Sunday, October 13, 2013



I would write you a letter
But that doesn't make me better
Depression is easy to fight
But why would I use my might?
They say that being numb is a state of mind
I just don’t care about the human kind
I could get up and live a day
But I’d just be in the way
The only thing I do is sleep
So I won’t start to weep
Someone says I should eat
I say that I’m too beat
People cry with love
I only stare above
There are the eyes of Sloth
And I embrace its troth

I did this poem for another author. I will be sharing his post on the seven deadly sins once he gets it posted.
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  1. Liked this poem! I've recovered from depression and you grasp the emotions and thoughts well!

  2. Must say that sloth is the state that is nearest to that of being dead! Nicely written...would love to see more on the remaining six sins!


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