Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The courts accuse me of killing her.
They say I sunk my dagger into her chest.
I had no reason, I never seen this woman or killed her.
I ask where is the evidence that proves me guilty.
They ask where is the evidence that doesn't prove me guilty. 
I heard a quote in a show once. 
Ever since it's something that sticks.
A man states, "There's no room for your emotions in this court."
The woman exclaimed with her hands out wide in rejection.
"But that's impossible! To pass judgement without emotion.
You might as well just leave it up to a machine."
I see many lives destroyed by accusations.
No trust within anyone who enters the court.
Like how someone else's word is better then our own. 
Like no matter what you have to say, it's meaningless.
Why do people give up? 
Why do people keep trying?
When emotion is not listened to and lies spread.
An error is made yet no one agrees.
Why keep fighting when you cannot win? 
How do you know you can't win, if you never tried? 


  1. I liked this, very powerful. There wasn't much imagery, but that wasn't what it was about, it was more emotional, and I liked that. I loved the questions at the end, made me question my own life! Great poem:)

  2. Thank you very much. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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