I have always been adventurous, even to this day. I decided to keep my wits close as I walked through the entrance which read animal sanctuary. 
        A small building sat at the entrance along with a gate that closed off access from strangers who weren't willing to donate to the funds. I walked to the window which read a dollar and fifty cents. They weren't asking people very much, so I had no problem coughing up the money. The woman smiled at me and the gate was clicked open. I walked in. At first, I was disappointed at the modern look to it. The deeper I got on the trail though, the more wild it became. 
         What caught me was the fact that I felt like I was in a fantasy movie. Animals were all over the place, coming up to you without any fear of you hurting them. The plants were lush and pretty, lovely greens. One of the best things too, was the fact it gave me my private space and time to think about me and about the world. 
          I grew up volunteering and eventually, worked there. Taking care of the animals, plants and the landscape. I could come whenever I wanted; early in the morning or late at night. I always had a key to get me in. It was my place, my paradise. I never brought anyone there out of the selfish feeling of it being mine and mine alone. I didn't want to see friends or family or my husband here.
         I had taken my husband there once before, when we just started going out. He was disappointingly annoying that day, and we wound up yelling, straight in the middle of the path. That was the last time I brought him. I warned him if I saw him there again, I'd break his legs. Sometimes, he doesn't know if I'll seriously do it or not, but he understood and agreed to my wishes. "Whatever you want," was the usual line he would say. 
        I have recently been diagnosed with a illness that will likely kill me soon. If I was young and strong as before, I would not be worried, but I am elderly and weak. I find it harder to walk through my path now a days. Needing volunteers help push my wheelchair through the paths makes me sad; not being alone anymore with the nature around me. Eventually though, I will become one with the earth here.

Question: Do you guys like me writing Character Introductions? I'm curious if you guys might want to do some story writing, like you guys continue the writing and we all take turns, anyone interested in that? Just for fun of course!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Stress Poem

Stress equals pain
 Energy down the drain
Hurting brain
Can't help but just complain
Wanting champaign
Feels like drops of acid rain
It's inhumane
But to others it entertains

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Question: How do you feel when you are stressed?

Flying Balloons

       When I was a child, there was something I wanted to do more then anything. I wanted to fly in the air and feel my leg dangle in the sky. I never thought that one day I would be able to do so.
        I have grown a lot since then, as anyone does from a child to a young adult. My dreams have all started to come together within the years. I own my own dance studio and have become a successful dancer. I have a beautiful baby girl and an amazing husband. The only dream I never thought would come true did a few days ago.
       My husband and I were walking in the park, delightful Sierra trotting along holding her father's hand. A woman in wacky colors was selling balloons on the corner of the street. Sierras eyes sparkled with her desire, she didn't even need to ask.
       "I love you mom," she chirped. I sighed, shaking my head. "Can you buy me a balloon!?" she yelled excitedly. Her father found that particularly amusing, laughing at her methods of persuasion.
        In response, I said, "ask your father." He grumbled but pulled out his wallet without any riposte.
        When the woman saw us, a smile formed from ear to ear. She seemed excited just as Sierra was. We approached her and before her father could pay, the woman shoved a hand full of balloons towards me. I blinked a few times before waving a hand. I didn't want any balloons. I wondered if she even saw my little girl.
         "Take them. They are free for you and your family. I hope the take you soaring to you dreams," the woman wished. I didn't know what to do and before I could reject, the woman took my hands in hers as she forced the balloons into my hands. Once she let my hand go, the strangest thing happened. They started to pull me off the ground. Sierra watched in awe and her father did in horror. They pulled me up quickly and my husband tried to grab me. He got a hold of me but it was like gravity was forcing him to stay on the ground while I was brought up. He tried his best to hold on but his grip was slipping.
          "Ruby!" he called after me, losing me to the wind. I was shot up with a gust of wind. I screamed, looking down at everyone who were getting smaller and smaller by the second. My eyes widened at the missing balloon woman. She wasn't there anymore.
           "Look papa! Mommy is flying!" Sierra yelled loudly, running under me. "Fly, mama, fly!" she cheered. I shut my eye tight, my husband screaming for me to let go. I wanted to but a childish voice within told me not to.
           "Just fly," it said to me. My eyes opened and suddenly things seemed so much clearer. I wanted to go fast and travel high. I flew down the road and over houses. I looped around apartments and skyscrapers. I did all I dreamed of doing, all in one trip. I got to experience that wish I made in first grade. I went traveling and exploring. Though all good things come to an end, the balloons one by one started to pop which brought me closer to the ground. Eventually, there was only one more balloon and I landed back at the park.
           "Mom!" Sierra ran with her father, they both embraced me. I looked up at the clouds in the sky. I was lucky to have them as my family and also lucky to have my dreams come true, even the wildest childish dreams. I guess that's my lesson here, never give up on your childish dreams. They might not be so impossible as they seem. I gave my daughter that balloon, and to this day, I have used balloons within my dance routines. My lesson to my daughter, never give up.
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Question: Did you have a childhood dream that you never thought would come true but it did?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brain Vs. Heart

    To Journal,
         I've told myself time and time again not to love her. I have logically went through all the negatives and positives. She's not logical like me, only following pure and blind emotion. Why can't she just think like me? Everything has it's explanation, I mean, there is always reason behind everything. Curiosity will continually make new discoveries, and eventually everything will be figured out. 
        She tells me that I am not healthy for her, that I need to relax and have fun. What I find fun is pointing out inconsistencies and flaws. Everything has it's flaws. People just get so defensive for no reason. Flaws and inconsistencies; that makes up for everything human. Even when she tells me to stop, I look at her and pick her a part. 
        Everything she says. Her words are always changing. Her sides, her views; everything to her is situational. Can't she just stay still for one second and stay with a solid point of view? Always worried about what others think, and how others will feel if she says something. Every day for her, is walking on glass. She says this isn't why she's depressed.. but let's face it. You can't please everyone. That kills her inside. It makes no sense. She is perfectly illogical, but I love her so. 
        I wish I could explain things better for her, but I always say the wrong thing. I say things without even realizing it would hurt her. I stab her every day with the things I say, but they aren't even aimed to hurt her. I try to express my thoughts, but just metaphorically kill her. That hurts me the most, and you know what? It makes me think she deserves someone way better. Sometimes I wish I could stop talking with my brain.. and talk with my heart.                   -From Male of Brain.

  To Diary, 
       I can't stand him! He makes me so angry and frustrated! He has to over-think everything; making connections and diagnosing everything I say. My mind tells me to leave him, but my heart bleeds at the thought. Why must his mind work like a robot? Why can't he be more sensitive and emotional like me? I can't live in a world where mystery is destroyed. There are thousands of things that I would like to think will remain a secret; but with his ideal, the world will become dull and boring. 
       He tells me that I have a roller-coaster of emotions. He says I need to take a step back and think about things before letting my emotions react. He tells me that emotions are all just a state of mind. I don't believe that. If that were the truth, then why do our emotions create aches and pains in other body parts? He tells me to calm down, but all that does is raise the emotion I am feeling. 
       He's constantly pointing out everything that doesn't make sense. Lots of times, it's where my emotion is coming from. Why am I sad when there is no reason for it? Why are you mad at me when I clearly said sorry? Emotions don't just go away because you say some sweet things or apologize for something. When I'm hurt, I am clearly so. He's not sensitive to me, or holds his tongue to let me cry once and awhile. When he does though, no one else can make me feel so much better.
        I wish I could tell him why I act the way I do. I wish I could make him understand why I get so annoyed with him, sometimes. He asks why is he the one always making the changes. He doesn't know the past pains and the negative thoughts that I have finally gotten the strength to fight so that I can live another day. He doesn't understand how I have kicked down any thoughts of escaping reality, and leaving him, along with the rest. I hurt him out of a moment of pure rage. My tongue slashes out at him and slices him into pieces only because of an emotional moment. I try to explain myself, but the feelings just overwhelm me and drown him, along with me. What hurts me the most, is the feeling that I can't take this anymore. Sometimes I wish I could stop feeling with my heart... and start feeling with my brain.                                             ~From Female of Heart.

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Cinderella's Real Story

(This one is for Miranda LoPresti. Thank you for the writing picture request! You guys can comment requests as well!)
          I wouldn't say the fairy tale start like "once upon a time" would fit me. I am nothing like those princesses who need others to come to my rescue. I have been alone, always alone. I have no allies and thousands of enemies. I guess you could call me a lone wolf. Want to know the part that is most ironic? My name is Cinderella, just like that one story. Another secret, I am her. 
         Now let me clarify a few things, I was never a servant to my step-mother. She died a miserable old hag, years before I was even ten. Another thing, I never had step-sisters. My step-mother never had a man... and my father had to marry her. That's how the times work here. The eldest daughter gets married and when she dies, the next eldest replaces her. So on and so forth. The truth is I was enslaved by the ogres and was their servant. Big and green-colored ogres, filled with rotten teeth and coming to the size of ten feet tall. 
          I am a monster exterminator. I kill monsters for a living as my father did before me, from harmless to the most dangerous. You, I'm sure, can figure out how excited the ogres were when they caught me. How did they catch me? Ask the Prince. Oh yeah, you can't. 
          That sissy, obnoxious, brat of a man totally gave us away. He screamed when he saw one and everything went down hill from there. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't care that the monster devoured him. Let's just say I didn't shed any tears. Long live the princess. 
           Now, I scrubbed the floors for the ogres and then some, if you know what I mean. Disgusting creatures they are, and I wasn't thrilled with being there. I had to escape. How I did it was quite simple. While cleaning, I seduced an ogre. I told him that he could have me, but I wanted it to be outside, where everyone could see. Yes, horrific. One thing to keep in your thoughts, ogres are both very, very stupid and very, very slow. Once he brought me outside, I booked it. He didn't have a chance to catch up to me. On to my next mission, which was at the ball. 
            Another fact: I never had a fairy godmother. I don't know where people got that idea from. I happened to know a witch. Witches aren't as evil as everyone makes them out to be. They only have an odd habit of talking strange. They say things that an average human would think is evil, but they are just crazy. Which one is worse? That I can't answer.
            This witch I know gave me a gown and armor in one. With a thanks, I headed in my pretty dress to the dance. Another tidbit: That man that I'm suppose to marry in the story? He's a dragon in disguise. The same witch gave the dragon a pendant to look human. Now, if you guys think I would marry a dragon, you must have forgotten I'm a monster killer.
            I entered the ball, all eyes on me. I was well known within the kingdom. The prince seemed to squirm. I walked right up to him and pulled the amulet off. At first the knights came at me, but when the prince turned into a giant lizard with razor sharp teeth, they all backed off. I slayed the dragon after a small battle. It wasn't as hard as it normally would be because the dragon barely had any room to move. He tried to escape, but with his mind distracted on trying to get out, I had an easy target to hit. 
            After killing the dragon and walking away, I did drop something. It wasn't that stupid glass slipper. I mean, that thing obviously would break so let's get realistic here. I dropped the amulet. I hadn't realized until I was home.  I didn't care about it, but the witch made me promise I would destroy it. So, instead of people coming to me, I went to them. I entered the knight's keep. That was were they brought the dragon to use pieces of it to form armor and weapons.
            The head knight did not keep me waiting for long. Now, this woman was gorgeous. Oh yeah. One little detail I forgot to mention. I'm gay. All those stories about wanting a man and what not, all lies. The woman gave me the amulet and along with that, I stole her heart with my charming words. 
              I live in the keep now. I destroyed the amulet like I promised. I married the woman of my dreams. Last but not least, I still go monster hunting. Now, this is the true story. You should go spread this tale. I'm sick of all the men asking me to wash their clothes and cook their food. 
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Question: Which story do you like better, the Disney version or my version?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Colors of Fate

My first request! This one is for Miranda LoPresti! I hope she enjoys, along with everyone else! :)

        Red, pink, purple, blue, gold, white, or black. So many choices to pick from, I don't know where to begin. Everything has to fit. The color must fit with what I am doing. If I were to go swimming I had to wear a blue bikini. If I were to go to the beach, I would need to have a sand colored outfit. If I were to go to the park, I would need to wear green.
        My name is Anne. My goal is a simple and modest one: I want to make the world beautiful. I love nail polish, and I detest the ugly and plain. When I see a woman who doesn't bother to paint her nails or powder her nose, I just get so mad. How can they call themselves females when they don't even put the work into being one. Natural beauty, who falls for that? Just look at celebrities in Hollywood, not an inch of true skin. 
       Just the other day, I was talking to one of my friends. It was a red kind of day, so I wore red. Red ribbons, red eye shadow, red cheeks, red lips, red dress, red heels, and don't forget the red nail polish. A girl caught my eye as she walked on by. I felt the anger boil in my veins. She looked like a man with short, black, dyke hair and a baggy black sweatshirt. No way to see her curves or any feminine features. I hated her. I hated her right then and there. 
      I lost it. I didn't realize it happened until her blood poured off my table and into the wash bin. I smiled to myself, painting her lips with her own blood. I stained a white dress within her blood before I slipped it on her. I even painted her nails with the blood. Soon the dark red stained her completely. Before I could continue, I realized that red was so last year. 
      After replacing everything I was wearing from red to blue. I dragged her body to the lake behind my house. I would hide her body within the blue water. There her body would become pale and perhaps her lips would turn blue along with her nails? I realized in that second that perhaps blue wasn't in style anymore. I left her in the backyard, hurrying to change from blue to green. I wanted to match the grass. 
       I changed and returned outside, picking up the shovel that laid on the back wall of my house. I looked at her body, shaking my head. She still looked so manly, even in her blood dress. I created a hole deep within the Earth and realized, I picked the wrong color again. Within seconds, I stopped and placed the shovel in the ground. I had to get dressed in brown. 
       When I heard the sirens, you have to understand that one thought came to my mind. My outfit would not work with the jail apparel. I had to change into orange. Instead of worrying about the body in the back, I worried about switching the outfits. I knew I would get caught and had no chance of making it out easily. The cops came within five minutes of me changing, then put me in the cop car. 
        As I sat there though, I started to freak out. Inside the cop car, the seats were black. I should be wearing black, but I wasn't. I started to kick the doors of the car, screaming, "I need to be wearing black! I need black!" The cops didn't know what to do and by the time we were at the jail, I was beyond indignant. I swiped at the police officers. When they shocked me, I just giggled. I attacked them until someone had the right mind to shoot me. I fell to the ground, feeling the blood roll out of me. I would have thanked that person, if it wasn't that I realized, I should have never changed. Red was the color of my fate today.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chaining Cattle

         I heard the screams down the hall and put my hands to my ears. What day was it now? I don't remember. Life wasn't always like this, in fact, it never was. I had the misfortune of running into the woman in green. I hadn't thought that anything bad could happen. She was so nice and sweet to me. She was going to give me a shot at being her assistant.
        I had been living on the streets, stealing food, water, and clothes. In this economy, it was the best I could do. I tried to steal from the woman in the green dress, but she caught me.
      "That isn't polite," she simply stated with closed eyes.
        I was surprised, and more so when she asked me to sit down with her. She ordered me some food and a drink. She smiled and asked me about myself. I told her where I lived and past history. I was an orphan, and once I was old enough, I was kicked to the curb. The only person I had was someone I met in the orphanage. Her name was Bankotsu. The woman in green seemed sad for me, hurting for me.
      "You poor man," she said gently. She took my hand in hers before suggesting, "How about you come to my mansion with your friend? I can give you each jobs. Perhaps you can be my butler." I couldn't say yes fast enough.
       Now here I am, sitting in this cellar. We both went to the address where she told us to go. She let us inside and explained our jobs. She gave us tea and food to eat. Suddenly, we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. Everything went blurry, then darkness. I awoke face to face with a monster. She had chains hanging from her neck and her body was stitched together. I screamed loudly. She jumped back,  just as afraid.
       "I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. I couldn't help but stare at her. She pulled up her scarf so that her face was hidden from me. "Kyoti told me that we had guests. Hello there." That was when I realized I was in a cell, and Bankotsu wasn't there with me.
       "Where is she!?" I yelled at her. She seemed distressed with the question.
       "Kyoti is taking care of her, like she did me," she exclaimed. That's when I heard the screaming.
       "Bankotsu!" I ran to the bars before hissing at the woman. "Let me out!" She shook her head no.
        "I can't I was told not too," she trailed off. I growled and tried grabbing her through the bars. "I'm sorry!" she cried. She limped away, afterwards. I called after her, but she ignored me. The screams continued on. For hours, for days, for weeks. I lost count. Today, she came by and told me that I was next. I don't know what's going to happen, and I'm a bit scared. Did I mention Bankotsu came back? She looked the same as that monster.
       "Everything hurts," she keeps crying and groaning. I can't even touch her. I fear that this may become my fate as well. Scratch that, no one is coming to save me. This will be my fate. I'm going to be a monster as well.
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Question: Would you be so trusting to this stranger if you were in his situation?