Saturday, October 5, 2013

What a Shot

    "NOOOO!!" The little girl kicked her small legs as she screamed her head off. The child's golden locks bounced this way and that as the kid fought against her mother who was dragging the young lady. The girl grabbed at the slippery white walls. She hated this place, and it's scent of being "too" clean. Sick people were everywhere. The child had a gut feeling that they shouldn't be here.
   "It's not like anyone is dying! Wait, they are going to kill me!" the girl thought frantically.
   "Oh, calm down," the mother's wary voice entered the child's ears.
   "NOOO!" she screeched again in terror as the girl tried to pull against her mother's firm grip. People in the purple and white clothes looked over at the scene, but were far too busy to be concerned for her cries of panic.
    The child whimpered, passing room after room, until they reached the scary witch. The woman was covered in purple with evil, dark eyes and sharp teeth. She was short and fat like a troll. She tried whispering sweet and calming words, but the girl would not fall for it. She knew the demon's plan. The woman was going to stab the child with that needle in her claw-like hand, and add some type of liquid into the girl's body. The girl knew it would hurt. She yelled for someone to help her but no one came to save her.
    "OW!" the girl yelped with blurry eyes. She whined like a hurt puppy for a few moments before the pain subsided.
     "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" the woman in purple asked as she placed a band-aid on the child's tiny wound. "Now, here you go sweetie," the witch said before holding out the most wonderful sight. The girl rubbed the band-aid, then eyed the rounded treat carefully. It was either what she thought it was, or a ball of poison attached to a stick. She decided to take it, and slowly placed it into her mouth.
      "Yum!" the girl giggled. She headed to the door as a delicious flavor of cherry dripped in her mouth. Who knew a sweet treat could make everything better within an instant?
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  1. Not bad. At first, I thought the little girl was being kidnapped or something. Then I went on to think that it was a bad dream. And in a way it was. I like how you described everything through the little girl's point-of-view. That's not a very easy thing to do but I think you did a very nice job. Good work and happy writing!


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