Wednesday, August 28, 2013

During The 40s

Me and my friend made a story together but we been redoing it a few times. Here is a scene for you guys. 

            Neo Bernacchi was being drag down the hallway screaming like bloody murder. "This is going against my rights! You can’t just drag someone in here without anything to go on them! Let me go!” he yells. The woman cop drags him into the interrogating room with a scoff.
           “That’s what you get for running away from the cops.” She hand cuffs his wrist to the chair and sat down in front of him. “If you just answer these questions, you’ll be out here sooner.” Neo sat there, grumbling in response. 
           “Did you know Katsutoshi?” she came out and asked him. Neo stared at the woman for a few minutes before crossing his arms.
           “Yeah, what of it?” he asks.
“How well did you know this Katsutoshi?” the woman asks.
“I knew him very well,” he states, looking at his nails.
“Him? Interesting, you refer to Katsutoshi as a him when ‘him’,” the female officer uses her fingers to put air quotations when saying the word him, “is a female.”
“Well, last time I saw Kat, she was going by the gender of a male,” Neo scoffs, since it really wasn't any new information to him.
“Are you aware of her affiliations with the mafia?” the woman asks another question.
“Aware? Yes definitely,” he chuckles. The woman folding her hands on the table, leaning in towards him.
“How did you two meet?”
“How did we meet?” he chuckles, folding his hands. He leans in as well with a wink. “Now that is an interesting and fun question. Now, it was back in the 1940s.”

Back in the 40s, Neo was walking towards his brother’s work with a confident grin, hair all neat and his suit flawless. He smoked a cigar to warm himself up from the cold weather around him. He paid no attention to anything around him, spacing out with his own thoughts of the fun night he had with a firey blonde who had once told him she would never sleep with him. That, of course, was before they were alone, without the eyes of her friends and boyfriend. He was extremely attractive, charming all women and some men, all who wouldn't admit it, to practically drool at the sight of him. She wouldn't resist him and that was what made everything so boring, he would never see her again. He had left the girl naked and crying as he flat out told her he was never going to sleep with her again. A week, maybe three, and he had the woman bedded.
Neo soon found himself crashing into someone who shoved him away. “Watch where you’re going!” said the person that had bumped into him. Looking down, Neo saw a short male who clearly came from Asian descent. He almost looked like a boy, given his feminine features. Leaning down, the man grabbed his fedora off the ground, giving a glare. Neo also leaned down, picking up his cigar box that had been knocked out of his suit’s pocket, raising an eye brow.
“You are the one that ran into me,” he scoffed but when he got a better look at him, he smiled smoothly. “Though, I guess I should have been able to dodge you. Here, as a token of sorry.” He opened up the cigar box and held out a cigar to him.
“I don’t need you worthless apologizes,” the man stated, putting his hat back on. “Now if you’ll excuse me,” he said, fixing his jacket then walking past him. Neo turned and managed to get the cigar in his pocket with a cheesy smile.
“Worthless or not, just take it.” He turned again and started walking again with his cigar. Behind him, he heard the man stop and then squash something before walking again. Neo chuckled to himself knowing what he squashed. That man was interesting to say the least; he hoped to someday run into him again.

“He was just a charming and sexy young man.” Neo chuckles to the cop, leaning back.
“This so-called man was a torturer, didn't you know this?”
“Well not at the time but if I knew at the time I would have thrown myself at him,” he laughs. “I am a bit of a masochist,” he said only for the pride he took in it.
“You found out later, then?” she asks, her face not giving any emotions away.
“Yes, I found out and also got to experience it.” Neo grins.
“Tell me, Bernacchi. Did you get to see how many people she tortured?”
“Hmm, no.” Neo shrugs.
“How did you even find out she was a torturer then?”
“She told me.” He smiles. “She tried to use that as an excuse for me not to date her, but I love torturing and abuse so that turned me on.”
“You dated her and never saw her torture anyone?”
“Do you know where she is now?”
“Not a clue, we were forced apart.” Neo sighs as the memory was still fresh in his head, even though years had passed. “It was my fault; I was way too affectionate in public. I gave us away and they found out.”

After a few months of dating, being able to be together. Everything turned out bad. Neo sneaked past the men outside Kat’s house. They were yelling to open up the door, slamming their fists on it, threatening. Neo managed to slip in through the back door. He walked into the living room to see Kat sitting on the sofa, hands together. She looked to be in deep thought, her stare hard at the ground. “Hey Kat, um, there some people outside. They weren't looking to happy.”
Kat looked up from her hard stare at the ground, her eyes softening slightly. “Yes, Neo I am quite aware. You should leave. Things could get messy,” Kat told him softly. Giving a sigh, Kat got up and walked over to him. “I’ll deal with them.” Neo blinked a few times and frowned.
“But Kat, you expect me to leave you with these people?” he asked with a sigh. “I know you can deal with them but…” he trailed off with a sigh.

“But nothing, go.” Neo took a deep breath in and nodded. He had learned not to question her so as she told him to, he headed out after giving her a long kiss.

Question: That's all I can share with you, would you be interested in reading this if we actually made it into a complete book?

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