Sunday, October 6, 2013

Deadly Betrayal

My heart aches and my eyes tear
Not that they ever cared to hear
Never did they offer an ear
Only completed my deepest fear
I let her read a rhyme
That she easily broke in time
What they did should be a crime
He stole what I thought was mine
Broke my poor little heart
Why wasn't I smart?
Now all we are is apart
Don't expect me not to cry 
When all I did was fucking try
And all he promised was a lie
She's not any frickin' better
Not guiltless like a feather
Feel bad as I'm under the weather
While you are happy in your leather?
I scream dejected
And now feel rejected
She cries words of caring
But I watched staring
The blood stains of his heart
She is done playing her part
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