Friday, July 19, 2013

This used to be a Happy Town

                            Mario M- Drop Of Sorrow
         The rain was only a few drops at first, before it down poured in the street, on the buildings, and into my soul. This used to be a happy town, filled with joy and glee. Children rushed around, playing with other energetic kids. Adults watched, laughing as they continued their days work. It was a colorful town, full of life and virtue. Now everything seemed so dull, so lifeless, as everything seemed to standstill.
         I hadn't lived that long in the city, but I saw the fast change. It started off as a small sickness. Children and the elderly started to become extremely ill. They were forced to stay in bed, to heal, and recover. My own daughter had to stay home from play and I had to take off work. She had a high temperature. Her nodding head licked warmth against my hand. I got her cold medicine, hoping it would work. For a few hours it seemed to calm everything down, but that soon wore off.
        She said the oddest things to me. At the time, I thought she was just hallucinating from the attacking and rising fever.
        She said, "Daddy, I saw the most beautiful woman yesterday. While we were all playin' down by the creek, she came up to us. She had the prettiest flowing black locks. Her eyes brighter than any red I have ever seen. She was nice with a sweet smile on her pale face. That was, until she stood next to me, papa. Her smile turned into a scary one. She attacked us. I thought I had died but suddenly, everythin' cleared and I was floatin' on my back with Crissy and Jacob. They said they didn't see her... I swore she was there though.."
         I had told her she must of been daydreaming. During the passing days of her illness, she saw things that weren't there. I comforted her, ignoring the chill that suddenly rolled down my spine. She agreed with me. I wished I would have listened to her, and actually took her seriously. Maybe I could have avoided what happened next.
        Days went by and more of the weak became sick, along with the teenage kids who were all full of health and youth.
          "My daughter talked of a man with the darkest eyes and snow-colored hair. She said she fell in love with him at first glance before he ripped her apart. She awoke in her bed afterwards. I don't remember her ever even leaving!" one woman exclaimed to a doctor.
           "My son talked of a man just like that, but he hated him. They got into a fight and the man devoured him. He said he awoke in a street sometime after," another woman yelped. My own daughter had gotten very pale. She complained about freezing, but at the same time, heat blazed through her veins. She looked up at me with her blood-shot eyes. Her own irises looked like they changed from light brown to a bright red. The doctor had assured me it was just a sickness side affect. They said they were working to find a cure while throwing pills at parents to shut them up.
             The next day my daughter went missing.
             The next few weeks, children and teenagers went missing. The elderly all dropped like flies and adults started catching the disease. Soon, one by one, people started being reported missing all over the town.
              I visited the mother I had spoken to before in the hospital. "I found my daughter, but she held the hand of the man she described to me. He gave her a knife and nodded. I was skinned alive," she murmured from under bloody bandages. "If you see your girl, she is dead. Remember not to look her in the eyes." That night, she went missing too.
              Months later, everyone either moved or disappeared. I found that I was the only one left. Everything had came undone at a rapid pace.
              This town used to be a happy place and my mind was stuck on that and finding my daughter. I walked through the town, rain or shine, looking for her. I feared I finally found her a few days ago. Walking the road, as I had done many times before, I caught a glimpse of what looked like my little girl. She turned into an alley. I dropped my umbrella and ran after her. I cornered her and turned her around to look at me. Her brown hair was still long and pretty, but her eyes had turned a bright red with no whites. She looked up above me as I turned around. The woman she had described stood there in all her beauty. With a curl of her lip, she plunged her nails into my chest. I felt them sink in like long, sharp blades. It hurt so much as she pulled them to the side, ripping me into six different pieces. Blood poured out, mixing with the destroyed drops of rain.
                 When I came too, I didn't feel like myself. Now, I'm afraid the rain is washing my slate clear. I don't know why I started walking through the rain and out of town. I don't know where I am going. It's getting harder to even remember my name. The strange thing is I don't think I am alone. I keep seeing fleeting images of a dark force behind me. When I catch a glimpse of my haggard face in the puddles, my eyes are changing colors slowly. With each step I take, I lose another piece of myself. Eventually, I fear..... this story will.... no longer continue. What happens if I end up asking, "Who.... am....I? Who....are you?"

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Question of the Writing Day: Say you were one of the characters, what would your reaction be if you woke up from what you thought killed you? Would you go after it or get the first ticket out of town?

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