Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Amazing Book Suggestion

               I meet this author in my search of people to comment on my blog and to get reviews for my book. She was super nice and was being rather helpful to me. Her name is  Grace Under Fire (Grace Kind Trilogy). I checked out her book and let me just say, amazing concept. The book just sounds exciting! Take a look at what you can be looking forward to:  

                             "Grace Kind left the the arms of her cheating boyfriend and paid dearly for it. In the mists of purgatory, she found a knight in shining armor in the infamous demon, Mephistopheles. In exchange for her life, Grace agrees to be his bride. Now all hell is breaking loose and Grace learns more about herself than she thought possible. But can she save her world from an enemy that spent millenia planning his revenge?" -Book description off Amazon where you can get the book. 

                Understand what I mean by sounds exciting? You guys should go check it out.


  1. Hey Dallas! Thank you so much for talking about Grace Under Fire in your blog. I have a blog here too and added you to my watch list. Again thanks.

  2. No problem and thank you for doing the same! :)


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