Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vacant Insanity

      Within the white walls, Rina heard the noises of those inside her head. In front of her was another girl, just as strange as she. Her opponent was a woman who controlled wind, but could she defeat a human weapon? There was nothing that either of them could do. They knew the routine.
     "Ready ladies?" Rina looked down. She never talked to this woman before, but she knew she probably heard her screams, as she knew she heard hers. They both were imprisoned in this research center. They either forced children from their parents, or picked them up off the street. Those who were different than a normal human were fair game. Everyone here was a human who had strange powers and had to be sheltered from the public.
     No one was coming for them; that was the worst part. When she first got here, she tried to fight them but was not able to win. It was easy to break their spirits, their souls, with torture. There were eyes always watching them, forcing them to behave, gaslighting new memories... most of the victims were just shells of a human. At least they were living, right? Rina didn't know if she should be happy for that, or to just have it all end now.
    The other woman trembled, looking at Rina. She knew the woman. She had heard the stories and saw it previously first handed. "Please," she begged her. "Don't kill me," she cried. Tears hit the floor as Rina looked up at her. Tears ran down Rina's face, as well.
     "I'm sorry," Rina said softly. The woman dropped onto her knees crying harder.
     "Please! I'm begging you! I'm not a monster like you! I should live!" the woman yelled. Rina's eyes widened. She looked down at her hands. Past memories of so much blood-shed covered them. Rina screamed; she was scared. She was a monster. That was nothing new to her, but it was the fact she was in such denial. The fear took hold. This was followed by a strong shock through her body. With that shock, the whispering got louder in her ears.
     "Monster? Me? Oh, nothing of the sort. Because the angels whisper the sight of blood a sin? Because the violin cries at the sound of my name?" Rina muttered, looking up. Her blue eyes turned a bright red with animal-like pupils. The woman gasped, and shrieked in terror. With a move of her hand, Rina went flying towards the wall from a gust of wind. Rina caught herself on the wall, sitting on her hands and knees. "God, you are a god. You must be worshiped, and then destroyed. Destroyed as though I am the religion that you have corrupted," Rina moved her hand out, before a strong wind hit her. She stumbled forward, blood pouring where her hand used to be.
     "Die!" The woman whispered. Rina looked from where her hand flew, to the blood pouring out, and then back to the woman darkly.
      "Well, better run, because I'm coming after you now. Witch upon the flame, cast your life away, and I shall be the fire that devours your soul," Rina spoke grimly. The blood pouring out started to harden, changing it's form. Soon she had a metal arm, a Gatling Gun. The woman's mouth twitched as Rina walked towards her. "What should my next weapon be to finish you? A sword? No. A gun? No. A bat? No. How about.. oh yeah, that's perfect! To move you down to size, pieces to carry around and show everyone of your transgression."
      "Your crazy! You haven't even hit me, yet!" The woman screamed, as the bullets started firing. She used her wind to send them back. Rina took some of the hits, shooting through the air. Some hit the woman, and she winced. Rina stopped her attack. The woman dropped to her knees holding her arm. She wasn't used to the pain. That awful stinging would be her downfall.
      "Crazy, or just thinking at such a high level? The sun always overcasts the moon, the stars blocking out the dark and vacant sky, the darkness filling an empty hole. I have hit you already. Within screaming fears of death and stories of blood. Rounded to end your pathetic warm life..." Rina's voice was cut out by a loud sound echoing in the room. The sound of a chainsaw rang in the woman's ears.
      She looked up at Rina , before half-screaming until the chainsaw ripped through her neck. Her eyes wandered about the room for a few seconds. Her mouth was wide open, along with her eyes. She witnessed Rina go over board, cutting into what remained of her body. The sound of squishy flesh being pulled, ripped, and cut apart filled the woman's head. Blood filled her mouth with a bad salty taste. The woman died witnessing such a horrific act.
      "Sweet sacrifice, beautiful masterpiece, helpful escape," Rina chimed dragging one of the woman's draining arm around. Rina's hand had returned to her body as the chainsaw faded. She drew on the ground with the blood. She painted, "to die is to love. I loved them so. I kill to feel, and that shows I heal. Proud is wrong, but pride is more like it." She would have kept going if it wasn't for the gas that started pouring into the room. "Hands of evil, hands of fate. I curse you. Return to hell's waters away from my being and essence.. you toxin.. you bastards.. you angels.." Rina fell forward, consciousness escaping her. Nothing new here, just a regular day in this laboratory.
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