Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear Brother.

Why should I bother?
All I have to say is I'm done with you.
Out of everything we have gone through.
You treat me terribly because I don't agree.
And you metaphorically try to kill me?
Not my fault I work hard.
Trying to perfect being a bard.
I been working for this my whole life.
You fucked up yours with your greedy strife.
Making stuff up because you think I'm ignorant?
Not my fault people hate you being arrogant.
We gave you everything and that wasn't enough.
You have no right to say your life was rough.
You had everyone at your finger tips
Yet you let the lies drip off your lips
I once had faith, but it's down the drain
I tried to help, but it ends in vain
I want to believe, but I cannot
Because my heart just aches a lot.
No body can fix you if you are part of the problem

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