Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perspective of the 'Weird' Girl

Perspective of the 'Weird' Girl
A careful and quiet creature
Always on the look out
Some say strange
Others say paranoid
But this creature is not
Only protecting her ideas
She is no longer broken 
From cheating lovers
To lying gossip
She knows how the world sees her
She knows they won't listen
Even if she decided to speak
So all she does is sit
Holding her inspirational tongue
Smiling at the insults
From people who don't receive love
And she trembles
When asked to speak
Because she learned the game
She didn't mind last place
But the world won't understand
So she sits all alone
The careful girl...

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  1. Liked your poem! Like the fight and determination the 'Weird' girl exhibits! Poem flows well. Thanks for sharing Dallas! Keep writing!

  2. Great poem Dallas!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. very neat. A little more touch of dark would be even better. tx 4 sharing!


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