Wednesday, November 19, 2014


      The demon wandered through the destroyed city. This had been his doing, to everything Rosalina had cherished and loved. Guilt crept up on him as he searched through the rubble for the entrance of his cave. Was he really returning to the cage he had endlessly wanted out of? It was safe and familiar there. His claws tore away at the stone. There was no need to hide his true appearance anymore. He stopped for a moment as he heard the rumble of thunder above him.
     “This probably would be a poet’s dream according to what Rosalina taught me,” he told himself. “They like the dramatic environment changes to fit the character’s mood.” He scowled realizing he was talking about her. “What do I care? She is gone now,” he convinced himself, continuing his dig.
She wouldn’t come running after him this time, not after what he had done. He didn’t know it was wrong… no, that was a lie. He knew adultery was not something humans took lightly. Rosalina once told him about it. Why did it bother Rosalina so? Despite her displeasure he continued to devour them first sexually, then physically.
     “I don’t belong to that woman!!” he yelled, tossing a final rock to the side that revealed the entrance to his cave. He hopped down into the hole he had created.  The darkness startled him.  He had been blinded by her light; he wasn’t used to it being pitch black. He would learn to live in it again, wouldn’t he? For some reason, a ping of doubt struck him in his core. Pain seeped through what she had called “his heart.”
     “I don’t care. You mean nothing! You are a worm; a naïve fool! The only woman dumb enough to let me sink my fangs into! The only woman to speak…to me…of LOVE!!!”  He roared, slamming his hands down onto the ground, causing the rocks above him to roll and block the entrance. Now, everything was completely black. “She is nothing…” he whispered to himself.  Rosalina never came to mind during his sins. She wasn’t even a thought until she caught him in the act. Once she left… all he could think about was her.  

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