Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Aunts and Mom Scare Me


       In a house with three crazy woman and nine children, including myself, things get pretty crazy. The only way to live and function is to prioritize your life. If not, normally you'd forget the important stuff like chores and homework. Not doing them and overall procrastination is not an option.
       My name is Grim. I guess you could say that I am the protagonist in this story. You see, even if we are human, there is something scary that goes on behind closed doors. It's a secret that I wish I didn't have to keep anymore. The quandary I face is that of something illegal. Do you want to know why I call the three adults in my life crazy? There is no escape to this quagmire.
       The reason why the only adults in my family are women is of a gruesome nature. Their men were trapped to have their skin peeled off their bodies. The meat was cut off their bones. The organs were placed in jars. Hair was used to tie things together. And lastly, the bones were pulverized into dust.
       I call them crazy because I am afraid. I had to watch such a terrible thing happen to my uncles and father. I'm afraid because being the only man in the family of twelve girls puts the odds against me. One day, they might decide to have me suffer the same fate.
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