Friday, September 6, 2013

Flying Balloons

       When I was a child, there was something I wanted to do more then anything. I wanted to fly in the air and feel my leg dangle in the sky. I never thought that one day I would be able to do so.
        I have grown a lot since then, as anyone does from a child to a young adult. My dreams have all started to come together within the years. I own my own dance studio and have become a successful dancer. I have a beautiful baby girl and an amazing husband. The only dream I never thought would come true did a few days ago.
       My husband and I were walking in the park, delightful Sierra trotting along holding her father's hand. A woman in wacky colors was selling balloons on the corner of the street. Sierras eyes sparkled with her desire, she didn't even need to ask.
       "I love you mom," she chirped. I sighed, shaking my head. "Can you buy me a balloon!?" she yelled excitedly. Her father found that particularly amusing, laughing at her methods of persuasion.
        In response, I said, "ask your father." He grumbled but pulled out his wallet without any riposte.
        When the woman saw us, a smile formed from ear to ear. She seemed excited just as Sierra was. We approached her and before her father could pay, the woman shoved a hand full of balloons towards me. I blinked a few times before waving a hand. I didn't want any balloons. I wondered if she even saw my little girl.
         "Take them. They are free for you and your family. I hope the take you soaring to you dreams," the woman wished. I didn't know what to do and before I could reject, the woman took my hands in hers as she forced the balloons into my hands. Once she let my hand go, the strangest thing happened. They started to pull me off the ground. Sierra watched in awe and her father did in horror. They pulled me up quickly and my husband tried to grab me. He got a hold of me but it was like gravity was forcing him to stay on the ground while I was brought up. He tried his best to hold on but his grip was slipping.
          "Ruby!" he called after me, losing me to the wind. I was shot up with a gust of wind. I screamed, looking down at everyone who were getting smaller and smaller by the second. My eyes widened at the missing balloon woman. She wasn't there anymore.
           "Look papa! Mommy is flying!" Sierra yelled loudly, running under me. "Fly, mama, fly!" she cheered. I shut my eye tight, my husband screaming for me to let go. I wanted to but a childish voice within told me not to.
           "Just fly," it said to me. My eyes opened and suddenly things seemed so much clearer. I wanted to go fast and travel high. I flew down the road and over houses. I looped around apartments and skyscrapers. I did all I dreamed of doing, all in one trip. I got to experience that wish I made in first grade. I went traveling and exploring. Though all good things come to an end, the balloons one by one started to pop which brought me closer to the ground. Eventually, there was only one more balloon and I landed back at the park.
           "Mom!" Sierra ran with her father, they both embraced me. I looked up at the clouds in the sky. I was lucky to have them as my family and also lucky to have my dreams come true, even the wildest childish dreams. I guess that's my lesson here, never give up on your childish dreams. They might not be so impossible as they seem. I gave my daughter that balloon, and to this day, I have used balloons within my dance routines. My lesson to my daughter, never give up.
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Question: Did you have a childhood dream that you never thought would come true but it did?

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