Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Don't Think About You

          It was the same game, and the same routine. A man slowly walked down the beach street. Girls stopped to practically drool at the mysterious black-haired hunk with rippling muscles that shined in the sun. His blue eyes could see right through a woman’s soul. Nearly the entire female population wanted him, but that’s what made most girls boring. That was until he met his brother’s girlfriend.
         “There he is,” his brother told a girl with ebony hair. The woman looked at her artistically painted nails before rolling her brown eyes.
         “Told you this was a bad idea,” was all she said. The man walking towards them smirked, running a hand through his hair as he got closer to them.
         “Hello, Brian. Who is this gorgeous goddess?” the approaching man asked. The woman scoffed and raised her right pierced eye brow. His brother, Brian, put an arm over the woman’s shoulder and laughed.
         “This is Jigger,” Brian told him. "You can call her Jig". 
          The man looked the woman up and down. In her black bikini, the woman’s body had to be nothing but a ten. He observed every detail. Her black hair was up in a bun which gave Jig an educated look with the glasses she wore. The swirled black tribal tattoo across her right shoulder and down her entire left leg complimented her figure. A dragon wrapped up the female’s left ear with a nose piercing on the right side. Her brown eyes were deep and full of pain.
         “Nice to meet you Jig,” he said charmingly. Jigger looked away nonchalantly.
         “Yeah, yeah. Same from me to you,” she muttered. The girl didn't seem very happy that he was there. “We have a place set up for you,” the woman added.
         “I have to get to work, so Jigger will be taking you there and showing you around,” the man's brother explained to him. “We will discuss what you did later,” Brian added darkly before nodding and winking to Jigger as he headed towards his car.
         “Of course brother,” the man said politely before watching Brian walk off. He stood next to Jigger for a few minutes.
          "Follow me,” Jig turned on her bare feet and headed down the beach sidewalk. The man shrugged and followed after her while enjoying the view of her hips swaying. It took them a good hour to reach a beach house. Not one person was in sight. That was good. Jigger opened the door for the man and allowed him to walk in, before following in after him and closing the door.
          “My brother sure knows how to pick the pretty abandoned places. Makes me wonder what he does outside his job, ya know?” Jig nodded her head dully.
          “So, what do we do? While waiting for him I mean…” he trailed off as Jigger placed a black trench coat over her before walking over to the bed. She sat down with a hand in her pocket and crossed her leg over the other. The female smirked at him.
          “Whatever you want.” The female shrugged. That only meant one thing to the man, and that was he scored. In moments he had her pushed down onto the bed and ran a hand down her chest. A chuckle escaped Jig’s lip as the male did such an act.
          “Well, then we both know what I want then,” he whispered in Jig’s ear, nibbling it. A smile was on the woman’s lip as he felt her chest. She turned around so that her body was on top of him, and felt down his abs in return.
          “Want to know what I want to do to you?” Jigger asked him. The man wanted to hear her steamy words. He nodded his head.  Jigger moved one hand across his crotch before a gun shot rang in the air.
          “What were you thinking?” A voice whispered in the air.
          “Got revenge for you.” Jigger stood up taking her other hand out of her trench coat where the gun was concealed. She turned to the man who stood at the door. His pointy, sculpted black hair glimmered blue in the light. It was Spike.
          “How much longer are you going to keep this up?” he asked her as he approached her. The man went right through her to the body that laid dead. Spike examined the gunshot that made a hole under his chin and out the top of his head. The bullet was jammed within the headboard.
         “Until those who messed with your car are all dead,” she snapped. Spike turned with a frown. The tall,  lanky man walked up and placed his hands over her shoulders. His fingers felt so warm and real. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard.
        “You are going to get yourself killed.”
        “Then maybe I won’t need to be protected and haunted by you. Either way…” she trailed off as she felt his arms fade. She turned to him. “I love you!” she yelped. Spike sighed but nodded his head to her.
        “Me too,” he said before disappearing. She shut her eyes as tears rolled down her face. She cut the tears short and left the bullet which had "Jig" carved into it. It was her calling card. They would all pay the price of cutting Spike’s brakes and almost killing both of them. Strangely enough, killing was the only thing that mattered in her life, anymore.
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  1. Oh, Dallas. I was wondering where the story was headed. I guess murder is as good an ending as any. L0L!

    1. Haha yeeaah I thought I'd trick the audience with this one. :P

  2. Fantastic as usual. :) Happy Birthday btw!


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