Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tiny Announcement

I am going to start posting every other day. I want to start regulating my posts. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Let Me Be Me

What happens when you struggle
And can't seem to write
I want to grab my words and snuggle
But they escape me all night
Hard to believe in yourself sometimes
Harder with lost motivation
There will always be envious chimes
And that awful discrimination 
I only wish to be me, just me
Without assumptions
Being a female doesn't make me be
I still have functions
The only difference is I have a different part
Along with a different chemical
But I still have a brain and also that heart
So how about people cut technical
I wish people would not judge me
For what I look like 
Can we agree to disagree
And stop this sexist strike

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Falling Capricorn Fact #4

      Not going to spoil the end for you, but I will explain something. I ended my story the way I did because I was so caught up with the drama of the scene that I forgot one character. This one character knew exactly where Chris went and why. Out of that knowledge, I couldn't just let the book end there. I knew that Kat would not let my book end where I originally had wanted it to end either. I wonder what will happen next, because even I wasn't prepared. That's what I get for letting my character do what they want!

To My Beloved Readers

Dear readers
I struggle tonight
But no fright
I just need to write
Thanks for all the views
You all are my muse
And I would love reviews
The last line I wanted to rhyme
But nothing seemed to fit on time
So sue me if it's a crime
I love you all
For not letting me fall
So do not bawl
I will be here 
And never disappear
For you the seer
With these stories
Of untold quarries
And their mores
So you can forget
Any awful threat
That causes you fret
I am here for you reader
With each story leader
To be the seeder
Of the Medieval
Dangers of evil
 Started in the Primeval

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guys, I Need Help

            So there are things I have noticed on other people's blogs that I am unable to do myself. Like the beautiful Facebook and Twitter buttons that I wish I had. I have a chat but I am unable to figure out how to get it on my page. There are buttons that I wished I could add to my blog. These are things that I want to know. (I remodeled my blog, tell me how you like it by the way.) I need some help figuring this stuff out. I could surely do research but I would like to hear what you guys have to say before I have to get into the confusing web. Lots of things in the web that can make something this simple (even if I have no clue what I'm doing) and turn it into a mess. Please, please, please help me out if you can! It'd be awesome!

Prompt #1 My Story Entry (WRITERS CHALLENGE!)

     So here is the one I decided to enter with. :)

     Sleet pinged against the dark glass of his car behind him. He covered his face as wind whipped the numbing cold air. The man looked up at an unlit path. An eerie howl screamed through the treetops. He knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked into the forest. He bent against the storm, and moved forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face. His breath seemed to be louder than any noise that happened to make a sound, nearly stopping the blood in his veins as if trying to end the prolonging suffering. Could he really defeat the woman he failed to kill the first time? So many years ago, he remembered the blood and the flames. He had watched her body, along with the tiny children of their brethren, burn. The ashes were cold. All that remained was the power left by the blood he devoured that day. Greed had corrupted his very soul and haunted him with red-stained fingers. It pushed him forward; the man had done too much for any sort of atonement, so he continued walking. The deeper he reached within the trees, the thicker and darker it became. He was entering a monster’s world, a vampire world…their world. Whispering picked up from a shadow. His breath shook within his very core.  He felt himself grow heavier and slower.
    “Come play with us brother,” childish voices rang. His eyes looked around with a craze.  The muttering and giggling seemed to come from all around him. The words echoed with loving words and questions of “why” and “how". He covered his ears from such affectionate words. He wanted them to shut up; they brought regret. “Come play,” the voices stated in unison. “Come play, before the day,” they sang. A soft hum from the trees began their song.  He was pulled to the ground and curled up with his head in his knees. “Come play, before the day. Take the children and run away. Come play, before the day. Why did you stray, and take us away?” He couldn't take much more of it. To his relief, it suddenly stopped. He looked up and stared into the red eyes of a figure of darkness. No colors were present but the red of her eyes. The little evil girl stared with innocent eyes as she took his hand.
     “Why?” she simply asked.
     “Because I wanted power,” he told her with a smile. She stared before she wrapped around him. He started to sink. He gasped and struggled as the six other shadow children pulled him into blackness. He looked up at the sky to see Dark, his only living sister stand above him. “Please! Forgive me!” he shouted to her pale face. Her beautiful, green eyes stared down as she ran a hand through her long ebony hair.
     “Karma, my dear boy, karma,” she said just as darkly as her name. Only thing left to do was scream. It echoed through the air. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins

Remember that Sloth poem I did and I said that I would be posting the post once he got it up? Here is seven authors, including myself, poems about the 7 deadly sins. Which one of the poems is your favorite? What sin do you suffer from the most? Me, it's Sloth.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


I haven't been getting back into the swing and I am sorry. I have school work to catch up on from being sick. I am trying my best to catch up. :) I should have a post up later tonight.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Prompt #2: WRITERS CHALLENGE!! (Take 1)

Here is where the challenge is at guys: 
I used Prompt 2. This is one is too long. A shorter one is coming.

     The pain surprised her. She thought it would hurt less this time. Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood. She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash. This fight wasn't like the other ones she had to do as a ninja. Ninjas never cried for their murders. When past memories come back though, it never was pretty. When a sibling comes back from the grave and attacks, that just adds to the pain. The person was not a zombie. It was an actual, normal, perfectly functioning human,  ignoring the fact there was a monster inside.
    The girl never thought she would cause harm or destroy a whole village.  She was just curious and forgot the whole, “curiosity killed the cat” speech.  When the elders told the younger children of the village not to enter, what were they thinking was going to happen? That was just lighting up the forbidden room with a bright, red sign saying "enter" in blinking lights. Her elder sister, Taizai, warned her it was a bad idea to go snooping around in something that she knew nothing about. The girl should have listened. Now her sister was killed by the monster, then brought back as the monster’s host. Her sister was a perfectly functioning human body with a monster inside. She did what she had to do, the girl keep telling herself as she reached the village’s well. She had to get her sister’s blood off her hands. She had to. The longer it stayed on her flesh, the longer she felt like a traitor. As the girl leaned forward, the air turned cold. She turned around. A gasp escaped her lips as her sister stood up straight.
    “I told you it was me. Why are you attacking me sister? I know I should be dead but let me explain..,” Taizai started, but her sister shook her head.
    “You aren’t her! You’re a monster! I see the demon inside your dead-like eyes. Taizai had emotion. You don’t.” With that comment, she pulled out her sword from its sheath. She rushed forward and stabbed her own sister where her heart should be.
    “That only works so many times,” Taizai hissed as blood poured from the wound and her mouth. “Don’t make me have to kill you, dear sister.” The words were like poison.
    “Taizai would never talk to me like that!”
    “I would if you keep trying to kill me. Now, stop it. Let me explain what is going on!” There was no doubt to the girl that this was not her sister. She had no need to hear the demon’s lies.
    “I will kill you and free my sister, so she may rest in peace,” she growled as she removed her sword from Taizai’s chest and aimed for her neck. Her sister moved to the side before grabbing her giant star and jamming it deep into her stomach. The girl screamed in pain as the blade slid deeper and deeper into her. She struggled to break free, but either way she moved, it just caused the wound to deepen and grow wider. There was a sick sound of slurping of her sister’s blood.
     “I’m sorry, sister. Even though I can’t die like that… it still hurts none the less.” Taizai's words were gentle as she ripped her sister off the blade and threw her down the well. “I’ll be joining you,” she whispered as she placed her weapon on the ground. Taizai looked around for anything that was razor sharp to stab into her own weapon. Despite her efforts, everything she tried bounced off the sword. No matter how big or heavy, small or light, nothing could go through it. “How do I..?” she said to no one before realizing it was part of the curse. The bloodsucking monster was the demon. This explained why she could be stabbed so many times without dying.
     “I’ve given you immortal life, why do you attack me?” a voice rang from the middle of the weapon. An eye slowly opened within the small metal piece of the sword's middle. “I give you life, and you try to give me death? How come, weak human?”
     “I know the evil that lives within you. I killed my sister because of you. You are a demon, and demons must be slaughtered.” With that Taizai picked up the weapon. She walked over to the well and placed small explosives on both sides. She lit them before jumping into the well.
    “You fool! What are you doing?!” the voice exclaimed.
    “Giving you a feast before you die,” Taizai explained while falling. She knew that if she died the weapon surely would  die, as well. If that was not the case, the weapon would be buried among the rubble of the day. It would take months, and the demon would starve itself to death by then. She sank the blade into her body. The demon had no choice but to drink. There was a large explosion. The remains of Taizai's body splashed at the bottom.  Rocks and rubble followed to crush the sisters. All that remained was silence as the world turned, freed this day from evil's impending doom.

Sunday, October 13, 2013



I would write you a letter
But that doesn't make me better
Depression is easy to fight
But why would I use my might?
They say that being numb is a state of mind
I just don’t care about the human kind
I could get up and live a day
But I’d just be in the way
The only thing I do is sleep
So I won’t start to weep
Someone says I should eat
I say that I’m too beat
People cry with love
I only stare above
There are the eyes of Sloth
And I embrace its troth

I did this poem for another author. I will be sharing his post on the seven deadly sins once he gets it posted.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Aunts and Mom Scare Me


       In a house with three crazy woman and nine children, including myself, things get pretty crazy. The only way to live and function is to prioritize your life. If not, normally you'd forget the important stuff like chores and homework. Not doing them and overall procrastination is not an option.
       My name is Grim. I guess you could say that I am the protagonist in this story. You see, even if we are human, there is something scary that goes on behind closed doors. It's a secret that I wish I didn't have to keep anymore. The quandary I face is that of something illegal. Do you want to know why I call the three adults in my life crazy? There is no escape to this quagmire.
       The reason why the only adults in my family are women is of a gruesome nature. Their men were trapped to have their skin peeled off their bodies. The meat was cut off their bones. The organs were placed in jars. Hair was used to tie things together. And lastly, the bones were pulverized into dust.
       I call them crazy because I am afraid. I had to watch such a terrible thing happen to my uncles and father. I'm afraid because being the only man in the family of twelve girls puts the odds against me. One day, they might decide to have me suffer the same fate.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013



I'm stuck for life
Scarred and trapped
Caught in a web
Full of spiders
Who live for fiction
I'm forced to smile
When I want to cry
Caught in a nightmare
A place of no escape
Sins hang off me
While the walls haunt me
I feel hopeless
I feel cold
I feel their crawling
And I feel thorns
A million of pains
But only one hurts
Different yet indifferent
Locked in chains 
Caught all alone
And caught in lies

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Destroying My Own Heart

My heart was hanging by a thread
I locked my heart away
I used to be so happy
I used to offer my heart to others
I had so many threads keeping it up 
Then it all turned dark
I got so sad, so depressed
People started leaving me
Those who didn't cut the strings
The last thread was going to be cut
So I turned it into a chain
And somehow that made it worse
I cut the pain away 
And sawed the chain in half
My heart crashed to the ground
Shattered into tiny pieces 
And I winded up destroying myself

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blood Stain Child


            The wind hit my face with the feel like that of a soft hand. The flowers of the flowerbed were filled with bright and warm colors. I breathed in heavily, staring at the setting sun. I was like a slave there, but it felt great to even be alive. If it wasn't for them, I would be dead. I heard tiny footsteps and turned around to see who it was.
            "Demon!" My ears twitched and then stones fell onto me. I yelped holding my head down to block them. Again. I was called a demon, again. The word stung in my head. They repeatedly called me that, but what does it  even mean to be a demon? I looked the same as them, besides my cat ears, tail, and fangs. Other than that, I was like them.
            "Demon!" The name haunted me and echoed loudly in my head, with every heart beat and with every breath. I never talked to anyone and never defended myself, but something snapped for the first time. I found myself hitting one of the kids. I couldn't handle it anymore. The others yelped and tried to pull me off while I repeatedly placed my fist into the kid's face. I scared the others away by baring my fangs at them. I knew that I was different, but a demon? What does that mean?
            A gun shot  rang in the air which made the kids around me stop. I did not. I didn't stop until a yummy scent moved through the air. My hands were covered in it. A red liquid was pouring out of the young boy's mouth. This was the leader of the kids that always called me words. Tears fell out of the young leader's eyes while he coughed.
            "N-n-no m-more. P-p-please s-stay a-away. Y-you h-h-hurt m-me." The boy cried before closing his eyes and falling asleep. I slowly moved backwards off the kid with deep breaths. My master, I mean step-mother, came out screaming at the sight. She looked at me with her eyes wide. I must have done something wrong.
            The male who shot the gun, quickly picked up the boy covered in the sweet liquid. He shot a wary glare towards me before running off. The children ran behind him. Some looked back to give me a mean stare while others looked scared. My step-mother looked at me with fear in her eyes. My step-father came out, looking me over. He seemed terrified, too. He quickly grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the house. It hurt, but then again, he always said that every time he did it, he was showing me love, so I smiled. Tough love would always hurt. I was thrown into my room, and the door slammed closed, like it always did. I smiled at the action. I must have done something right because they were treating me the same. Maybe I had done even a little better, for not getting yelled at or beaten.
            I looked at the red water on my hands. I quickly took a small lick. It tasted so good. I quickly licked my hands clean. I didn't know where the liquid had came from, but it was good none-the-less. 
            I sat in my room, smiling and thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow. I started looking at the things I had to do. I got the bright idea to work for a while before I went to bed. I opened my door and started down the stairs. It was weird that night, as it was darker than it usually was. I stopped at the last couple steps because I heard my name.
            "Kiku...she's a monster. Did you see what that cursed child did? That boy is still in the hospital. If she stays here, then she will kill us all," my step-mother said hysterically. Her whole voice was shaking. I pushed myself against the wall. What did she mean? I looked around the corner to get a better look. A small voice in my head laughed while I watched terrified. The only light in the room was from the fireplace. My step-mother held her head. It looked like she was going crazy. I looked at my step-father. He had the sword out which was one of his prized possessions. He used it when the pig was plump so that we could have bacon and ham. I eyed it in confusion. We didn't have any pigs at the moment. The long I stared, the creepier I felt. I could feel the hatred that was coming from him. 
             "Give a bad name to our family! She should be asleep! I'll kill her, and everything will turn out fine." I saw the way his eyes looked. I pushed myself closer to the wall. My eyes were like round stones while my body changed from frozen to shaking. A voice in my head grew louder. 
             "Either run, or kill them. Move. The fear is too great for you. You're weak," the voice hissed. It sounded like my own voice, just darker. Streams of tears raced down my face and dropped to the floor. I finally forced my body to move, but a wrong move it was. My body, to my horror, fell down the stairs. I picked myself up quickly only to be motioned to come to my step-father's side. I shook my head "no" as the tears rolled down. 
             "So you've been listening to the whole thing? This will make it easier," my step-father said as he stepped towards me with the sword raised. I moved up against the wall. I couldn't speak and only whimpered. "We never loved you, Kiku. You were just a slave, or does a puppet fit better? You're so stupid that you can't even talk," step-father declared. 
             "Get up and tell him that he was just a fool to take you in if they didn't love you," the voice boomed in my head. My eyes grew strong. I stopped cowering in the corner. I got up, took a mouth full of air, and then yelled. My small voice, for once in my life, was heard. 
             "You are a fool for taking me in if you didn't love me! I'm smart, smarter than you!! I'm not gonna die! I can't die! I will live! I must live!" my small voice screeched. My hands turned into fists with my hair covering my eyes. All there was to respond was silence. I looked up to see step-father moving the blade down. I quickly moved to the side at the sacrifice of my shoulder getting a deep cut. I stared at the familiar red that flowed out of the wound. Pain... the liquid...it was from pain. I felt woozy. 
              "Don't be afraid. Attack. Defend! Attack and defend!" the voice yelled in my head. My step-dad ran at me. He really had the intent to kill me if I didn't do anything...
              "No...no....stop....NO! STOP IT!" I sobbed as my nails grew long and sharp. I grabbed the sword and pulled him close before stabbing upwards. I closed my eyes and listened to the sick sound of my hand slowly sinking in his chest. The sword fell to the ground with a ring and my step-mother bursted into terrible screams. Red liquid poured out of the wound and rolled down my arm. I felt a squishy thing that was slowly moving and grabbed it. I held it as firmly as a child could and removed it from his chest. A crash rang through the room as step-farther's body crashed to the floor. A red, liquid pool quickly formed under the body when it hit the ground. I backed up quickly and stared at the thing that moved in my hand. It continued for a few moments before stopping, forever. As soon as it stopped, I felt anger rise. I squashed it in my hand causing an explosion of red everywhere. I released my hand and the squishy, now flat thing, fell out of my hand. My eyes stared at my claws shaking. 
              "So much blood! Stop the bleeding! His heart! She removed it!" Step-mother gasped, running to his side and panicking with an insane look on her face. She put her hands on the gaping hole in his chest. She started to wail. I stared at my claws. 
              "B-blood," I whispered to myself. I quickly put a hand over my mouth trying not to throw up. That stuff that I licked off my hands clean had came from pain. It came from inside people. That liquid I loved the taste of so much was that in which we all need to live. I fell on my knees. 
              "You've seen enough blood. I'll take care of the rest," the voice in my head chuckled. I held my head because of the stabbing feeling within it. This pain in my head was the voice's doing, and I just knew it. I watched while my body listened to the voice. My body felt heavy at first, but then suddenly something took the heavy feeling away. It hurt so much that I wanted to scream until nothing came out. I even tried to, but I couldn't. Nothing would come out. My body wouldn't listen to me. My voice wouldn't listen to me. The only thing listening was my own thoughts. Even then, they didn't do anything. I watched the village die by my own small hands.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pockets Full of Treasures

      "Run!" I snapped with my pockets full of treasures. Sparkling gems, golden coins, gorgeous jewelry, silk clothes, and all sorts of interesting and mysterious objects weighted me down, but I had to keep running. I had to run as fast as my long legs could go. The only thing I worried about was to make sure I didn't lose my treasure. 
      "Lapis, slow down!" Azura called behind my back. I slowed down with a long sigh and waited for her to catch up. She could see every escape route possible, but that didn't help if you couldn't keep the momentum to get away. 
      "Pick up the pace. They are going to catch us if we slow down! Get moving, damnnit!" I snapped at her as I heard the shouts of the guards. We had gotten to the treasure first, and it wasn't fair for them to try taking it from us. Azura yelped at the sound of gunshots and the metal beads zooming past us. Some stuck into the walls and the stone floor under us. "Don't stop," I commanded. Little sister followed my order.
      "Turn to the right!" sister shouted, and we both skidded into the right arch way that we quickly approached. Both of us jumped into the knee deep water. I pulled myself into the speed boat.
      "You get the treasure?" one of our friends, Niall, asked with a grin. Azura nodded her head as I pulled her up into the boat. "They said yes!" Niall called to his twin brother, Cian. Cian gave us a sly grin before he started the motor. I took a deep breath before Niall took my hands in his, and his lips brushed against my cheek. "We are going to be rich!" he cheered. I blushed, bashfully. 
      "Of course, they didn't stand a chance," Azura stated, boasting our adventure. My lips stayed sealed as I didn't want to jinx us quite yet. 
      "Hell yeah!" Cian cheered like his brother before a loud bang filled our ears. 
      "Lapis!" Niall exclaimed as I dropped to the boat's floor. 
      "Is she alright!?" Cian's voice cracked. He couldn't do much but steer the boat though he sounded like he wanted to leave the wheel. Azura cried in distress and was to my side in an instant. I winced, feeling a sharp pain just below my lungs. Moving a hand to where the pain was, I found my hand being painted the color red. I stared at the blood that rolled down my hand from just a simple touch of my hand. 
      "Oh god Lapis! Don't die on us!" I heard Niall sob. He took a hold of my other hand as Azura applied pressure to the wound. I felt exhausted. Soon my world became black. I felt Niall's lips on mine, and heard Azura blubbering. The last thing I remembered was their screams and their depressing cries. I wondered if I was going to die. 
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Deadly Betrayal

My heart aches and my eyes tear
Not that they ever cared to hear
Never did they offer an ear
Only completed my deepest fear
I let her read a rhyme
That she easily broke in time
What they did should be a crime
He stole what I thought was mine
Broke my poor little heart
Why wasn't I smart?
Now all we are is apart
Don't expect me not to cry 
When all I did was fucking try
And all he promised was a lie
She's not any frickin' better
Not guiltless like a feather
Feel bad as I'm under the weather
While you are happy in your leather?
I scream dejected
And now feel rejected
She cries words of caring
But I watched staring
The blood stains of his heart
She is done playing her part
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

What a Shot

    "NOOOO!!" The little girl kicked her small legs as she screamed her head off. The child's golden locks bounced this way and that as the kid fought against her mother who was dragging the young lady. The girl grabbed at the slippery white walls. She hated this place, and it's scent of being "too" clean. Sick people were everywhere. The child had a gut feeling that they shouldn't be here.
   "It's not like anyone is dying! Wait, they are going to kill me!" the girl thought frantically.
   "Oh, calm down," the mother's wary voice entered the child's ears.
   "NOOO!" she screeched again in terror as the girl tried to pull against her mother's firm grip. People in the purple and white clothes looked over at the scene, but were far too busy to be concerned for her cries of panic.
    The child whimpered, passing room after room, until they reached the scary witch. The woman was covered in purple with evil, dark eyes and sharp teeth. She was short and fat like a troll. She tried whispering sweet and calming words, but the girl would not fall for it. She knew the demon's plan. The woman was going to stab the child with that needle in her claw-like hand, and add some type of liquid into the girl's body. The girl knew it would hurt. She yelled for someone to help her but no one came to save her.
    "OW!" the girl yelped with blurry eyes. She whined like a hurt puppy for a few moments before the pain subsided.
     "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" the woman in purple asked as she placed a band-aid on the child's tiny wound. "Now, here you go sweetie," the witch said before holding out the most wonderful sight. The girl rubbed the band-aid, then eyed the rounded treat carefully. It was either what she thought it was, or a ball of poison attached to a stick. She decided to take it, and slowly placed it into her mouth.
      "Yum!" the girl giggled. She headed to the door as a delicious flavor of cherry dripped in her mouth. Who knew a sweet treat could make everything better within an instant?
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Don't Think About You

          It was the same game, and the same routine. A man slowly walked down the beach street. Girls stopped to practically drool at the mysterious black-haired hunk with rippling muscles that shined in the sun. His blue eyes could see right through a woman’s soul. Nearly the entire female population wanted him, but that’s what made most girls boring. That was until he met his brother’s girlfriend.
         “There he is,” his brother told a girl with ebony hair. The woman looked at her artistically painted nails before rolling her brown eyes.
         “Told you this was a bad idea,” was all she said. The man walking towards them smirked, running a hand through his hair as he got closer to them.
         “Hello, Brian. Who is this gorgeous goddess?” the approaching man asked. The woman scoffed and raised her right pierced eye brow. His brother, Brian, put an arm over the woman’s shoulder and laughed.
         “This is Jigger,” Brian told him. "You can call her Jig". 
          The man looked the woman up and down. In her black bikini, the woman’s body had to be nothing but a ten. He observed every detail. Her black hair was up in a bun which gave Jig an educated look with the glasses she wore. The swirled black tribal tattoo across her right shoulder and down her entire left leg complimented her figure. A dragon wrapped up the female’s left ear with a nose piercing on the right side. Her brown eyes were deep and full of pain.
         “Nice to meet you Jig,” he said charmingly. Jigger looked away nonchalantly.
         “Yeah, yeah. Same from me to you,” she muttered. The girl didn't seem very happy that he was there. “We have a place set up for you,” the woman added.
         “I have to get to work, so Jigger will be taking you there and showing you around,” the man's brother explained to him. “We will discuss what you did later,” Brian added darkly before nodding and winking to Jigger as he headed towards his car.
         “Of course brother,” the man said politely before watching Brian walk off. He stood next to Jigger for a few minutes.
          "Follow me,” Jig turned on her bare feet and headed down the beach sidewalk. The man shrugged and followed after her while enjoying the view of her hips swaying. It took them a good hour to reach a beach house. Not one person was in sight. That was good. Jigger opened the door for the man and allowed him to walk in, before following in after him and closing the door.
          “My brother sure knows how to pick the pretty abandoned places. Makes me wonder what he does outside his job, ya know?” Jig nodded her head dully.
          “So, what do we do? While waiting for him I mean…” he trailed off as Jigger placed a black trench coat over her before walking over to the bed. She sat down with a hand in her pocket and crossed her leg over the other. The female smirked at him.
          “Whatever you want.” The female shrugged. That only meant one thing to the man, and that was he scored. In moments he had her pushed down onto the bed and ran a hand down her chest. A chuckle escaped Jig’s lip as the male did such an act.
          “Well, then we both know what I want then,” he whispered in Jig’s ear, nibbling it. A smile was on the woman’s lip as he felt her chest. She turned around so that her body was on top of him, and felt down his abs in return.
          “Want to know what I want to do to you?” Jigger asked him. The man wanted to hear her steamy words. He nodded his head.  Jigger moved one hand across his crotch before a gun shot rang in the air.
          “What were you thinking?” A voice whispered in the air.
          “Got revenge for you.” Jigger stood up taking her other hand out of her trench coat where the gun was concealed. She turned to the man who stood at the door. His pointy, sculpted black hair glimmered blue in the light. It was Spike.
          “How much longer are you going to keep this up?” he asked her as he approached her. The man went right through her to the body that laid dead. Spike examined the gunshot that made a hole under his chin and out the top of his head. The bullet was jammed within the headboard.
         “Until those who messed with your car are all dead,” she snapped. Spike turned with a frown. The tall,  lanky man walked up and placed his hands over her shoulders. His fingers felt so warm and real. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard.
        “You are going to get yourself killed.”
        “Then maybe I won’t need to be protected and haunted by you. Either way…” she trailed off as she felt his arms fade. She turned to him. “I love you!” she yelped. Spike sighed but nodded his head to her.
        “Me too,” he said before disappearing. She shut her eyes as tears rolled down her face. She cut the tears short and left the bullet which had "Jig" carved into it. It was her calling card. They would all pay the price of cutting Spike’s brakes and almost killing both of them. Strangely enough, killing was the only thing that mattered in her life, anymore.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plea from a Friend


     I can't help but adore you humans. You tattoo us with those pens, pencils, markers, paint and all those other creative tools you have made to make us beautiful. We are transformed into gorgeous pieces of work, from funny little heart doodles to a realistic drawing of your best friend.  You decorate us with that fancy lettering of yours to detailed and emotional writing. We even share your brilliance in those educated papers for school, or for your boss. Sure, sometimes you make a mistake. You might erase too hard and rip us, or crumple us up with a miscued start of a creation. The thing is we still enjoy seeing, listening, and showing the world your work. If I had one thing to ask of you, it would be to not throw away a blank, bare one of us. Doodle, create something, start something amazing, and then go throw us away. We would rather go out stylish and filled with something, rather than being plain and boring. It's the least you can do in exchange for all the things we do for you. We keep your secrets between friends, and share what you want to say when the spoken words don't quite form right. Please, please, oh please: don't just crumple one who hasn't experienced this system of art. Keep us, even if you don't like it. You never know, we might be able to make you smile on a cold and rainy day.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perspective of the 'Weird' Girl

Perspective of the 'Weird' Girl
A careful and quiet creature
Always on the look out
Some say strange
Others say paranoid
But this creature is not
Only protecting her ideas
She is no longer broken 
From cheating lovers
To lying gossip
She knows how the world sees her
She knows they won't listen
Even if she decided to speak
So all she does is sit
Holding her inspirational tongue
Smiling at the insults
From people who don't receive love
And she trembles
When asked to speak
Because she learned the game
She didn't mind last place
But the world won't understand
So she sits all alone
The careful girl...

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Twist Of A Knife

     An easy twist of a clean unstained knife. That's all it would easily take in a sweet and bloody plot to lead him to his demise. I could taste pending death in the harsh, cold air. I wiped the sweat off my face before biting my lip to hold back a smile of pleasure. I softly snickered at the thought. Sadistic tendencies were turning this feeling of his close end into a sexual urge to accomplish. The fiery, passionate, hate raged through my veins causing my own hormones to rage. Just the idea of it all was almost enough to reach a climax. I clenched on the sharp, cold metal inside my coat pocket. My own blood rolled down my hand. It reminded me of why I was here.
      I definitely don't let people get away with disrespect. He thought HE could get away without a scratch. Oh no. It was only a matter of time, and now...it was his time. My stress was about to decrease. I got a sweet, innocent smile on my lips. I saw the boy at his locker, and heard him sigh with boredom. My eyes struggled to hide the excitement while my soft, childish voice spoke to the pig.
      "Hiya!" The unknowing victim didn't seem to notice the fake cheerfulness in the air. He looked at me, growled, and then slammed his locker shut. He ignored me and walked away. I screamed in my head at that man's disrespect, but I remained in character. Giving a hurt tone that made it nearly fool-proof. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" He stopped and snapped his reply.
      "What do you want you heartless, emo bitch?" My fist grew tighter around the sharp object in my pocket. This rudeness showed he hadn't learned how to talk to a lady.
      "I came to say I am sorry. I'm so cruel," I said softly, slightly guilt-tripping him. I saw his eyes soften. I hope all men are not so easily tricked by a woman speaking softly. I batted my eye lashes as he got a smug look on his face. He gently moved the hair out of my eyes, placing a hand to my cheek. This was the reason I hated most men. A woman looks helpless, and they try to take advantage of you.
      "Oh really?" he spoke condescendingly while looking into my eyes. It almost made me sick. He thought he had won, but he was so wrong. Only one winner would be left standing. It would be me. He will be punished severely.
       "I'm sorry." A fake tear dripped from my right eye. Such a wonderful acting trick. He examined me up and down, like I was a piece of meat to a dog. I felt dirty as his eyes roamed my hour-glass body, but my eyes and lips did not falter. I was busy picturing how I would do it. A sigh escaped my mouth as his words echoed in the hall.
      "So, you agree you were wrong?" My eyes immediately sharpened as I looked straight into his eyes and his soul.
      "Of course not!" I giggled. A twisted, huge grin appearing on my lips. He seemed unaffected as he leaned against the locker.
      "Then why are you saying sorry?"
      "I'm sorry for this. Actually, I take that back. I'm going to enjoy this way too much," I replied. I lunged at him before he could even react. I pulled the knife from it's hiding spot and plunged it into his chest. I made sure to miss all his vitals on purpose.
      "W-what!?" he gasped, screaming in pain. It was such a lovely sound. I watched him as he slammed to the floor.
      "So, what? You think I'm some weak, little whore?" I questioned him before laughing. I grabbed the crawling boy by his hair and pulled him up. I slammed him into the locker and pinned him with his back against it; holding his hands above his head. "You should know better than to be disrespecting a woman!" I hissed with venom dripping off my words. I removed the knife and pushed him back into the ground. I sat on top of him. He screamed like a hyper school-girl. He was pathetically weak for a man. I carved "pig" into his back with the knife. I made sure I was nice and deep in his flesh, too. "No one can hear you," I whispered in his ear, mockingly. He screamed again, and this time I joined in with the scream.
      My prey was trapped. I used my foot to roll him over and slashed his eye as he tried to grab for me. The shock of pain caused him to curl up with his hands over his left eye. Only the right eye remained out in the open. I sunk the metal into it, but only a tad. It wasn't enough to reach his brain, but enough to allow me to pull out his eye. He sobbed eyeless, screaming and screaming as he bled all over the tile.
      "Oh boo-hoo! She took my eye, she took my eye!" I laugh before jabbing the blade straight in the middle of his throat. He started to struggle to breath. He looked so damn helpless that it was adorable.
      "H-h-h-help," he begged in a rough and scratchy tone.
      "No," I coldly stated. I clenched onto the dagger and pulled it to the side with all my might. It slid out the side of his neck. His begging and pleading stopped abruptly.
      Silence ran through the hallway. I watched his head hang to the side, as it was still connected halfway. I knelt next to him and lifted his head up with blood spraying all over the place and on me. It was amazing how much blood the human body contains. I lick the blood on his face before kissing him roughly on the lips. After the kiss, I released his head.
      "You know, you're better looking like this," I giggled. I continued speaking to the dead man as I reach ecstasy from staring at the dead body. I couldn't control myself. "To finish my work," I whispered maniacally once I calmed down. I skinned a part of him and smirked at the bloody notebook paper. I started to cut a message into the skin thoughtfully.
      This was not a crime. It was a heavenly judgement. He raped and abused the wrong girl this time. I did a service. I was never caught with this murder. Amazing isn't it? It's like the heavens were protecting me. The words I carved into my new flesh testament said "I know your sins." Then I wondered; how many people are next?

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