Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chaining Cattle

         I heard the screams down the hall and put my hands to my ears. What day was it now? I don't remember. Life wasn't always like this, in fact, it never was. I had the misfortune of running into the woman in green. I hadn't thought that anything bad could happen. She was so nice and sweet to me. She was going to give me a shot at being her assistant.
        I had been living on the streets, stealing food, water, and clothes. In this economy, it was the best I could do. I tried to steal from the woman in the green dress, but she caught me.
      "That isn't polite," she simply stated with closed eyes.
        I was surprised, and more so when she asked me to sit down with her. She ordered me some food and a drink. She smiled and asked me about myself. I told her where I lived and past history. I was an orphan, and once I was old enough, I was kicked to the curb. The only person I had was someone I met in the orphanage. Her name was Bankotsu. The woman in green seemed sad for me, hurting for me.
      "You poor man," she said gently. She took my hand in hers before suggesting, "How about you come to my mansion with your friend? I can give you each jobs. Perhaps you can be my butler." I couldn't say yes fast enough.
       Now here I am, sitting in this cellar. We both went to the address where she told us to go. She let us inside and explained our jobs. She gave us tea and food to eat. Suddenly, we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. Everything went blurry, then darkness. I awoke face to face with a monster. She had chains hanging from her neck and her body was stitched together. I screamed loudly. She jumped back,  just as afraid.
       "I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. I couldn't help but stare at her. She pulled up her scarf so that her face was hidden from me. "Kyoti told me that we had guests. Hello there." That was when I realized I was in a cell, and Bankotsu wasn't there with me.
       "Where is she!?" I yelled at her. She seemed distressed with the question.
       "Kyoti is taking care of her, like she did me," she exclaimed. That's when I heard the screaming.
       "Bankotsu!" I ran to the bars before hissing at the woman. "Let me out!" She shook her head no.
        "I can't I was told not too," she trailed off. I growled and tried grabbing her through the bars. "I'm sorry!" she cried. She limped away, afterwards. I called after her, but she ignored me. The screams continued on. For hours, for days, for weeks. I lost count. Today, she came by and told me that I was next. I don't know what's going to happen, and I'm a bit scared. Did I mention Bankotsu came back? She looked the same as that monster.
       "Everything hurts," she keeps crying and groaning. I can't even touch her. I fear that this may become my fate as well. Scratch that, no one is coming to save me. This will be my fate. I'm going to be a monster as well.
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Question: Would you be so trusting to this stranger if you were in his situation?


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