Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wolf's Howl

Wolf Blood by Adrian Von Ziegler

Hear the howl of the lonely wolf
He howls about a young girl
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop
Tears fall to the ground in the dark room
From a young child, from the lonely girl
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop
A lonely girl, a lonely shadow
So much hate, don't trust anyone
The wolf growls, no child should feel that hate
Softly whimpering the girl's heart is cold
Joining the whimper, the wolf goes on
Hide the truth with a mask of lies
She doesn't want to lie anymore
He know, the wolf knows
She feared to be alone like the wolf
She feared the hate around her
A loud howl made out of the wolf
He stood tall howling
"To die," The girl cries
"To stop the pain," she cries
Lowering his head the wolf whimpers
His whimper,"child, you are not alone."
The wolf cries,"child, for you are not alone."
Never alone
This is the lonely howl
The meaning of the howl never alone
The meaning of the howl is never give up

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  1. Oh, Dallas! I hear your howl and I hope you wrote the poem about a fictional girl because the feeling you describe in your poem is so dire, so desperate. I remember that feeling...your poem brought it back through fifty years. If you are the girl, or if you know other girls who feel like that, don't despair, things change all the time. Nothing lasts for ever, even such dreadful feelings.
    Amazing poem to take me back fifty years and more to feel again what I felt then. Powerful. Keep writing, Dallas. X

  2. Thank you so much! Every comment means so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem! I know a few people like that so I wrote with them in mind. Again thank you!


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