Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Troll Forest Introduction

(This request was from Elliott Bowie. I hope he, along with you guys enjoy it.)
          It was just a normal day for me. Being a mage isn't an easy walk in the park. I traveled into the Troll Forest, collecting the regular herbs; Nightroot, Elfroot, and Leaves of Dark Tree. Nothing complicated for me, no sir. Then I went and protected something that needed to be defended.
          Within the forest was a secret that I protected. Every day I lay upon it and looked at the herbs I had found. I spoke to it and told it stories I was told, and adventures I had gone on. This secret was.. the fossil of a troll. This was a troll who was caught within the sunlight and turned to stone. This troll was my mother's best friend. 
           I don't really remember much of him, I was so young. I was just a young toddler when he was living. His name, I do know though. It was Orgen. Another thing that I know for a fact, is he fought in the war with my mother. To save her from an attack, he ran through the darkness of the forest and pushed her into the river. The current pulled her to safety, at the sacrifice of his own life. 
           Mother cried for days after that. She spoke so fondly of him and everyday after the war, mother would set herbs around him. She would mutter spells and pour potions on the stone, though this did not help him. She studied away the rest of her life to figure out how to save him. I was trained to do so as well, along with the other things I needed to know to become a powerful mage.
           At mother's death bed, I was directed to defend Orgen. I had no problem with that. After that day, I explained to the stone who I was. I told him I would keep him company and share stories for his amusement. I knew I would not get an answer, but that was alright. I wasn't expecting one. 
           I told the stone troll about my last mission. It involved a dragon and some knights. I thought it was going to be a normal day as I told him my story. Things don't always turn out how they are supposed to though, do they?

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Question: What do you think should happen? Any suggestions on the plot? It's just an Introduction, but does this make you want to read more?


  1. This was a cool story. Really liked it.

  2. Great job Dilly Dally, I love it :3

  3. I would really love to hear more of this story. Brilliant writing!

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

  4. Thank you and thank you for having such an event as The Weekend Blog Hop! :)


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