Friday, August 16, 2013

Intuneric Ura Fiara

        The monster approached the princess who sat on her knees. She watched her kingdom burn, salty tears pouring out of her eyes. She looked up as the man stopped in front of her. 
        "Are you scared?" the demon asked the white princess now stained in blood and ash. She stared at him, getting up while her body trembled. She examined him, arrows and a few swords were still stuck inside him. Blood rolled out of his mouth, but he showed no sign of pain or discomfort. He only bled. His sliver dragon-like eyes stared blankly at her. She shook her head 'no', getting the strength to approach him. "Why won't you hate me!?" he exclaimed, taking a step back.
      "Because this is all our fault." Soon he had no where to go, his heels reaching the edge of the cliff. "What is your name?" the woman asked him, her eyes filled to the rim with water.
      "I don't have one," his poisonous voice snapped. The woman was close enough to touch him. Her fingers wiped the blood off his chin. 
       "Your name is: Intuneric Ura Fiara... hate, dark, beast. I don't hate you, but surely heaven does. What does that make me then? The Princess of Light...befriending the demon that killed everyone and turned my fields into darkness. I will probably be beyond redemption..." The creature didn't know what to do, but his body felt weak. He fell forward into the open arms of the beautiful woman. "I will protect you, Ura. Why else would I be spared?"
       "Rosalina," he whispered before he was in a deep slumber.        
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Question: Could you be nice to someone who just slaughtered everyone and everything?

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