Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scary Realization For My Generation

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I heard the sickening crack of her heart breaking. Was there any real way to save her from the misery within her heart? I had two options to either break her heart now or later, which would you pick? I decided now since that would the fastest and less painful way to go, as it is said within every passing day the heart grows founder. I had been so shocked by what was going on behind doors, I trembled with apathy anger. I cried the soon to be spilled tears and screamed at the insensitive pair. At the end of the day though, I was placed in a difficult situation. I knew she had every right to know about the betrayal, that as a friend I needed to explain what happened. I brought her into the room and the door shut automatically. I tried over and over to say what needed to be said. I couldn't get my mouth to speak. The pain, misery, and anger I knew way to well. I was sensitive to the topic. I knew how it felt and that my friends are not people I feel for lightly. In the end I had to tell her. I knew I had to but I couldn't say the words.
Thank goodness I wasn't the only one who heard it and witnessed it. He told her every fine detail. Her love was a cheater, I was too sensitive to tell her. We told her about the woman who reminded me of the demon, Gluttony. How I didn't like her the minute she walked through the door. How she glared at me and acted high and mighty. How she needed to one up me and didn't know what the fuck she was talking about. How she was a woman so disgusting to every length of the word and I truly detested her.
 I am told not to make assumptions and to not judge people, but it almost feels like every time I ignore my gut feeling something terrible is done by that person. She was evil, even worse than he. My friend agreed with me. I never felt stronger about something in my life. It was one thing to betray someone who you love in a moment of passion. It is another for someone to know you are in a relationship, smirk and lie to your face that they are just friends, and then commit adultery in my very own bathroom. Disrespect to me, my family, and my friend. Both knowing how painful it would be, but being so selfish to not care about anyone but themselves. That’s the worse part.

A realization was made that night. I've heard this story many times of today’s youth. It makes me scared. Happening to me over and over again, why is the world getting warm yet people are growing colder? When did love become such a 2-D word? Why did it lose its meaning? You want to know the most common excuse? Because it’s happened to me so many times so why not do it to other people? So innocent and people who truly only see you, they deserve such treatment?  My generation, not all but most are selfish pigs. Doing what they want, saying what they want, and treating people how they want. Where did the golden rule go? I fear that my generation and the future generation who are worse than us, are going to destroy everything and everyone. I never see someone reading a book in my classes, in my high school. I fear… that my dreams will wash away because… who wants to read when they can go watch movies and watch girls fight and mess around with their friend’s man? Certainly I would take reading over that. But... who else my age would rather read then watch those shows? 

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