Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Gun and A Bible

         Alexis stepped into Hope's room. She quickly felt cold and empty. Sadness kicked in, like it always did, when she entered Hope's room. The walls were completely bare and snow white. There were no windows, or anything that would allow natural light in. Only the buzzing strobe lights above, and the lamp on her night table illuminated the room. It felt almost mocking and intimidating, like Hope herself. Alexis sighed as shivers ran down her spine. She heard a zooming-in kind of noise, and looked up into the middle of the room to see a camera. She stared at the blinking red light remembering what they were. Alexis and Hope, both, would always be monsters. 
         Alexis turned to the right to try and shake the thought. She jumped back, startled by her own reflection. A long and large mirror stood attached to the wall from the ceiling to the floor. She felt haunted by the image of herself staring back, and dropped to the hard tilted floor. It was so dull and blank. She wondered how anyone could live like this. How could Hope live like this?
        "All I need is a bed, clothes, a pen, a notebook, and a place to put things." Hope's cruel voice sunk into Alexis's soul as though she had just read her mind. Hope sat down on her soft, yet firm bed. The sheets crumpled under her like the pressure on Hope's shoulders. Alexis glanced over her shoulder towards the black bed and night stand. 
        "Then what's the gun for?" Alexis asked, turning to face Hope. She walked over to the dresser, close to the foot of the bed, and explored it with her fingertips. She collected some dust from the crystal figures that stood on top of it. Hope looked at her night stand. 
       "To shoot my prey. What else is a gun used for other than killing?" Hope smirked. She picked up the ten millimeter pistol and loaded the rounds into it. Alexis swallowed hard as she looked at one of the crystal figures that glowed a deep and dark red. The wolf-like figure had it's fangs bared, staring back at her. 
       "And the Bible?" Alexis picked the glass figure up carefully and grabbed the bible from under it before she placed the wolf back down. 
       "Some sap said that 'God' will help me. I'm just waiting for a day to burn it," Hope hissed while Alexis held it close to her chest. "If 'God' could save me, then he already would have. If 'God' is our 'Father', then we are orphans. We are monsters. That's all we are, now, to him." Alexis sighed. It was true. That was exactly what they were but...
      "For someone named Hope, you aren't very faithful or hopeful," Alexis said quietly. 
      "Because I know reality," Hope countered. "We will both die as government weapons, and that's all there is to it. No 'God' or hero is going to come and save us. We are suppose to be the heroes, and heroes don't have others coming to save them." Alexis looked down. 
      "You don't mind if I keep this?" she asked. 
      "Do what you want. Now leave, I hate when you walk in here without my permission," Hope commanded. Alexis nodded and hurried her way out. She felt such pity for that woman. She wondered if anything good would happen to Hope, but she knew that would be highly unlikely. 
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  1. What kind of god would save a people that won't lift a finger to save themselves?

  2. Thank you! The direction I was going with this was Hope never really asked to be saved because she is so stuck in that frame of mind. I was thinking of going with that misunderstood hero.


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