Friday, August 16, 2013

Demon Within

Mario M- Let Me Out
  He was born a demon. He never had the chance to live, to breath in the light, and to feel love.  He was misunderstood from the start as no one understands demons, nor do they care to fix them; just cage them away. Monsters were usually marked as insane and dangerous. It was the captors, however, that turned someone from being gentle into a killer. They were the ones that forced in the hatred and anger that a demon feels. It was the captors that formed this particular blood-lusting criminal. This monster never had a chance to form its own path, it's self. He was not just something that felt nothing. Everything feels something. 
  He was born from the flames of the love of two demons; demons that were turned to ash. This love that once burned brightly was now deathly cold. The child born from them, before the ashes were blown away, was sealed from the world. Caged in the darkest and deepest chambers, he mindlessly wandered around, living through untold nightmares. He never saw what light looked like. He never knew anything, but that his life was forever gone. It was already over before it begun. He was told he was evil, heartless, sadistic, insane and cruel. He believed them. He lived the way he was told he was to live. Accepting the appetite they told him he had; the blood spilled for their demon. He started eating the flesh of their own kind because they sacrificed them. They blamed him for it,  but he had never asked for an offering. They told him he would live off their flesh, and he would enjoy it, so he did. It somehow seemed to fill some perverse entertainment value for them.
  Nothing was like him. He was similar to demons but never the same. He lived and grew, kept alive for no known reason. The owner of his cage never gave out plans of doing anything with him. He was like some pet that would never be trained. 
Years and years past. The demon remained in the dark. He feasted on humans more freely and willingly over time. He became more powerful and uncontrollable. More and more people grew afraid of him, but he did not care. He took pride in how loud he could get someone to scream. 
  One day though, something changed from his 'normal' life. While the demon feasted on the soft flesh of some poor women, another woman made her way up to his cage. She held a lantern to the cell. The demon slowly stopped the sick sound of ravenous eating and stood up with the ripped apart women in his arms. He eyed the woman as a smirk played on his lips. He threw the dead body at the cell to get a scream from the person watching. The woman backed up some, but her gentle smile remained while her dress and face became stained with blood. Her red hair shined from the light of her lantern like the sun. The demon made his way to the cell bars and stared at the girl with his piercing eyes. She just looked at him with a soft gaze and a gentle smile. He glared at her with hatred growing for the girl. He bared his blood-stained fangs, himself covered in blood and scars. He thrust his claw out of the cage out of sudden anger. She looked at him and stepped forward, taking his claw. He quickly grabbed her hand and squeezed it. 
  A crackling noise echoed from her hand, but she just looked at him with the same smile on. She spoke softly,"You truly are beautiful. Strong and fierce with so much pride. I'm amazed." The demon stared at her, lost for words. He then spoke. His voice was husky and deep from not talking for years. 
  "I just injured you...I'm a demon..I could kill you if I wanted to." He stared at her with his eyes flickering in excitement for a reaction, for some jolt of fear. He frowned to see her laugh. Her laugh was light and almost angelic as it rang in the darkness. She cut short her laughter, smiling. 
"I know that, but you haven't killed me yet." The demon stared at her. His heart started to beat faster at her smile. She was the brightest thing he had ever seen. A strong feeling between rage and desire spread through his body like a wild forest fire.

Question: What do think would happen if I continued this? Could you smile at someone who just broke your hand?

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