Monday, September 16, 2013

A Broken Heart's Fear

(Let It Burn by Red)
She wants to love
She wants to feel
There is a sinking in
Looking at another women
Him looking west
Because of a comment
A woman who is beautiful
Much more beautiful than she
She turns and walks away
Illness deep inside
He follows for a moment
Then stops without a care
Not trying to run
Not trying to catch up
Makes her blood boil
She turns and asks
"Do you love me?"
He laughs
"Of course!"
She doesn't believe him
She felt ignored
She felt wounded
"Its over!" 
She screamed
She's scared
She doesn't want pain again
She doesn't want to hurt again
She has learned
Wrong but stuck
Experience was enough
Wasn't it better alone?
Wasn't it easier alone?
She threw the ring away
She threw his love away
He didn't believe her
He walked away hurting
He was scared
"What a fool!"
She didn't mean it
She had been on the edge
He knew it
He knows it
She's sensitive and broken
She jumps to assumptions
It's all that she knows
Men would always hurt her
"I loved her!" 
The man cries
He decided
Women would always fail him
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