Monday, November 4, 2013

A Demon's Mercy

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        The screams of the villagers of a small farming town echoed through the forest, right on the rim of the grasslands. The flames crackled as the rundown house burned within the raging heat. The smoke was seen in the sky for miles, smelling too sweet for the fact there were burning corpses. 
        Two children ran through the trees, breathing heavy. The elder sister held a baby close to her chest, while her younger brother ran in front of her. He kept glancing back time after time to make sure the beast wasn't following. Their bare feet were treated roughly on the forest floor. Rocks, thorns, and other things ripping their feet open, leaving a trail of blood droplets.
       “Keep running!” the boy, age ten, called to his sister. He was trying to be the man he needed to be. He wheezed a little, never having to run for his life before. He licked his lips, struggling with the burning sensation within his lungs. He tasted the salt of his sweat and even a little blood.
       “I’m running as fast as I can!” the girl, age fourteen, told him. The baby squirmed in her arm, and the girl tried to soothe the child. She knew if the infant started crying… it would all be over. The youthful female was so focused on the child that she missed the giant root in front of her and tripped over it. She slammed down and rolled on the ground, pulling the infant as close as she could. The wailing of the baby seemed to echo as the brother turned and forced his sister up.
       “Let’s go!” He tried to force her to run, but she let out a loud cry of pain. The boy looked down at his sister’s ankle and gasped at the twist, the blood, and the bone sticking out of the skin.
        “I can’t,” she cried. “I can’t. Take the baby,” she sobbed. She held the child out as the tears rolled down her face. “Take her and go!” the girl demanded.
        “I will never leave you!” he declared and refused to take the infant. He removed the overly big sword from his back and stood in front of her.
        “You will get us all killed!” his sister snapped. Her brother did not reply, trying to ignore the baby’s cry. He swallowed hard as he heard the sounds of running within the forest around him. He couldn't tell which direction the footsteps were coming from, as an eerie laugh bounced off the trees all around them. Soon it was all silent. All he heard was their breathing and the baby sobbing. He heard a muffled scream behind him He turned to look at his sister, only to come face to face with the demon and her piercing green eyes.
        “Boo,” Kiku smiled, blood dripping from her lips.
        “Ahh!!” He swung the sword this way and that, angling towards the demonic woman. She dodged by rocking back on her heels and caught the sword on it's next swing. She placed her finger to her bloody stained lips, slightly amused.
        “So, young boy. You think you can wield a sword like this? I’m embarrassed for you. This junk won’t do anything,” she said smugly.
        “Oh yeah!? Father told me that our family sword was made next to the mystical sword of Jerbral!” he exclaimed. “Our mighty sword will kill you just by touching it!” The kid really seemed to believe it. He grinned like crazy, waiting for the sword’s touch to send her away to hell. Kiku stared at the little boy nonchalantly, running a hand through her black hair. She had heard of the actual mystical sword of Jerbral before, somewhere; she just didn't remember where. She moved her thumb down the blade with a sigh.
        “I’m still standing,” she stated as she bent the sword all the way back. The boy stared with shock.  Kiku ripped the sword from the child’s hands, and threw it into the forest. He glanced up at the much taller monster with terrified eyes. The only hope he had was destroyed before him. The kid trembled and turned to run. The boy had forgotten his sisters and had only one thought… to rescue himself and live.
        “BROTHER!” The sister screamed, shaking with fright. “DON’T LEAVE ME!” Her brother didn't even look back. She shook and started to sob as she held the baby closer. Kiku's eyes grew black. The sister heard a shallow scream before the sickening sounds of someone being ripped opened. The young girl watched as shadows grabbed the boy’s arms and legs. The pieces of flesh, tissue, muscle, and even bone slowly ripped apart. The blood splattered everywhere as the two halves of her brother plopped to the ground. The girl felt sick and shut her eyes tightly as she quietly sobbed.
        “He betrayed you,” Kiku told the young woman as she knelt next to her.
        “SOMEONE! ANYONE! PLEASE!!!” she screamed in hysteria, thrashing around at the demon and at the baby with in her arms. The girl went to crush the baby’s throat as an act of mercy, but the demon stabbed her hand through the young female’s chest with her long and sharp nails. The young woman gasped as Kiku pulled out the young woman's heart and showed it to her. 
        "..This isn't my heart either, what a shame,” Kiku sighed. The girl fell forward and the baby roared loudly with cries. “How annoying,” she stated as she rolled the dead girl over. She raised her sword over her head, but she just stared at the leech-like infant. She went to stab it through the child but froze. “You didn't do anything yet,” the demon said softly.
        Her hands trembled and the small voice, she remembered from long ago when she was a child, whispered, “I’m scared. I don’t want to die.” Kiku growled quiet and lowly as she sheathed her sword. She placed her bloody hand over the baby’s mouth, quieting its awful noise. She hooked her nail within the blanket that the infant was in and grabbed the family sword as she stormed through the trees. She straightened the sword’s blade and carried the baby with her through the forest.
        She reached a path that travelers used and grabbed the infant’s blanket. She held the squirming and obnoxious baby to the tree and stabbed the family sword through the blanket into the tree. She stared at the child whose cries, for some reason, stopped. The baby stared at Kiku with big blue eyes.
        “Now fate will decide whether you live or die. Perhaps a traveler will see you and save you. They might take you to a village and take you to a church. Maybe a wolf will eat you, or a demonic army will march through. It’s up to nature to decide whether you live or die. Good luck, little one,” Kiku said gently, stroking the kid’s cheek. The baby’s face was almost completely covered in blood now. The infant made a gurgle noise. Kiku walked away from the path, and the baby stayed quiet like it knew it needed to be. “Clever baby; well played,” she chuckled as she faded away from the forest path. She headed towards another village; the home of the rumor she was reminded of by her prey. 
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  1. This is incredible Dallas! You have outdone yourself!!

    1. Thank you! This is one of my characters that I have had for a long time. In fact, she was my second character I ever created out of the millions of characters I have now. I think she has developed quite nicely.

  2. I really loved this! Amazing job!!


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