Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prompt #1 My Story Entry (WRITERS CHALLENGE!)

     So here is the one I decided to enter with. :)

     Sleet pinged against the dark glass of his car behind him. He covered his face as wind whipped the numbing cold air. The man looked up at an unlit path. An eerie howl screamed through the treetops. He knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked into the forest. He bent against the storm, and moved forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face. His breath seemed to be louder than any noise that happened to make a sound, nearly stopping the blood in his veins as if trying to end the prolonging suffering. Could he really defeat the woman he failed to kill the first time? So many years ago, he remembered the blood and the flames. He had watched her body, along with the tiny children of their brethren, burn. The ashes were cold. All that remained was the power left by the blood he devoured that day. Greed had corrupted his very soul and haunted him with red-stained fingers. It pushed him forward; the man had done too much for any sort of atonement, so he continued walking. The deeper he reached within the trees, the thicker and darker it became. He was entering a monster’s world, a vampire world…their world. Whispering picked up from a shadow. His breath shook within his very core.  He felt himself grow heavier and slower.
    “Come play with us brother,” childish voices rang. His eyes looked around with a craze.  The muttering and giggling seemed to come from all around him. The words echoed with loving words and questions of “why” and “how". He covered his ears from such affectionate words. He wanted them to shut up; they brought regret. “Come play,” the voices stated in unison. “Come play, before the day,” they sang. A soft hum from the trees began their song.  He was pulled to the ground and curled up with his head in his knees. “Come play, before the day. Take the children and run away. Come play, before the day. Why did you stray, and take us away?” He couldn't take much more of it. To his relief, it suddenly stopped. He looked up and stared into the red eyes of a figure of darkness. No colors were present but the red of her eyes. The little evil girl stared with innocent eyes as she took his hand.
     “Why?” she simply asked.
     “Because I wanted power,” he told her with a smile. She stared before she wrapped around him. He started to sink. He gasped and struggled as the six other shadow children pulled him into blackness. He looked up at the sky to see Dark, his only living sister stand above him. “Please! Forgive me!” he shouted to her pale face. Her beautiful, green eyes stared down as she ran a hand through her long ebony hair.
     “Karma, my dear boy, karma,” she said just as darkly as her name. Only thing left to do was scream. It echoed through the air. 

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