Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pockets Full of Treasures

      "Run!" I snapped with my pockets full of treasures. Sparkling gems, golden coins, gorgeous jewelry, silk clothes, and all sorts of interesting and mysterious objects weighted me down, but I had to keep running. I had to run as fast as my long legs could go. The only thing I worried about was to make sure I didn't lose my treasure. 
      "Lapis, slow down!" Azura called behind my back. I slowed down with a long sigh and waited for her to catch up. She could see every escape route possible, but that didn't help if you couldn't keep the momentum to get away. 
      "Pick up the pace. They are going to catch us if we slow down! Get moving, damnnit!" I snapped at her as I heard the shouts of the guards. We had gotten to the treasure first, and it wasn't fair for them to try taking it from us. Azura yelped at the sound of gunshots and the metal beads zooming past us. Some stuck into the walls and the stone floor under us. "Don't stop," I commanded. Little sister followed my order.
      "Turn to the right!" sister shouted, and we both skidded into the right arch way that we quickly approached. Both of us jumped into the knee deep water. I pulled myself into the speed boat.
      "You get the treasure?" one of our friends, Niall, asked with a grin. Azura nodded her head as I pulled her up into the boat. "They said yes!" Niall called to his twin brother, Cian. Cian gave us a sly grin before he started the motor. I took a deep breath before Niall took my hands in his, and his lips brushed against my cheek. "We are going to be rich!" he cheered. I blushed, bashfully. 
      "Of course, they didn't stand a chance," Azura stated, boasting our adventure. My lips stayed sealed as I didn't want to jinx us quite yet. 
      "Hell yeah!" Cian cheered like his brother before a loud bang filled our ears. 
      "Lapis!" Niall exclaimed as I dropped to the boat's floor. 
      "Is she alright!?" Cian's voice cracked. He couldn't do much but steer the boat though he sounded like he wanted to leave the wheel. Azura cried in distress and was to my side in an instant. I winced, feeling a sharp pain just below my lungs. Moving a hand to where the pain was, I found my hand being painted the color red. I stared at the blood that rolled down my hand from just a simple touch of my hand. 
      "Oh god Lapis! Don't die on us!" I heard Niall sob. He took a hold of my other hand as Azura applied pressure to the wound. I felt exhausted. Soon my world became black. I felt Niall's lips on mine, and heard Azura blubbering. The last thing I remembered was their screams and their depressing cries. I wondered if I was going to die. 
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