Friday, August 2, 2013

Bullet the Size of A Small Stone

          "We are here!" A soft, innocent, and sweet voice echoed down the hallway. A women who seemed to be around nineteen turned to the man behind her holding the key to her apartment. The man who seemed about twenty-four just nodded his head. The girl had jet black hair which was down to her waist. A hair clip kept the hair from her eyes. The hair at the nape of her neck was a teal color which shined from under the dark color of her natural hair's hue. She wore a short, strapless black dress. The bodice of the dress was covered with lace which undulated down in tiers. The waist-line covered in delicate beads. Her beautiful ice-blue eyes shined looking up at the man's handsome pale face. She locked her gaze with his dark brown eyes which many feared besides her, it seemed. She had been with this man since she had gotten out of high school a year ago. She didn't bug him about what he did when he wasn't with her, but by how he usually acted, she knew not to even ask. The man had blood red hair to about the middle of his neck. He wore black baggy pants, and a plain black T-shirt. He seemed slightly uneased and on guard. He looked away from the girl. "Is something bothering you?" The women turned from him and opened the door to her apartment. She walked in, and the man followed her.
"No, it's nothing." The man didn't hesitate to shut the door and double lock it. The women found it odd since he always seemed to hesitant doing even simple tasks.
"If you say so," the women smiled, which was hard not to find on her lips. "Would you like anything to drink?" The women put her hand against the wall taking off her heels. She wasn't used to wearing them, and they were killing her feet.
"Sure." He took off his converses and headed to the window where he liked to look out into the busy, bright-lit streets of the city. The women walked to kitchen and poured red wine into two glasses. She walked over to the man and gently gave the glass to him. "Thank you." He gave her a ghost of a smile. It was easy to tell he was still uncomfortable. The women just nodded sighing softly leaning against the wall. They stayed in silence for what seemed to be an eternity. "Look." The man's voice broke the soundless room. The women looked at him intensely. "The reason why I'm so...well, on guard, per se, is because I kinda got in a fight with the wrong people. It's not my safety that I'm so on guard for, but yours. I should have never come today."
"Oh.." was the only thing that slipped out of her mouth as she looked at him softly. He seemed really distant. He turned away and started to leave.
"It's better if I leave and lay low for a while.." he spoke, almost to the door. For some reason, the women felt scared. She didn't know why, but for some reason she ran after him tripping on her feet. She fell behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.
"Don't leave me! Please!" She yelped gripping him tightly. "I don't know why but I have a bad feeling. If you go through that door, you're not going to be be coming back." She spoke desperately. An extremely rare frown formed on her lips. The man stood frozen in her warm touch. After moments of silence, the man pulled her up and pinned her to the wall.
"I could be the death of you! I could get you killed!" the man's voice boomed. He rested his head on her shoulder after speaking. The women blinked, and she spoke kindly.
"I'm not afraid of death..and besides, there is no one else I'd rather be with. I'd die for you." The man bolted back looking at her.
"Don't say that!" he yelped.
       "Why not? Everyone dies in the end." She reached for him, but then heard a bang on the door. The man's eyes widened. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the closet as the door burst open. A blonde- haired man sighed, walking in. The blonde's blue eyes glanced around.
"I know you're here. You're making it more trouble then it needs to be." His voice was cool and collective. The  first man held the girl against him to shield her.
       "Whatever happens...I love you. I was hoping to be with you for a long, long time. If I die now, know I love you, but move on," he whispered taking something out of his pocket. He placed it in her hands and closed her hand over it. The women's eyes widened as she looked at him with tears slipping down her face.
"What are you taking about? You're not gonna die! Don't say things like that," she whispered with tears streaming down her face. The man kissed her forehead. The closet door was slammed open.
"There you are. I have a gift for you," the blonde purred.  The red-headed man didn't bother to turn around has he heard the click of the gun in the blonde's hands. The man pushed the crying girl back. The girl just watched in horror. The bang echoed in the closet, and blood splattered on the girl's face. Her love fell forward in her arms. She stiffened staring at the blood oozing from his chest. The blonde barely glanced at the girl, dropping the gun and walking out. "I would run away, if I were you, or go die somewhere!" the blonde shouted, already in the hallway. The girl sat there frozen staring at his chest which still was rising and falling.
        "Seems.. it's over for me," the man spoke softly. He turned his head, coughing blood on the floor.
"How did it come to this?" the girl spoke with more tears falling down her face as she held the man. He said nothing as blood poured out of his mouth. He wiped the blood away looking at her carefully. He wiped away her tears which made her cry even more. She grabbed his hand rubbing her cheek against it. "I love you. I've loved you this whole time. I'm going to miss you," the girl whispered stroking his face giving him her classic smile, tears pouring like two waterfalls. The man pulled himself up using her as support, and weakly smiled, kissing her softly.
"Love you too. Don't miss me too much," he mumbled, breaking into a coughing fit. He closed his eyes in pain. The women held him sobbing. He coughed up more and more blood until all was quiet; no coughing and no sound. The man's hand holding hers slowly let go falling to his side. His body relaxed becoming totally lifeless. The women sat there holding his body. A scream made its way from her mouth. She held him close while sobbing.
  "No! No, no, no! Please! Oh god, no!"  She sobbed and screamed, unable to control herself any longer. Her smile was completely gone. Her neighbors ran into the room and gasped, seeing her holding the body, sobbing like a child. Her neighbors called the police who came quickly. When they asked the women to come with them, she refused. "I will not leave his side!" she sobbed holding him.
"He isn't alive anymore, deary," the old lady from across the hall spoke sadly looking at the women. The women rocked the man in her arms.
"I know," she whispered, slowly rising, setting the man on the floor. She kissed his cold dead lips. "I love you," she mumbled, opening her hand, looking at the crystal rose he had placed in her hand before. She stared at the blood splattered on the petals. Her body trembled. How could a love so strong end with something so small as a clump of iron? A bullet from a stranger's gun....
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Question: Would you have stopped your boyfriend or girlfriend from leaving out the door when they said they were in some kind of trouble?

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