Friday, September 13, 2013

Red Eyes

       I grew up in a strange town. The wheat fields weren't gold, but white. The trees were mostly dead besides a few vibrant trees within the most dangerous areas of our village. If you ever saw a big green tree, you knew well to stay away from those areas. I don't say this just because my parents told me not too. I knew this out of personal experience.
      I've always likes painting, since I could first pick up the paint brush. You could see why the dead trees and dull colors got old to be painting. Anytime I tried to grow a flower, it died. We tried to make our house beautiful. Everything always got destroyed. I wanted to make something beautiful. So when I was a teen, I took my canvas, paints, and brush. I searched for the perfect thing to paint.
     I wound up at an abandoned shed with the most gorgeous tree in the back yard. It nearly glowed with a heavenly light. I checked out the back of the shed where the grass was green. The wheat was golden. I was in a piece of heaven amid all the dead plants. I wanted to paint that tree then and there. I set up my gear and started to before it appeared.
     In a dark area of the shed, I saw two beady red eyes. They stared at me, watching my moves. It scared me, but I wouldn't let my plans be ruined. I wouldn't let that scare me away. Soon more beady red eyes appeared in all the dark openings. Black, human-like bodies pulled themselves out of the shed. I gasped. Their red eyes glowed on there shadow like faces. They had shining white, long teeth and long white claws. I decided that my life was more important then that painting. I quickly grabbed everything, putting my jacket over the canvas before running off. The creatures followed after me. At every corner I took, one would appear.
    When I got home, I turned on all the lights and gasped for air. My parents weren't home. It was just my luck. I placed my canvas and painting supplies in the guest room before hiding away in the gaming room. I played games to try and forget the creatures. There eyes were stained on my mind. That night, I had horrible nightmares with them.
    That morning, I went to look at my painting. When I removed the jacket off the canvas, I screamed as loud as I could. Replacing my painting was a black figure with long white teeth, claws and red eyes. It was one of those creatures... it was one who was devouring me. The picture showed my likeness right down to exactly what I was wearing.
     Since then I have avoided those places. Every time I look at any place with a beautiful tree and creepy abandoned buildings, those red scary eyes stare at me. I almost swear I hear laughing. I will never paint or be able to touch something so beautiful. This is something I have learned to accept..
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