Monday, September 16, 2013

Introduction To A New Book I'm Writing, D.W.O.D.

        Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. The cold, bitter, rainy wind hit my face as I stared off to the deserted streets. Screams echoed while I stared at the waste-land in front of me. Roars of beasts and other things sounded through the land. My pure, blood-red eyes stayed alert, yet wearily glazed with disappointment and longing. I sat on the roof of the building that started it all. I stood up straight seeing a beast-like outline in the sky before me. I wondered, how long the drop would be if I jumped off the ten story building.
         Sad to say that everything I believed is now just tiny pieces of dust in the wind. No longer was there a form of the lies I was fed when I joined the D.W.O.D. Here we all thought we had everything under control, but we created the end, this end. This was the end of peace anywhere…an end to safety, love, and anything and everything nice. So many innocents and what not were all murdered. Sad how life passes by so quickly.
         No, this wasn't the creation of an illness that created zombies. The beasts we created grew that power to create the living dead. No, it was not the result of aliens or an alien invasion, though these beast may as well be aliens. No, it was NOT humans that destroyed all of these things, but we did create the destroyers. We created blood-thirsty monsters.
         I know. You are all wondering what the bloody hell I am talking about. I'm speaking of the beasts the D.W.O.D. made to save the world from war! Gasp! Could there ever be such a thing? No. There can never be a place without war, but that was what I was force-fed. Peace was a thing humans could never hope to reach, just because of their selfish design.
         Now to answer the question of what is the D.W.O.D.? The D.W.O.D. stands for Deadly Weapons of Destruction. Funny how they actually were working towards peace with that name. Yes, it was an organization to save the world from destruction by war. They thought we could make killing machines that could keep everyone in line. Turned out the killing machines turned on them.
         How did the D.W.O.D. form these creatures? They tested a substance the government wanted them to test. The substance was an ice blue color named Valitcan. The government gave them 36 different kinds, each kind marked with a letter. The test subjects, which were other humans that had volunteered, were injected with one kind of Valitcan. Their reactions were observed, many reacted bad to it… many died.
       There was a death count of 147 people from the injection itself. 236 went insane right after the injection. 76 slowly went through a major, painful transformation and were killed at the spot. 81 committed suicide from transforming. Then 3 remained their normal self with full and strong power. You may think of them selfish, but all of these were just numbers to the organization.
       Now, to explain how I know this all, my mother was part of this organization. She was an injector and observer, a government pet following the rules she was given, not even thinking them through. I remember all the times I had insulted her for this. I remember the look in her eyes when her greatest creation killed her. Her own daughter had killed her with a twisted grin, and a pair of new claws the substance gave her.
        Yes, I killed my own mother. Mother gave me up to be a test subject when I was only ten. She was my injector of Valitcan S into my system forming a killer. I felt the power rush into my veins. Oh, the thrill it gave me. Blood-lust grew inside me. I enjoyed the taste of the warm wet blood of an innocent I killed. Only one person I had killed though…my own mother, smiled as her creation, her daughter, destroyed her.
        No, I am not one of those creatures. My eyes may be red; pure, blood red. I may be able to produce wings by ripping them through my skin. I may have a horrible sick lusting for the taste of blood, but I AM NOT A MONSTER! I control myself better than the rest. I was one that remained my normal self, but I now see things I didn't before. I think differently.
       They spared me because I was just a child, and after killing my mom, I was good. I was a sweet, innocent girl who seemed to make everyone smile. The substance was eating that little girl away, though. No one knew because she was hiding. I am not ashamed of what I am. I am like a god! I can't die as easily. Hell! I'm most likely ten times older than anyone reading this.

      Now time to tell you the most important part... This is my story; not the D.W.O.D. stories, not the Valitcan story, not even the deadly creatures' stories. It is my own, Test Subject Letter S. Things didn't go wrong until a smart killer freed everyone and everything from the peace and safety. I won't tell you anymore than this.You have to relive it.


  1. She makes evil look good. haha, needs a little re-editing with a few words to create a deadlier scenario but overall. I want to know more..

  2. Deadlier scenario? Can you explain what you mean please :)?


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