Friday, September 13, 2013

Scandalous Wedding

     Here is a scene me and my friend wrote. Hope you enjoy it.

     Cage stood at the alter, forcing himself to remain still and composed. His eyes didn't leave the beautiful and innocent woman named Rose. Deep down, he didn't want to marry the dull redheaded girl, Suta. He shook it off fast to make sure the man named Len wouldn't try anything funny on the beautiful angel.
     Len felt more safe with Cage getting married. He figured that Cage would be the faithful kind of person, and that would mean he wouldn't look at Rose with such lust. It was awkward. She was Len's fiance, and also, Cage's sister. It made him sick to his stomach to think a brother could want his own sister that badly. 
     Another sickly woman, Kimi, gave a soft cough. Her fiance, Natori, kept his arms crossed, keeping himself collected. Suta getting married to Cage nearly boiled the blood in his veins, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was now married to Kimi. The childhood romance couldn't live, anymore. Suta and him could never be together. It was hard to swallow. 
    Suta smoothed out her tight white dress. "I can't breath. I can't do this," she muttered to her father outside the doors of the chapel. Her father was a laid-back man, unlike her mother who forced this arranged marriage on her. 
    "Hey, I thought the same thing when I married your mother," her father told her with a grin. 
    "Yeah, and such a great prize you won," she replied sarcastically. Her father laughed. 
    "Now, I didn't say I don't think the same as you, once in a while," he informed her. Suta covered her mouth so she didn't burst out into loud laughter. 
     Once the music started to play, the doors opened slowly. Suta walked in, taking the arm of her father in hers. Her dad pushed her to try and ease her nerves. She softly giggled and pushed him back to try and keep her mind off the male that stood at the alter in front of them. While heading down the aisle though, her eyes couldn't help but catch Natori, the true love of her life who was married to her best friend. She didn't dare stare. Her heart ached. 
     Natori was staring. He ripped his gaze away from Suta and grabbed Kimi's hand to try and keep the illusion that they were happy together. 
     Suta reached the alter. Her father disappeared back to her mother's side. Her mother glared at her father, but he shrugged in return. As Suta looked at Cage, a sick feeling twisted within her stomach. He stood silently with her as the vows were made, making Suta light-headed. She was so upset. Why did this have to happen to her?
     The preacher finished his speech and announced the kiss as Suta pushed down the feeling of just throwing up. Cage looked at her with a bored expression before leaning down, gently kissing her. Suta kissed back with natural passion, but Cage broke it as soon as he felt the edge of warmth. With that, everyone got up. Socializing began for the 'happy' married couple. Rose hugged both tightly. 
     "Welcome to the family," she purred. Suta faked a bashful smile. Cage hugged back but said nothing, looking around at everyone. Rose let them go, smiling before going back to her husband to be. Cage glared in their direction. Suta followed his eyes before moving her stare to the ground. Kimi and Natori were the next couple to congratulate them. 
      "Congrats!" Kimi said rather cheerfully, before ending it with a cough.
      "Thank you," Suta spoke with a detached look in her eyes. She smoothed her dress with her finger tips. Kimi softly sighed for her friend. Natori stroked her hair. He wanted to talk to Suta, but it just seemed too difficult to do, at that moment. Awkward silence did the talking for him. 
      "...May we go?" Kimi asked softly, the awkwardness getting to her. Natori tore his stare off of the bride, again.
      "If you'd like," he said. 
      "It was nice to see you two," Suta tells them gently.
      "And it was a pleasure to see you, again," he responded. This earned a glare from Cage. Suta gave Cage a small smile, concerned that he would say or do something to Natori. She could care less if he was jealous. She just didn't want him starting a scene. Besides, she knew he wanted to be with his sister, which disturbed her to great lengths. 
     "We should get going," Natori told them. "Congrats on the marriage," he said. He took Kimi's arm and started toward the door. Suta watched them walk away with a perfect lie of a smile. 
      Rose and Len were busy talking away from the group. Swallowing hard, Kimi looked away from Len as she passed with Natori. She couldn't take seeing her crush flirting with another woman. She watched as Cage made his away over to the two chatting. Kimi looked away, feeling absolutely horrible. Cage placed his hand on his sister's shoulder. Rose looked up at her big brother with a sweet smile. 
       "Hi brother!" Len glanced at him. His smile faded into a line. Suta stayed where she was to watch the scene in front of her.  
       "Hello Rose," he said in a tender voice, completely ignoring Len. 
       "Are we leaving now?" she asks him. 
       "Yes," he said. 
       "Okay, let's go," she said while giving Len a tight hug. Cage and Len traded glares. Rose let Len go and walked away with Cage. Suta followed after the siblings. She felt a bit lonely, wishing that Kimi and Natori didn't leave. 

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