Monday, September 2, 2013

Colors of Fate

My first request! This one is for Miranda LoPresti! I hope she enjoys, along with everyone else! :)

        Red, pink, purple, blue, gold, white, or black. So many choices to pick from, I don't know where to begin. Everything has to fit. The color must fit with what I am doing. If I were to go swimming I had to wear a blue bikini. If I were to go to the beach, I would need to have a sand colored outfit. If I were to go to the park, I would need to wear green.
        My name is Anne. My goal is a simple and modest one: I want to make the world beautiful. I love nail polish, and I detest the ugly and plain. When I see a woman who doesn't bother to paint her nails or powder her nose, I just get so mad. How can they call themselves females when they don't even put the work into being one. Natural beauty, who falls for that? Just look at celebrities in Hollywood, not an inch of true skin. 
       Just the other day, I was talking to one of my friends. It was a red kind of day, so I wore red. Red ribbons, red eye shadow, red cheeks, red lips, red dress, red heels, and don't forget the red nail polish. A girl caught my eye as she walked on by. I felt the anger boil in my veins. She looked like a man with short, black, dyke hair and a baggy black sweatshirt. No way to see her curves or any feminine features. I hated her. I hated her right then and there. 
      I lost it. I didn't realize it happened until her blood poured off my table and into the wash bin. I smiled to myself, painting her lips with her own blood. I stained a white dress within her blood before I slipped it on her. I even painted her nails with the blood. Soon the dark red stained her completely. Before I could continue, I realized that red was so last year. 
      After replacing everything I was wearing from red to blue. I dragged her body to the lake behind my house. I would hide her body within the blue water. There her body would become pale and perhaps her lips would turn blue along with her nails? I realized in that second that perhaps blue wasn't in style anymore. I left her in the backyard, hurrying to change from blue to green. I wanted to match the grass. 
       I changed and returned outside, picking up the shovel that laid on the back wall of my house. I looked at her body, shaking my head. She still looked so manly, even in her blood dress. I created a hole deep within the Earth and realized, I picked the wrong color again. Within seconds, I stopped and placed the shovel in the ground. I had to get dressed in brown. 
       When I heard the sirens, you have to understand that one thought came to my mind. My outfit would not work with the jail apparel. I had to change into orange. Instead of worrying about the body in the back, I worried about switching the outfits. I knew I would get caught and had no chance of making it out easily. The cops came within five minutes of me changing, then put me in the cop car. 
        As I sat there though, I started to freak out. Inside the cop car, the seats were black. I should be wearing black, but I wasn't. I started to kick the doors of the car, screaming, "I need to be wearing black! I need black!" The cops didn't know what to do and by the time we were at the jail, I was beyond indignant. I swiped at the police officers. When they shocked me, I just giggled. I attacked them until someone had the right mind to shoot me. I fell to the ground, feeling the blood roll out of me. I would have thanked that person, if it wasn't that I realized, I should have never changed. Red was the color of my fate today.
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